Why is it that Asuka is so amazing?

Why is it that Asuka is so amazing?

She's not
That's the point

Asuka hates herself and hates people who say they like her

That's because she knows she's worthless

cuz she is fucking dead

no, that's rei

she isn't though

she's amazing because she's the best girl

How can other girls even PRETEND to be able to compete?


What about her?

Why is it that 02 is so amazing?

everything you fucking mongoloid

1. Watch Evangelion
2. post in an Evangelion thread

You seem to have gotten the order of operation mixed up
But I forgive you

Liking everything about a girl just proves that you don't actually know her.

stupid fucking reifag

And here I was listening to her song before finding this thread.
Soryu is a wreck OP, she needs lots of validation.

Not the same person

also I've proven that I'm smarter than you are.
If I'm stupid then what does that make you?

>Not the same person

Do not stick your dick in crazy.

Do not stick your dick in your mom/god.

It's been more than 20 years, why are you still doing this?

How bad do you think her plug suit smells and do you think she would let you huff it?

She's just so best, over 20 years strong.

who here is old enough to have argued rei vs asuka on AOL email with total strangers who had geocities websites?