Another one bites the dust

and goes legit.

>A high school boy, Kousuke Fujishiro, hates girls.
>When he is on his way home, someone abducts him out of nowhere.
>He wakes up and sees a girl he doesn't know trying to rape him.


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Corrective rape manga

Sound super interesting.

oh boy :^)

Pressure from korean pornhwa? I can dig this race to the bottom


Say it with me Sup Forums.





picked up

Shounen generals are fine

Seriously? That was quick. I don't think this guy even had a tank out yet and fuck I just fapped to his c93 doujin last month.

sounds like a fun time


If this is what he'll be drawing then I don't think I'll miss his hentai much

Picked up.

What's her power level Sup Forums?

>every shounen is a battle manga

holy shit

>Hey guys its reverse rape so it's ok!

I don't know guys, I'm kinda getting tired of this trope.

>Manga about Djeeta kidnapping boys and raping them
Seems about right.

It's not okay. And???

Well if he didn't """enjoy""" it, then why was he hard?


So where can this be bought?

Or will the rest of it simply be added to that link later? this one caught my attention too, but again, I have no idea how to actually get my hands on it? The fact that the sites are in Japanese don't help much either.


Damn it user - who translated this and why can't I find them? It's by Tomohiro right?

Wow this is extremely bad. I hope it's going to flop hard so he can back to drawing some quality H.


God is dead.

I want Djeeta to kidnap and rape me

Just pirate it, nigga.

Nobody cares

Everyone does.

How's this shounen? What the fuck

God I wish that were me

>Well if she didn't """enjoy""" it, then why was she having orgasms?

Picked the fuck up.

He has two tanks out with a third on its way

What's the fucking point

He'll get axed in no time

>it's abysmal
Wow japan, I'm so surprised.

Ive seen hotter and with a better premise

Axe incoming

Did this guy ever do pregnancy?
If not I don't care.

Not even the panda has it, my dude.

>Tomohiro Kai

Fuck, his porn his god tier. I hope he will keep doing stuff for comiket despite this.

>Gay guy gets raped straight by female molester
This sounds like a hentai from the world of moral reversal.

I have secret club for fakku stuff but I won't share it.

I understand user - the porn game is hard.

Any doujin of Djeeta raping Gran?

It's batch though you can't easily search and find what you want.

It's in "fakku 1301-1400." [Tomohiro Kai] Actual Size (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2017-03)

Annoyingly enough I actually managed to find it on a site I never check.

This manga made me feel

>hates girls
>sees a girl he doesn't know trying to rape him
Was he right?

>can't even read vanilla doujins in peace because of FAKKU

I want back.

Have you read "I'm the Main Character of a Harem Manga, but I'm Gay So Every Day Is Hell for Me"?
Shame there's not more of that.

>looking in panda for fakku
I don't have a girl smug enough for this one

Vanilla is boring as shit though, especially NaPaTa's works.

Cool... It's not like everyone has a choice

Not at all, you're just a faggot.

>people can't even google anymore
there is no hope

that's NaPaTa's fault, not vanilla

Rape is okay too

>using google search when most search results are hidden because of shitty US, EU, DMCA law etc

I wonder where it will go from here

It works nevertheless tho.

You can "google" with a different search engine

Hentai cafe

is it tsumino?












>Even has the hairband
Djeeta's cocklust is so great she had to go to a completely different series to satisfy it.


Dear lord i'm so jealous of MC-kun


god bless furigana I understand everything.



So why are there "?" if they end sentences with "ka" to show its a question?




it's Ha

Looks shite

Are we supposed to feel bad for the MC?
God I wish that were me