Dragon Ball Super

>the beta haircut

That's a hat

>implying Jiren's wish won't be

>Please make that evil person into someone who's good

brainlet tier.



>survived a full-power hakai from a GoD
>returned and survived being beaten by the said GoD
>returned and survived being hit by Jiren's attack
>returned yet again and took another beating WITHOUT BEING ELIMINATED

He was the right choice for the team. While cucks like Gohan and 17 were easily eliminated, this ohohoh lizard just can't be beaten. Even Majin Buu would've been eliminated at this point. Based emperor is gonna outlast Vegeta and help Goku to beat the bland alien.

>Android 17 was trending in the US a few minutes ago

Are you ready? Here we go

>Dragonball Super turned Android 17 into a damn top 3 character in the entire series. He’s so fucking dope

>Android 17 is the best character in Dragon Ball Super.

>Android 17 is a GOAT idc!! He outlasted Gohan! Piccolo! And Toppo and now he’s going 1 On 1 with JIREN whole Goku and Vegeta knocked out

>Android 17 is MVP... I can’t believe a character I never cared for, never used in any game, just became one of my favorite characters.

I don't get it, his backstory doesn't explain anything. What is his selfish desire? Does he want to wish for the "evil-doer" to die? And why doesn't he ever kill people? This flashback has nothing to do with anything

>I don't get it, his backstory doesn't explain anything
it explained he fights since strength is might and is the only way to protect others

>What is his selfish desire?
To revive is family and friends

>Does he want to wish for the "evil-doer" to die?
the evil-doer is already dead

The clown explained his obessession with power, but never mentioned his wish. We'll know what it is soon.

Goku > Vegeta > 17 ≥ Freeza > Gohan > 18 ≥ Piccolo > Roshi > Krilin ≥ Tenshinhan

>T-Toppo-chan... I...

>be 17fag ever since Z
>always knew he would be popular with the fanbase one day

Feels good to be a 17fag

So, we know from the spoilers that Vegito won't happen and that Goku is gonna asspull a victory BUT why was the option of Vegito not even mentioned by the cast yet? Yes, they know it's risky because you could lose 2 in 1 person but come on, Vegito is their best chance to win this BY FAR. They should at least have said "Hey how about fusion now that 17 is out?" and maybe even thrown the earrings in but Jiren catches them and crushes them or something... god the writing of this arc is reaching Goku Black ending levels.

if it wasn't for toriyama's editor, #17 would've been the final boss of android arc

So Jirwn's backstory basically confirms that Gohan VS Jiren was in the original storyboard, right?

>both live happy lives but are forced to fight and train because they lost a parent
>their beloved teachers are killed in the same way
>they both experience a massive amount of pain, loss and death during their lifetimes

Kinda shitty that Toei axed this plot line. Would be a lot more interesting than Goku asspulling UI and mastering it within 5 minutes.

By now, I'm pretty sure that not winning is part of the gimmick for fusion characters.

>BUT why was the option of Vegito not even mentioned by the cast yet?
Because Kefla isn't canon, toriyama really doesn't want to potara fusion every single time

Remember when we thought Frieza would be an important character and 17 would just get one good fight alongside 18 and then do nothing?

it makes absolutely no sense that they won't at least try fusion, vegito blue is beerus level or close to it confirmed in the manga, I don't think Jiren is stronger than beerus desu

Did they make jiren too strong in the first fight because he should've easily knocked off everyone already.

>tfw almost predicted the ending
>it was Freeza instead of Gohan

>jiren is just a mirai trunks with more rage

You could also add to this Future Gohan taking in Trunks as his pupil. Except Jiren's pupils end up betraying him after some losses.

Another confusing thing is that how the hell Universe 7 ended up below Universe 6? Seriously!

They beat them at the tournament before. Champa(may peace be upon him) is admittedly weaker than Beerus.
Even Zeno sama was at the tournament and he saw what was going on.
Also Champa(may peace be upon him) seems much worse at his job then Beerus, he's too lazy to even destroy planets himself.

Is it beacuse Vados maybe stronger than Whis? Or Toiei fucked up as usual?
> I'd go with the Toiei version!

Krillin is a terrible husband

Fuck off

I get the feeling Toei/Toriyama only puts in fusion for fanservice and gags, since no antagonist has ever been beaten by a fused character. Hell, they even retconned potara earrings just to stop Vegito from killing Zamasu.

>>Android 17 was trending in the US a few minutes ago
is trending

Didn't make sense why Krillen didn't come to console her there

Has frieza become the new yamcha?
Next thing i expect is him doing the iconic yamcha death pose.

>frieza gets up
>pissed off beyond belief
>starts powering up just like he did on namek
>he combines his 100% power form with golden
>now he's stronger than jiren and torutres him for 3 minutes before killing him

Screencap this

If you're still debating powerlevels/powerscaling, fuck off. Why fuck off? If the producer of the god damned show doesn't care about consistency, then that's it, it's done. The arguments are fucking dead.

Is SSB Goku holding back? Against Krillin? Yeah, it's obvious Krillin can't hold his own against Base Goku alone, this was already proven.

Is SSB Goku holding back against 17? Fuck no. It's obvious with all the Hype they had around 17, they intended for him to be near that level. This SSB Goku which went through hell and earth against Goku Black and Zamasu, fought a God-Level version of his race's killer, and has even fought a God Of Destruction and lived to tell the tale, struggled against a park ranger.

Quit arguing it, quit acting as if you can PROVE anything about ANYONE anymore. The shit I said about Krillin?? I could be fucking WRONG. If the producer doesn't care at all then obviously neither should you. Arguing endlessly is pointless.

Protip: Nobody is forcing you to watch the show. It may suck now, but if it stresses y'all out to the point where you have to blow up countless threads full of the same, spiteful shit; """""grown adults""""" who can't handle cartoons? Then you should stop watching it, seriously.

I myself am loving it, because I also don't give a shit what happens as long as it's cool as fuck. (Of course I, nor anyone wants anymore extreme situations like the ones we've had, especially if they're poorly animated or written as bad or worse.)

tl;dr: Literally nothing you debate about DBS powerscaling issues can be proven. So stop wasting hours trying to prove random anons on Sup Forums wrong when they can easily just fucking ignore you, lol.

So Jiren is going to job like Hit in the next arc he appears

He probably will next episode

Someone post the elimination chart please, i want to se how much Goku was forced down our throat with his 51 eliminations

ps. Piccolo was the best black(green) character.

If jiren is all about attaining strength to protect others, why didn't he get rid of belmod yet considering jiren is stronger than him and belmod destroys planets in his free time?

Also, how did he get so strong in the first place? I thought you need to fight/train with deities to even get close to their power levels. Vegeta at one point said that there is no reason to keep on training because they wouldn't get any stronger in their base forms, so how can Jiren be stronger than the gods considering he only fights in his base form for the most of the time?

Krillin already knew he was second fiddle to 17. Now 18 will spend her nights mourning and schlicking alone to her brother.

You are an Amerimutt, aren't you?

Remember Caulifriends, it is your civic duty to dump all of your lewds


Would've been better than Perfect Cell.

>next arc

Just turn your brain off brrrrrruh

She's a huge bitch. The only reason why they didn't kill her is because Krillin is a virgin.


lmao sorry bro i forgot to delete your post number after scrapping my other shitpost

>he doesn't know


Dragon ball is deeper than ou think and the writers d care about consistency it is shown throughout the show if you would read and analyse the show itself properly instead of memeing about blanco 24/7. you fucking scrub dont even bother replying to me you irgnorant piece of fucking trash.
stupid cuck

>this creepy motherfucker could have been the final boss of the arc but Toriyama's editor had to open his fucking mouth

This episode was a fucking trainwreck. More so than usual.

Vegeta was supposed to be hurt/out of stamina, but he turns blue and can even fire of final flashes like it's nothing.

Apparently they can fly now?

Jirens backstory was extremely cliché and uneccesary, if they wanted jiren to have a backstory they should've done that a while ago, not right now at the end of the tournament where nobody gives a fuck anymore.

Why would 17 blow himself up instead of just taking the hit and dying thus disqualifying jiren?

"thanks to your attack, I know how to deal with jiren"
"Looks like gettin' hit by an attack that big, unguarded, can hurt him"
This is literally "we just have to hit him really hard while he's not guarding" levels of "strategy". This show is making me lose braincells.

Android 17 is the Marie of Dragon Ball

Goddamn, I didn't think Jiren could be more generic, but they found a way

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Dragon Ball Super. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewers head. There's also Whis' nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislikes Super truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Son Goku's existential catchphrase "ATATATATATATATA" which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Akira Toriyama's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Dragon Ball tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

It's a hat if you turn your brain off while watching Super

I want her to jack me off with those striped gloves and cum in her beret

>Jiren was the survivor all along
bravo toriyama

Imperfect Cell would've been better than Perfect Cell too. I really loathe Perfect Cell's motive, it just screams Toriyama gave up to me, more so than usual. Imperfect and the Androids being the final boss together would've been pretty cool.

You're a no life wanker. It's a fucking kid's show what is there so hard to get you crippling autistic moron?

Vegito isn't happenong because Gogeta is happening

Editors were doing good until they went too far.

>Original Villains were 19 and 20
Editor said it was shit
>Next villains were 17 and 18
Editor said they just look like kids
>We get Cell
>Editor pushes for Perfect Cell

The evil doer is the clown. Plot twist!

They fucked up by making Vegito appear vs Zamasu. He is too strong for his own good, see Buu

You need a high IQ to turn your brain off


Turn off your brain
Turn on your dick

lamest and most cliche backstory for a main antagonist.
thats the best they can do for his backstory, "an evil-doer killed his family"?

kek, anyway 17 is best boy, MVP



17 isn't tsundere nor does he try and shoehorn himself into existence.

>taking the hit and dying
Because Jiren's hit wasn't a killing one. Are you retarded?

>he doesnt know

El grande padre was the evil doer

>el grande padre kills jirens race
>jiren is 'training' goku and vegeta right now so that they will obtain ultra instinct
>goku will get ui, he and jiren will fight el grande padre
>el grande padre defeats them
>gohan goes blanco and fights him
>el grande padre reveals that he's actually goten blanco
>gotens plan is to overthrow zeno and take over the multiverse

It's all coming together

>17 is best boy

You are trying to hard to force this meme.

It could continue again at 2019 or 2020 you never know.

Jesus fucking christ i have never seen this much 17 cocksucking in a while, is the president's son must be pleased now

>to hard
I think you need to turn your brain back on buddy

>t.dragon ball super fanboy
nigger, any of jirens attacks are killing ones if you don't guard against it. The same way goku got almost killed by a shitty laser from sorbet because he let his guard down.
All 17 had to do was stop protecting himself and make it look like he just got overpowered by jirens attack.
EZ win.

I think you need a bullet in your brain buddy

That's wrong, they regulate their attacks so that they're not deadly
Toppo pointed that out

I'm to busy enjoying draogn ball super my thought processes are at an all time minimal

I bet you're a kefla fag


That is a good method of brain turning off, to good

>Why would 17 blow himself up instead of just taking the hit and dying thus disqualifying jiren?
he self destructed to cancel out jiren's blast and have goku and vegeta not get knocked off

Turn your brain back on before replying to me, thanks.

You can remove (You)s you know, samefag.

Fuck him, he was going to waste the Super Dragon Balls on a fucking cruise, something he could have wished with regular-ass Dragon Balls.

My brain is too off for you to handle

>catching Jiren off guard is his weakness




>Character that has been around since 1991 is a shoehorned character created for the expansion

>don't do that it hurts
>No it's good it's good fatsoppo
>No no please I have a wound there, vegetable...
>oh come on, don't spoil everything. This works for both of us huh

>not canon

back to your containment board, you degenerate incel dipshit

17 real mvp of this Arc.
I figured out Jiren's source Strength: Jiren's power inversely proportional to his motivations and back story. Also Plot Manipulation.
I knew DBS was disappointment, but my body wasn't ready for this

>17's bait is so effective even the audience ate it.
Based android is based.

>Why would 17 blow himself up instead of just taking the hit and dying thus disqualifying jiren?

He blew himself up to stop and cancel out the attack. If he took the attack Goku and Vegeta would have been knocked off what remains of the stage regardless.

Your brain will be if you your your brain it turn off completely

He's right though, but for the wrong reasons (I forget what his actual reasons were). The universes that made it this far didn't do so because they were strong, almost everyone in U7 is a weakling, but because they happened to have a handful of strong people.

Sometimes I feel like the writers are taking the absolute piss out of the fans just to get a reaction out of them.
Anyway this fandom is the most cucked one ever since no one can badmouth it.

>Why is Android 17 an assist to 18 and not his own character in Fighterz? REEEEEEEE

Kefla is only canon if you turn your brain off