Darling in the Franxx

How are you liking the show so far?

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Don't know if I like the show or the threads here more. Rest in piece Ichigo lovers.

I love it!

Threadly reminder that only Sup Forumstards like 02

Ichigo is true patrician Sup Forums taste

No bulli

>5 episodes in and there is still no semblance of a plot
Sasuga Trigger. It's shit just like Kiznaiver.

Even her robot is shit compared to Strelitzia. Give it up, man.

Puerile self insert with extra waifufag pandering, for seasonshit It's fun though


If all episodes are more like the most recent episode then it would be a 10/10
Seriously I expected mediocre art, animation and stupid innuendos and got actually good stuff and the storyboarding was great

I love both though
And Miku

Darling in the kino

>fatso and cutie copying Hiro and 02
My goddamn heart can't take this.

When will they kiss?

We have to talk Sup Forums about the inevitable death.

Someone is going to die. We know that.
02 wwould be to much "kamina" so it will be one of the other girls.

My bet?

(Oh-oh, here she comes) Watch out, boy, she'll chew you up
(Oh-oh, here she comes) She's a maneater

>Threadly reminder that only Sup Forumstards like 02
Wut? Sup Forumstards hate sluts, there's no way they'd like someone like 02

I think this will be a safe series with lots of plot armor for everyone.

>A-am I human enough, Darling?

I hope Hiro dies


>self-inserting as hiro

This was pure unadulterated kino.

ist boring kinda
only watching because trigger will prob do some absurd shit after 12

I'm only watching this shit until it becomes complete trash to see the shitstorm that'll happen in these threads

>suicidally chasing after monster girls because you have no purpose in life and she feeds you, sits on your lap, holds hands and pilot robots together

Hiro is /ourguy/

Don't forget the based professor.

>I-im only watching this because of X! Its not like i like it or anything hehe

Friendly reminder that all Ichigo love is ironic.
She is an unlikable, jealous bitch.

Theme song for DITF threads.

Silly Miku poster.



I really don't want any of them to die but I think Miku has high chances just because Zorome acts so reckless and already got caugh off guard multiple times.
Ichigo actually has high chances of getting killed because of how she is obsessed with Hiro, we even had an example of it in episode 3.
Kokoro and Ikuno have some chances if that viral Mitsuru/Kokoro ship actually set sail, because it will lower their sync rates with current partners, unless they switch

He won't, it's his coming of age story.

I love her makeup

How long until Punished Hiro?

It's pretty good. After Episode 2 I expected an entire story arch of Hiro moping and being a little bitch before manning up and getting into the robot again, I'm glad he made up his mind as quickly as he did. The interpersonal drama is going to be fun.

I love this shot, it's so good.

It'll be ichigo if anything. She already has hair covering one of her eyes. That's called foreshadowing.

Not really, no.

>not even a line from Hiro to Ichigo


Why not?

What does that poster say?

Ichigo is cute! CUTE!

02 a shit! A SHIT!

There are better shots.

I'll translate the lines real quick, give me a sec.

>oni -> hiro
Everything's okay as long as I have darling
>hiro -> oni
thinks she's special for him
>mitsuru ->oni
fear of being "killed"
>ichigo -> hiro
childhood friend crush
>ichigo -> goro
relies on him
>goro -> ichigo
watching over her
>miku-> zorome
thinks he's obnoxious and shameless
>zorome -> miku
thinks she's a loud bitch but cherishes her
>kokoro -> fatty
nice partner
>fatty -> kokoro
>ikuno -> mitsuru
worries about his injuries
>mitsuru -> ikuno
No interest


The whole episode looked great

Welp, got beaten.

Another show who creates a brawl between blue and red girls lovers
were have I seen that before?

Very. It's an emotional rollercoaster that leaves me longing for the next episode as soon as one is finished. Good stuff.

Give me a couple of minutes to typeset if no one's already doing that

Why didn't I realize it sooner.

This is bad in my opinion
the death of a character, despite being sad, makes all more interesting
what's the point of the battles when there's not a ssingle change of a character dying?

>mitsuru -> ikuno
>No interest

Starting to get disappointed. The tones and writing is all over the place and there was no good action so far.

Ikuno has it almost as bad as Ichigo, but no one is bullying her

Imagine being Ikuno right now

This is the most random choice of boogeyman ever.
Shouldn't pol be against her because it's basically species-mixing to do it with a dino girl?
The wholesome human girl of his species would be the most pol approved girl.

isn't it sad ikuno ;_;

I'd do it.
Give me a cute gf 02 for a month and I will let you use my life for any purpose you want.

Why should he? She's dull, she's boring, she's unreliable, she doesn't talk much.
She's just there, being a dead fish.

She looks like a real demon.

She is a real demon

So will the Klaxx murder the new guys, or Strelitzia

> Glow in the dark sex
I wasn't prepared for this

>Implying they won't all die by the end of the show
My prediction is that all the parasites, including hiro, will be dead at the end of episode 24 and we'll see the same scene we saw in episode 1 of 02 being transported to a new facility where the episode will end with 02 appointing her new darling.

that's not makeup.

A real semen demon*

Honestly? Its boring as hell. I like the premise, I love the designs of both characters and robots. But they expend way too much time TALKING. And they talk doesn't even contribute to the world building or the plot, its just the same bullshit over and over and over again "let me pilot"."No" "let me pilot"."Granted" "You gonna die" "let me pilot"."No""you gonna die""daaarling".

If you are gonna expend 95% of the show talking at least made some new lines, jesus.

The action scenes were nice, but we had like a total of 6 minutes of action so far.


>no semblance of a plot
Are you just acting retarded? It's an anime original, the plot gets developed as it airs. If they gave away any more then mothbreathers like you would clog up the threads with "wow so predictable why did we even have the last 5 episodes"

What does fresh oni pussy taste like?


la abominación...

>And they talk doesn't even contribute to the world building or the plot
It contributes to the character drama, which is a huge part of the show.

Does it matter when you'll die a virgin?


would be a lot better if she was a girl oni (male)

Would be a lot better if you died.


>Not self-inserting as 02

The absolute madman is Cute! CUTE!

The next episode will be the hundred klaxosaur kissing battle. Even a low attention span fightfag like yourself will be entertained.


02 is way more fun to self insert as.
>TFW you will never be a cute edgy oni girl hated by everyone except darling.

>girl oni (male)


Ikuno has a shitty body. I blame her.

Why do you hate me so much, daddy?

She might have some good features, but she's terrible at showing them. She needs some advice from Miku on how to act like a good whore.
Maybe she can start squishing her butt into tight underwear.

Trapfagging is still cancer, even if you do it """"ironically""""

He only has eyes for Kokoro now.

t.low attentionspan user
I think michael bay movies are more up to your alley

Truly the thinking man fetish

Ignore the brainlets user

Imagine Kokoro-chan's fat butt pushing down onto your face as your nose inhales deeply into her ass crack.

>Self inserting as a broken and hated prideful individual who nobody have ever liked or love before and finally found someone who do give a damn about her.


How would you make her happy?

Give her a signed copy of this.

Make her give up on Hiro and realize that she already has a great partner in Goro.