When it comes to Darling in the FRANXX' production...

When it comes to Darling in the FRANXX' production, it's like a barbecue where A1 Pro brought all of the meat and alcohol, and then the Trigger crew turfed up with some salty, mushy, watermelon salad.


People are allowed to be wrong.

That should be tomatoes what the fuck is watermelon salad?



Feta, Onions, and Watermelon, dressed? Looks good.







keep going, this is the best thread on Sup Forums


>mah studios
How about you kill yourself OP.

OP here. I'm literally asking you to think about the actual staff compositions, pondscum


Other than a couple of cuts that weren't cleaned up properly, episode 4 was great. Masayuki's storyboard was really good and the animation was really nice, especially the fight and the interactions with the APE mooks.
The weakest episodes in terms of directing so far were the 1st and the 3rd.

>actually one of the best threads on Sup Forums right now
Really makes you think


>8 posters
OP is trying too hard

I liked the storyboarding in the most recent ep
Anybody else with me?
The injured parasites of 26th team seems like dark future for our cast



OP here.
That is not me.

OP here.
I know, but I'm bored.


so, what can we still ad?

We can remove the background so that you can't recognize the original image at all

nah, doesn't sound great to me

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I am leaving the rest up to you all.



can anyone ad the duckhunt dog?

can anyone ad a triangle

Tasty watermelon, onion cucumber, feta cheese, and cilantro salad: Combine ingredients In a large bowl. Season with black pepper. Toss watermelon salad with marinated onions and season with sea salt just before serving.

Thanks Trigger

where did the edits go? feels fucking bad man.

yet the bbq still managed to be better than the other studios so im happy with it

I need some context in what is happening in that picture.