How will this rivalry end?

How will this rivalry end?

They need to marry each other and forget the mc.

Cocona won't win, that's for sure.

what rivalry?

How do you think

With both fucking.

Ichigo kills 02
cap this

>Ichigo kills 02, Hiro kills Ichigo, Goro kills Hiro and Futoshi eats the corpses
The perfect crime...


No idea how it will play out, but Ichigo has no chance of gaining the upper hand through her own merits. 002 might get damaged through her own overconfidence, but she's such a Mary Sue it's hard to imagine that happening either. Of course, if Hiro dies it doesn't matter anymore, then best boy Goro can be the MC.

Hiro will turn into a blue oni
Ichigo will turn into a blue oni
Various others will turn into blue and red oni's

Hiro and Ichigo save 02
Emerge from the Franxx holding hands
02 says, "I guess that really is our Darling in the Franxx"

Probably with 02 and Hiro happily married with 12 kids, and Ichigo finally looking Goro's way and being happily married with 2 kids.

Double teaming Hiro

Next Ep Strezilia will fuck up and Delphinium will protect them

Then 002 will have a little respect and start up a more friendly rivalry.

Kentaro Yabuki wills it.

You have no idea what Mary Sue means do you?

Like TLR.

It's all over if Hiro really turns into an oni hybrid.

Like this.

There is no rivalry. The Ichigotards are ironic. No one likes that bossy cunt.


Someone's dying.

Coconuts-chan realizes Goro is the better boy and decides to reward him with top tier kissingusex rather than obsess over that suicidal beta Hiro all day

Intense lezzing out

>No one likes that bossy cunt.
You're giving people too much credit.

>suicidal beta Hiro
>already shown more alpha than the rest of his friends put together


Mitsuru is more alpha than Hiro.

>sulking bitch who snaps at everyone because he 02 raped him

Came here to say this

Not if I can help it!

I feel for her, but Cocona already has a partner and he's good guy at that.

Hiro is a beta orbiter just obsessing over the only thing that makes him feel like he's relevant. Goro is more alpha for being one of the few not to have a whiny bitch breakdown when things don't go his way.

It's nice you actually think that.
Hiro is more than ready to just get killed in a day if it means feeling alive together with 02 and is pretty much playing the leader role like he used to.
Meanwhile Goro is so emotionally retarded like the rest of his friends he can't even comfort Ichigo. Also just wait until he develops his feelings because shit will get ugly if he's not dead first.



characters that need to fuck


>Implying abe cares
As far as he's concerned, the more loser women that are so inferior that a show like this can turn them lez, the less likely that dyke/genetically inferior epigenetic and genetic changes will be passed on

If anything he'll go after the most popular stuff, Not middling trash created to keep the otaku and fujo functioning and placated.

Just fuck already

This guy gets it.

That would make a cute fanfic.

School Days ending.


It's sit down. Be humble

>Hiro dies in episode six
>Turns out he passed Klax-Aids to Ichigo when they tried to connect in episode two
>Klax-Aids only kills males
>Ichigo becomes blue oni
>Ichigo pilots Strelitzia, show goes full /u/

Dropped. Faggots need to learn their place.

This. It makes no sense that Hiro would be the only man not to die to dinoaids.

Hopefully in a Vandread "all the girls ride the robot with MC" style.

Now kiss

I want /u/ to leave

It will turn out that Oni is only leathal to male partner and female partner ridding with her can survive all time.

>Ichigo becomes blue oni
THIS! Yabuki demands it!



High Impact Sexual Violence

Reminder that Ichigofags are willingly setting themselves up for disappointment and will be the new Zessica/Onodera/Miragefags. Every sign in there for them to get off the ride and chill out, maybe pair her off with Goro, but they just won't listen

>Just straight up ignoring the male/female bird symbolism in episode 1 no to mention the fucking Xs and Ys everywhere

Why do /u/ do this to yourselves?

The hardest hate fuck the world has ever seen.


Because the male self-insert is tragically boring.

But that's wrong? He's gotten interesting now

I don't want them to love each other, I want them to hate fuck each other.

Dying of AIDS doesn't automatically make you interesting

Being an absolute madman does though

imagine the shitstorm

>Mary Sue

Fuck that.

How Asuka vs Rei rivalry ended?

Hoping someone translates this.

THIS! THIS! I demand it!

I would actually throw myself in front of a train if they fucking did that.

>Full blown on Yuri
You fucking faggots thought that you could get rid of /u/.
It's our time now.

I'd film it.

They become friends.


In bed.

we need more slaps

Jesus christ, /u/ needs to fuck off. You have enough CGDCT shows to obsess over this season

They're desperate.

/u/ strong

>childhood friend who sits on her ass and angsts about how MC-kun isn't noticing her feelings
>mysterious new girl who's incredibly open about her feelings snags MC-kun into a romantic relationship immediately
You should have seen enough anime to know how this will end.

With 002's death

With an open ending with no closure?

osananajimi always wins but 02 is better

>osananajimi always wins
What alternative universe does the anime you watch come from? Childhood friend never wins.

For most of them they are getting told to fuck off aswell.

>no to mention the fucking Xs and Ys everywhere
To be honest, the show is way more flooded by Xs than Ys, even in the name of the show, there's only Xs, same when the robots boot up, you see two X, no Ys.

Ichigo and Oni have the blue/red oni going on with the color of their hair, you can be sure that Ichigo will awaken her klax blood when under extreme pressure which will be either when Hiro dies or when she sees the tumor. Given the numbers it's safe to assume that the higher your number is, the more diluted the klax blood is and she has a lower number than Hiro, she's gonna become the blue before him even if it doesn't looks like it right now.

Still, I doubt it's gonna end with a fullblown /u/ end.

>/u/ watches citrus
>gets told to fuck off anyways
Puts a smile on my face.

That's because the robots themselves are female, thus FranXX.

/u/ of any kind isn't happening, Hiro isn't dying on his third ride (if was going to die at all, it'd be near e12 for the OP switch), and Ichigo isn't going Oni.

>Name of the show literally has two XX crossing
>They even are blue and red and turn black when they cross
>Ichigo has blue hair, Oni has pinkish red hair and Hiro has black hair
>user still can't get a clue
Hiro is just a proxy for the two to get glued together.

>when she sees the tumor

Pretty sure she already did, near the end of episode five. She asked him is the pain was unbearable, and he responded in the affirmative.

Speedwatchers belong in the oven.

>after attempt a kabedon (slamming one's hand into the wall in front of somebody), now 02 thought that I like oppai
>"hey darling, imma pafupafu you" (pressing someone's face in own chest)
>"thanks for your hard work! I'm gonna heal you with the oppai you love!"
>"Hey 02, I have been telling you this but o-"
>"It's not like I love oppai or anything!"
>"Is that so, then"
>"No need to pafupafu anymore I guess"
>"Should I pafupafu you then?"
>"Please do"
>I cant win against the power of oppai
Excuse my really shitty english.

Yes. Best End.


Still good enough, hopefully soemone typesets it.

that's because their rival was always a tsundere.

Sasuga Trigger

From what we already saw of her, do you genuinely think her reaction would be that tame if she really did see that? She only knows he's in pain, not that his body is breaking down, that's why Goro is conflicted about the whole thing, he perfectly knows she would go ballistic if she knew what's really going on so he has to keep it inside.

she was incredibly open about her feelings because she was a massive slut.