Is this the best thing to come out GT?

Is this the best thing to come out GT?

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No the best thing was the OP.

No, she is.



God, the opening really was something special. It's funny how so many people nowadays actually look back at GT with fondness now that they have Super to compare it to.

The final episode broke my heart

Arguably, but even that was poorly executed.

No, when he took over Vegeta's body, this series was dead to me.

honestly no

SS4 was

Baby was alright, but he was right after Buu so he seemed like a downgrade in terms of a villain.

I enjoyed the evil dragon fights.


she was pretty annoying in the series
also her design seemed like a young ChiChi, that I hate
only a few fanarts are decent

why didn't he just possess Goku?

What the fuck? This is one of the worst thing. The best thing to come out of GT was the adventure feels of the first 20 or so episodes.

As someone who hasn't watched GT and only knew this character in recurring video games, who the fuck is this guy?

Vegeta possessed by GT's Watagash.

The best thing was dragon ball super not gt

t. spic

i just watched season 1 sub (the space adventures)
i enjoyed it more than anything from super
it feels like dragon ball volume 1

Vegeta Blanco y Gohan Blanco

Best thing to come out of GT

He looked dank af... for like the 3eps he’s in. Could have been a good saga what a shame.

How is babby formed?

I'm still waiting for Baby Vegito Black in Dragon Ball Heroes.
It's only a matter of time.

She is