He killed thousands

He killed thousands.

and yet he died virgin

too meta

That many?
Never touched this (2keikaku4me) but was his bodycount that high?

What are you talking about, he was very popular amongst girls.


Killing criminals doesn't count.

To save millions.

He used to kill like 64 people a day and was active for what, 6 years total? That's around 140 thousand people.

He killed hundreds of thousands.


They had it coming

He killed millions.

To be killed by the one who made it possible in the first place.
Like pottery.

Light did nothing wrong.

In the end... he really was... Raito

He reduced crime rates drastically

But he probably still died a virgin
he liked the note more than he liked women

but at what cost?

By killing people who were already in jail?

You don't know that

Nah, he probably fucked Misa and Takada at least a few times, if only to keep them happy.

The lives of some criminal scum.

Light was way too cocky, he should have jut stockpiled names for a few years then kill them all at once, eliminating the possibility of being caught, while at the same time framing it as an act of God

Nice idea

And people grew complacent with Kira around so now that he is gone the criminals will have an easier time.
In the long run he has probably done more damage for his stupid "justice"


user is living hard? I mean, being as retarded as you are, life must be difficult.