Danchigai chapter 42

Start of a new volume so there's pretty pictures at the start.

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Thanks OP. Being harem lead is indeed hard.

thank you user

second panel, hurry up home sounds weird to me I'd say either hurry home or hurry up and get home, but maybe others say it that way?

second panel, "embarrassed"

seventh panel, extra t after I'll

second panel, extra t after us,

Remember to tell your sister you love her.

Older or younger sister?

All sisters.

Thanks for the dump user

Thanks, this was a really cute chapter

Thanks for the corrections.t

Thank you kind user for the dump

Mutsuki is really thirsty.......

Ah yes. One of the few benefits of having siblings.

I would if I had a sister.

just went to grab the last two chapters off mangadex and found bottom pic in 41 too, time for a new keyboard?

Yayoi a shit.

Oh, fuck me, I wish I could blame it on my keyboard, but it's actually holding up remarkably well, considering what I've put it through. "T" is a shortcut for text tool.

I'll upload a fixed version.

Reminder, Mutsuki, you can't marry your brother.
And no acting like newlyweds either.

>Reminder, Mutsuki, you can't marry your brother.
Not yet. She will become the prime minister and legalize incest.

Fuck off Yayoi.

How can one onee-chan be so best?

>you have all girls at your house
Does he mean "all your siblings are girls" or is their dad dead?

>So I can go play
so I can

>get to playing
get to play
get to start playing

>that shogun that
that shogun who

>but not this time.
but she hasn't this time.

>watching anime so
anime, so

>give it all
give it your all

>7th panel
It looks like the right side of Haruki's body got attacked by an errant brush stroke.

I won't accept anything other than a Mutsuki end

Good things come to those who wait, user.


>Does he mean "all your siblings are girls" or is their dad dead?
Well, in the original it says "女子ばかり", which means "girls only", but I guess I can change it to siblings. Or maybe his dad is a girl too, you never know.

The rest is fine, thanks for the feedback.

But Yayoi wants to marry him as well!

What's the text next to Satsuki's head with the heart say?

Why was she so eager to bathe after Onii-chan? Is she going to drink his used bath water?

Also, there's an x under the "video games!" line on the fourth panel that I'm pretty sure shouldn't be there.

Maybe Haruki is waiting for Satsuki to grow up. Everytime he sees aneki he is reminded of what awaits him in a few years but this time with someone who shares his autism

Something like "let me get under" (the umbrella), I think?

Goddamn Mutsuki. I bet she was dying to say "or me?"

Doting older sisters are the best.

Is there a place where I can download the previous chapters? I kind of missed the previous threads

>tfw no onee-san to dote on me

>tfw i have a wonderful doting onee-san

*younger sisters who want you to dote on them

Younger sisters are trash until they are mature enough to not behave like animals.

Thanks for the dump user.

>he doesn't want to tame his bratty tsundere imouto

Mutsuki is for breeding

>Mutsuki is for inbreeding

What are Satsuki and Uzuki for? I don't even wanna ask about Yayoi.

All of them are meant for loving impregnation and marriage.

>What are Satsuki and Uzuki for?
Their brother only.

Yes, I'm sure he'll be a great uncle to his nephews who will only be 25% related to him


>25% related to him

Satsuki is for watching anime with.
Uzuki is for living onahole duty.
Yayoi is for cuddling with.
Mutsuki is for fixing dinner.


>50-100% related

only acceptable answer

are they making clones of themselves?