>-5 days to chapter 36
I'M SO SCARED LADS I hope they'll have an emotional sex scene at least

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Let's hope Saburouta is in good shape and the chapter won't be delayed, she didn't tweet this weekend for the first time since the anime airs to promote it.

Maybe they don't really need it now, isn't this a pretty good number?

Reminder tha neither Matsuri nor Mei will do something next chapter. It's all up to Yuzu to save her relationship.

This would be stupid as fuck. I just want to see Mei doing something useful, like she did in chapter 24.

Every day until you love it.

citrus/10 needs more drifting

Sure, but authors are always in promo mode, especially with the release of the anthology Friday. I just find the timing worrying, no comment on episode 5 which was probably the episode where the anime made most changes and not a retweet once about the anime.

I mean, it just takes 10 seconds to retweet something, so i hope she just caught a big cold and is taking some rest.

It's weird, but maybe she's really a bit sick.
However the nips consider Sunday the Citrus day, they literally call it like that.

Final version. If someone has a better idea on some boxes, let me know.

How wet?


At this pace, I wouldn't be surprised, but it would be a troll, of course, nobody will be hurt.

A humanoid truck at best.

No breakup please.


She only liked one tweet.

top mom

You know dad would approve of their love.

Yuzu almost outed them right then and there.

Re-reading and we haven't had a volume ending in a YuzuMei cliffhanger in a while.

I want to be in lesbians with Mei.

He would approve anyone who takes care of Mei, even lesbians like Yuzu.

Shou is the least menacing adult about Mei and Yuzu's relationship. If it's Mei's desire, he will approve. Ume, same. And Ume already said she didn't really gave a shit about social convention (something like that in the volume 8 bonus). So parents here seem more a plot device to help their daughter than final bosses.

Especially lesbians like Yuzu. Not cause she's a lesbian, but because you're not gonna find anybody who loves her and worries so much about her. She's just like her mother, he knows he can trust her.

The more reason to cliffhang this one then. PREPARE FOR DESPAIR!

We had in chapter 33 ending with Mei stopping in her tracks. I remember, everybody, including myself, thought she would break up. It was a very uneventful cliffhanger, like the author like to do.

Let's see what the Japanese say about this episode today

Well it's trending as usual, just go in the tag.

Seems they liked Yuzu's tummy.

And of course, everyone wants to have Harumi as a mama.


Nailed it. Ume and Shou will help. Nice way to end the story and reverse the trope of parents being obstacles in any yuri story.

Ume and Yuzu are great.

Mei is sexually frustrated right?

Yuzu is too good for this world.

The fuck is this gay shit?

you're the faggot here my man

Some news about the anthology that will be published Friday. Yuri Hime twitter talks about 19 mangakas who took part in the book. Probably Kodama, but also, if we take into account the countdown arts, maybe Namori this time.

I love Mei!

>maybe Namori this time
I'm not sure my heart will be able to bear a Yuzu drawn by Namori.

She’s fine. Saburouta did some retweets today. I guess she’s busy as fuck now.

Good to know. I hope this time she won't have to release a chapter in March. She has to fix chapter 33 and draw the bonus and all the benefits.

>The manager spills the NEW to Matsuri

Volume 8 ended with the cliffhanger about what Matsuri overheard about Mei and if Yuzu and Mei would finally do it, get caught when about to etc.

The anthology that came with volume 8 was only 11 stories, looks like the new anthology will be 19 stories. I wonder if they'll be longer than volume 8's were.

I wonder if volume 9 will have extra bonus chapter content to make up for chapter 33 being so short.

Funny thing, Saburouta liked a tweet by Matsuri's VA yesterday. She promised to shake and break the watcher. Seems the drama, as expected, will be at its height.

We already had longer chapters with 34 and 35 (41 pages i think, when the usual is 33/34/35 at best).
If we have another big chapter, it will make up for the 12 pages missing.

Nope, chapter 34 was the regular amount of pages, so still short.

Yuzu is truly an angel.

>Next CHAOSTEAM project the new CITRUS chapter that comes out next week. Probably we will have a new citrus anthology to work on as well but we still need confirmation from our raw provider

Anthology cover by Saburouta. Matsuri hugging Harumin from behind.

>drama in the anime
>drama in the manga
I'm not looking forward to next week.

Sabu knows what the people want.

How many rape scenes in next ep?

Matsuri fails to seduce Yuzu but surprise kisses her later so that Mei will see it.

Oh, HaruMatsu.
Also I guess she's probably been working.

>surprise kisses her later so that Mei will see it.

I'm so excited to see that in motion. It's pure shoujo melodrama

Chapter 36 will be dramatic as fuck. I can’t wait to see what will happen. The last panel in chapter 35 with Mei crying is so impactful. Since Yuzu is in the dark about everything, i wonder how she will react when the truth comes out.

>finally has chance to fuck
>rejects her
shit show

You haven't seen nothing yet. Mei tries to fuck her two times and yuzu tells her to get lost, then she decides to go out with a random side character

Mei just wants it because she's having a sad.
Yuzu wants a special lovey dovey first time.

Well, the last time she kinda has point.

Yuzu was right. Sex without love, or sex with someone who does that only to alleviate her pain and forget it isn't Yuzu love goal. Yuzu wants to have Mei's heart and feelings in it.

The time on Christmas is Mei giving a dead eye look and making it sound she's doing it out of obligation for all the things Yuzu's helped her with.

Them not talking for a month or two afterward seems very unrealistic. Not to mention many of their actions in volume 4 seem really out of character.

Here's the explanation for why Yuzu grabbed Harumin's boobs last episode. In Japanese the word "chichi" has a double meaning, "boobs" and "father". So Yuzu was thinking about Mei's father hence she grabbed Harumin's boobs.

Poor Glasses, it looks like Mitsuko isn't into her at all.

Saburouta fixed Mei’s eyes in the volume release. Still, volume 4 is the worst arc so far. I understand that Yuzu felt scared back then, but i don’t understand Mei’s actions.

That's neat. I always assumed that Yuzu's "almost, but not quite" comment was just sarcasm.

I can't imagine how the dub will handle that scene if they actually understand why it's happening.

Yuzu was upset because she thought Mei only offered her sex because she felt that she owed Yuzu something.

Mei was upset because Yuzu turned down her advances, not considering that Yuzu may not have been ready or only wanted to do it if Mei genuinely seemed like she wanted to.

Volume 4 is comfortably the worst volume, but the Christmas scene does at least make sense.

Mei rejected Yuzu in chapter 9. Then suddenly she wanted to fuck with Yuzu again. Mei always sends mixed signals.

Everyone on the left of harumin is so useless to the story

>Then suddenly she wanted to fuck with Yuzu again
Because Matsuri wanted to take her

>Mei and Yuzu holding hands
>Nina and Sara being twincest-y
>Shirapon being chuuni
>Glasses still not noticed by Senpai
>Harumin and Matsuri basically canon
>Nene being a spaz
All is right.

Why do you lie on the Internet?

>tfw Matsuri will fuck Harumin before Yuzu and Mei have sex

Because for the sake of drama, we weren't shown more of Mei's perspective. We only saw a few pieces of into.

Mei told Nina that she wasn't interested in Sara before Sara ever even confesses, but then Nina puts the idea into Mei's head that if she goes along with Sara, Mei can get what she wants (Yuzu). Mei's shown thinking of Yuzu when she accepts Sara 's confession while acting oddly. And while on the date with Sara Mei's obviously not into it, hesitates to agree to the kiss when Sara asks, and then they break up off panel. It could all very well just have been Mei trying to force Yuzu to tell her how she really felt.

You forgot Himeko freaking out because Nene can see under her skirt.

Will Shirapon get a happy ending?

She'll get the girl of her dreams.

Agreed. Two weeks of cold shoulder and awkwardness, I can accept. But one or two months? That's just throwing Yuzu's entire character under the bus.

I think that Saburouta might have meant to end Citrus at vol 3 with YuzuMei having sex finally. But since it was doing well, her editor convinced her to continue, and vol 4 was basically her throwing in some random story while she worked out where/how she wanted to expand the story.

My theory is that once the story was slated to continue, Saburouta decided to have Yuzu and Mei become a couple near springtime, right before the start of the new school year in volume 5. That's probably why volume 4 felt so much like filler to people, because it basically was. For the volume where Yuzu and Mei finally become a couple, volume 4 felt very weak outside of the confession at the end of chapter 16.

If it really was that poorly thought out of an arc I expect quite a few changes to it in the anime, since by that point the author would have figured out the story's weak points. It could also see changes just by virtue of being the anime finale.

The hand went really deep. She felt something didn't she

>works in construction
Definitely a lesbo in the closet.

A very wet pussy.

>then she decides to go out with a random side character
Mei dies or Yuzu?

Nope, not to this point, but Mei definitely felt Yuzu's pubes. She already saw her full frontal in the bath, so she already knew if Yuzu is shaved or not.

It happens in the school trip arc which I think we're not getting in the anime this season

Mei agrees to date a loli she has absolutely no interest in for a day before they break up off panel since Mei only loves Yuzu.

Oh, we're getting it. It'll be the final arc of the anime. Episodes 10-12.

We'll also get, of course, Mei trying to have sex on the couch.

Does she at least fuck her?

No. Mei doesn't even want to kiss her and if the kiss did happen, it was off panel right before they break up.

No, she doesn't even kiss her.

No, but cheats on the loli with Yuzu in the less than 24 hours she dates the loli.

But it's okay, loli's twin sister is in love with her and it's implied that loli goes twincest route, but they're not important characters, so you likely won't ever see anything about them.

Shou: Comes home only for a day.
Mei: Dates a loli only for a day.

She certainly is her father's daughter.

Yuzu getting under the covers and feeling her up though. I love eager Yuzu.

Mei lifts her head up to give Yuzu better access to lick her neck. Mei didn't try to stop her at all.