What was the point of this show?

what was the point of this show?

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Cute mousy girls and delicious wires and cables.

Describes this and also every anime ever made.
Good job user.

and you don't seem to understand...

To show how cute Lain is



Didn't you watch it OP?

who doesn't like cute girls?


Most girls aren't mousy and even fewer are about cables and wires

The point was to be avatar material for low-tier depressed weebs.

It doesn't have to have a point more than any other anime (or entertainment) out there, but if you want you can put meaning into it with your own interpretations, again like any other thing.

To me it's just the interactons between reality and an amplified version of the internet. The amplification being how they're actually physically connected (which is how Lain manipulates reality), rather than the electronic only mass communication we have now. It comes down to the same thing though whether amplified or not is that our mass connection we have today does affect reality. There are power figures (though these days they're enabled by social media rather than technical ability minus nation state sponsored hacking), rumors and misleading information (recent and not so recent fake news in politics and finance), and lingering personas that exist outside of yourself in the impressions that people have of you (either forgeries or your own) today just as it is in the show. All these things made possible in a fluid way by mass connection (communication) affect the decisions that people make and that affects your reality in some way. The only way to erase your effects in this system is to not exist in this system which is where the whole if it's not remembered, did it really happen? question comes into play. Even today taking something out of google search results, manipulating history through false accounts (and subsequently flooding the first page of google), or just in general tampering with your sources of information can make what you experience as the truth just a fabrication to forward the goals of the perpetrators (whether they're on your "side" or not is irrelevant). In the case of Lain tampering with Arisu's memory in an attempt to help her, she actually just made it worse (just showing how it's dangerous to be doing things like that even when you think it'll benefit your "side" or goals). Anyway this is just rambling make up your own mind.

To be avant-garde and to copy eva instrumentality without exploring it

Agree with the personas and mind connection stuff. I think the altering google history comparison to altering Arisu's memory is a bit of a stretch though.

Once the show got more fantasy than scifi I felt it started handling it's messages worse to the point it got lost in its metaphors

>Not exploring it
>Eiri literally explains to Lain and the audience his conceptions about the world and the last episode explores its metaphysics

It wasn't Instrumentality, it was breaking the boundary between the wired and real where the wired was connected to a real life bond between people. It was plenty explored with all the reality shifting.

Making the audience think they're smart for liking something boring.


man your mind must be a fucking mess

its a rather immature dive into the singularity

good enough for tv, but rather simple compared to the lit

It's not about the singularity. The wired is used as a real world element in the show's greater comment on transhumanism and humanity in general. The themes would be the same with a different plot element too.

Then I'll watch that scene again because I don't recall him delving into anything meaningful that developed the concept. I recall him talking alot about the fantasy of the story though


Why would he care? And there's nothing inherently japanese about the premise

He comments that the fleshly existence of humanity is obsolete, and narrates to Lain through images of her parents and dolls about the nonlinearity of time. His and the Knights' motives of connecting people without the need for bodies is also repeatedly mentioned. As the wired and real worlds are manipulated, we also see plenty of the effects.

Reminder that you still never offered a compelling argument against the many posts and primary sources that ripped apart your shitty posting of an out of context Wikipedia quote in every thread you can.


>literal ai garufurendo on a mainframe formed from the net of human conscious being trafficked through her
>not singularity

Wasn't he narrating to Lain more that she wasn't even a real person? And also how is that different from instrumentality?

We're thinking of different episodes. It's similar to instrumentality, but due to the plot and lore of the Lain world, they are different. There is no Tang, no Angels, no Adam or Lilith, and instead we actually get information about how what's going on is tied into the qualities of the Earth and universe.

So are you saying there's more weight to Lain's conception of instrumentality because online personas and how we treat the internet has some direct connection to that end?

Not really. It's been a while since I've seen Eva, but I'm just saying that I remember enough to be able to understand that they're different from each other even if the antagonists have a similar motive and goal. In Eva, the main message is more about Shinji growing up past passivity, and there are differing plot elements than in Lain. In Lain, the themes are more about the value of humanity and the importance of feeling things in general, along with loneliness and the obvious antitranshumanism. As far as the internet goes, I don't think it has much weight at all in Lain outside of being a plot element that grounds certain things within a narrative. When I say qualities, I'm talking more about the explanation of the Schumann Resonance and whatnot along with the time and memory discussions throughout. It's different for Eva because the metaphysics of the world is different.

Yeah I could see that. But regardless it's still my favorite. I haven't found anything that matched its A E S T H E T I C and character. Still waiting.

What makes you say that? Admittedly it's been awhile since I saw it last.

I don't recall much of the metaphysics of Lain, is Schuman Resonance a pocket in the atmosphere to conduct/direct lightning? But I think the thread is more about the themes and the meaning in the show. Lain mightve developed it's metaphysics alot, but that's still a plot device rather than a takeaway beyond basic information

Yeah it had some cool moments and was genuinely eerie 1 or 2 times. When she appears in the clouds is still one of the most off-kilter moments in anime for me. But maybe try Paranoia Agent? It grows a similar disorienting vibe later on. But for aesthetic there's Ergo Proxy and I'm about to try Witch Hunter Robin

Lain embodies the Japanese spirit of Nihilism, it's a concept Americans cannot understand.

I hope you're Japanese then

Paranoia Agent is another favorite of mine (but Lain is numbah 1!). I think I remember trying Ergo Proxy and it didn't work for me but I guess I could try it again. Witch Hunter Robin looks decent too. Thanks.

I wouldn't try Ergo on my account tho since I'm not a big fan either. It's a bit too forced in some ways for me. I did watch it all way back thought and it is fairly memorable I'll give it that. Remember one of the last eps cool

To make money, just like all anime.