What did bkub mean by this?

What did bkub mean by this?

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Ain't he right?

that you got lost in your way to leddit :)

oh no not le leddit xD

hater detected

I'm not even watching the show but he's right.

I guess Im a hater because I tried to watch this and didnt last 5 minutes, its so incredibly boring

Let's Pop Together is the greatest anime song of the past 10 years

You're not a hater because you dislike it, what makes you a hater is that you let your dislike for an anime define you as a person. If you don't like it, that's whatever, but going online and bragging about how much you don't like it is pathetic.

I dont think its any more pathetic than going online and bragging about how much you like something

Well then you're retarded because that's a dumb thought to think.
>hurr durr why like anything why enjoy anything we're all gonna die le richard and mortimer taught me that
You're right we should all just sit in the dark and never have fun or be happy ever

Not really what I meant and Im just arguing for the sake of it I dont feel strongly about this, also drunk
Though people that come into threads just to shit on stuff can be annoying I agree
Why be around something you dont like right?

The Japanese rick and Morty. Can’t wait to see weebs do stupid random shit.

Pop team epic Morty-senpai! Wabadublu luu oni-chan!

Judging by the posts in this thread, he's 100% right.

This, but unironically.

Let me guess, you need a high IQ to understand this show, just as rick and morty

No, it's a mixed bag of a show but nowhere near as 100% shit as people are saying. The references mostly fall flat but the more ridiculous and over-the-top stuff are fun like the Shogi segment this episode and the wacky races stuff.



Hater and subculture bitch detected :^)

Ah, your typical poptipepkutard