What was the point of anything if God was going to angel-nuke Earth again anyway?

What was the point of anything if God was going to angel-nuke Earth again anyway?

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To make Satan suffer as much as possible beforehand.

On episode 7. Not really impressed with anything so far. The rap has been surprisingly good. Should I push through to the end?

yes, pussy

to punish Satan over and over again for being a faggot. being an autist with no feelings.
humanity isn't important in the equation.

God hates fags.

I've gathered that MC dies and the badguys win from the threads. Not sure I'm interested enough in any of the story or characters to watch another edgy hour of content that serves no purpose and delivers no message other than to make me feel sad. MC is as copy-paste as they come. Ryo's character is already getting cliche. The most interesting characters so far have been Ms. big tits jealousy and Mr. fake afro rapjap. And I think they've both died already. Not sure what happened to them.

No. People kept going on about how great it was. It wasn’t.

>the badguys win
They lose too, that's the redeeming part of the ending.

Go Nagai is a huge fucking hack.

don't watch it then, why do you need to argue when you asked for advice?
yes, MC dies and the bad guys win, rio is satan and god erases everything so everybody dies and the earth start again for a new cicle of misery.
happy now?

Only god knows, but goddamn that Sirene in that pic. Just realize how lewd she was.

had really nice parts tho, i would cut a few chapters and extend the last episode into 2 to give more time for the last part to develop.
it was good, just that.

Nothing Ryo does in the entire series until the last two episodes makes any sense in light of him being Satan. Why would he become a scientist guy and have Akira hunt down demons?

An interesting story so Go Nagai could make a living.

everything makes sense, go watch it again.

I bet you think that photographer raped Miko too.

It was a lesson in sustainability to me. By listening to Satan, they ruined the pretty sweet deal they had going.

Literally never happens except in a spin off. Fuck off.
Satan's not even a faggot. All angels are the fucking same and Michael also lusts after a blackhaired nip guy.

God wins. God is evil too.

God did nothing wrong, Satan brought it all upon himself.

One of the reasons I haven't watched this and won't is that the story is absolutely pointless.

I take it you don't watch SoL.

Devilman is pointless because the world is destroyed and the story is cyclical. That has nothing to do with SoL.

you really can't understand this show without being slightly familiar with gnostic philosophy. disregarding any flaws as an adaptation, it was pretty much perfect

Crybaby Ryo is a fucking mess.

In the manga, Ryo is Satan's amnesiac self-figuring out what makes humans thick and how they'll react to discover their weakness: it was an infiltration mission since the beginning that Ryo wasn't aware about, but like the Russian sexy spy in Murrica Cold War films, Satan falls in love with Akira and thus sacrifices Amon to try to save him. Ryo' hyper emotional, prone to borderline maniac behavior and near a nervous breakdown after exposed by the demons paranoia after believing his father was possessed by a demon, tried to murder him, killed his pet dog and then set himself on fire in front of him. Guy's stoned and losing his mind, and serious about fighting demons. His personality beforehand was kindly smart tree-hugger PETA-friendly good betaboy like Akira, then demons happen. How Ryo becomes darker and darker was a reflection of how humans were affected by paranoia and were going to turn self-destructive and destructive against each other.
While Akira, after fusing with Amon, started to be disconnected with humanity and relied on Ryo to understand them and their actions. At some point Nagai was planning to set Ryo as humanity champion that would take down Akira after he lost to his demon side, but changed his plan and decided to make Ryo, Satan, losing Ryo means that humans are fucking doomed (Ryo was always the central piece here). Jenny returns his memories when he was searching a way to save humanity and help Akira in his fight because Satan obtained the answer by the Ryo experience: fear is humanity's weak point. That's what demons exploit. Demons allow humans exterminate each other without moving a pinky after Zenon's broadcast and Satan's later (with the Akira thing).

God is Satan on steroids, even in Crybaby. His description is of an unfeeling cold being. Satan was being ironically the fucking same until he learned love, you idiot. God doesn't give a flying fuck about anything. That's why the only light Satan sees is Earth and Akira - Yuasa's style is visual, so don't get used to be spoonfed his shit.

What was the point of living if you're going to die anyway?

To pray and commit.

In the original, Ryo existed so Satan would know how a human would react at the exposure of demons, so Ryo understood human emotion, feelings and experienced them without any autism So made a lot of sense in the end. That Satan was able to figure out where to strike because she had already tasted the same insane-inducing fear of demons that warped Ryo Asuka's personality to make him paranoid and about to snap. It was like a sleeper agent.

Akira was a mistake and something unexpected because Satan literally fell in love with him.

I forgot to say none of this makes sense in Crybaby because Ryo/Satan doesn't fucking get human emotions. He doesn't even get Akira, look at their confrontation in the manga and the anime with the Satan reveal. In the manga, this happens before Miki or her family got killed, and Satan offers Akira an armistice for devilmen and a warning that about humans true colors which Akira refuses to take seriously until he sees the demon hunter squads headquarters which led to him giving up on humanity.

That still doesn't explain why Ryo would encourage and help Akira in hunting down demons.
Also why is Devilman apparently already an existing character with a TV show and merchandise in this world?

>expecting kiddy shounen manga to impress your mature tastes
Take it as it is, a cool shounen manga with a badass MC who happens to be not so badass.

Why do people keep expecting so much from it? It's just not fair. It's like watching peppa pig and expecting it to blow your mind. People go in with wrong expectations. Devilman is just a classic early 70s superhero that was famous in its days. It was the dragonball / naruto of its era.

>God is cold therefore he's worse than Satan who killed everyone on Earth!
Sasuga Devilfags.

Also, if a manga from the 70s still manage to impress people in the 10s, you have to credit it. The majority of 70s manga with a few exceptions are completely forgotten nowadays. None of you were born when it came out.

I have the impression that people are holding Devilman to a higher standard than they would for something like Batman. It's just your typical male power fantasy.

What's wrong with killing humans? Humans were ruining Earth for other species.

God literally destroyed Earth over nothing before, did you fucking forget?

Ryo not having his iconic hairstyle was a mistake

Because Ryo was human, so as human he reacted in trying to fight demons in a very unhealthy way: he fell into drugs, alcohol, multiple laws violation and violence. The demon hunting was just one of the many predictions of how men were going to act. Akira's existence was unplanned, he exists as Devilman because Satan fell for him and tried to unconsciously save his ass.

God let the humans destroy themselves, he even prevented the nukes. Plus he created Earth so that gives him a right to destroy it, and he only killed Satan who had it coming. The narrative will call him evil but he really did nothing wrong.

post cute mikis

I'm talking about the previous Earth, which was just minding its business before he wiped it out for no fucking reason in Crybaby. That should tell you God is just as bad or worse than Satan.

Miki really cute in G. I wish I know where to read more of it past chapter 3

Who cares about other species?

>Plus he created Earth so that gives him a right to destroy it
No, he didn't. This is retarded, do you have the rights to kill your kids because you sire them? It doesn't.
Assuming he created it at all.

The depressing part of Devilman is just that, one aspect of it. I got into Devilman because it promised demon on demon action. The problem with Crybaby is that people are seeing it as a mature anime, so they have unreasonably high standards, even though the series was originally meant for edgy kids and teens. If you can't self insert as a wimp who gains an incredible amount of power overnight, then Devilman is definitely not for you.

Devilman, Kamen Rider, Cyborg 009 etc are all superheroes protecting justice, love, nakama etc. They were the One Piece and Naruto of their times.

Procreation != Creation. You're human just like your kids, and part of society that says killing is wrong (rightfully). Not a superior cosmic being.

That's not in the manga, is it?

>Devilman, Kamen Rider, Cyborg 009 etc are all superheroes protecting justice, love, nakama etc. They were the One Piece and Naruto of their times.
Tv Devilman where "Akira" is actually the demon possessing him, maybe. But manga one wasn't about protecting love or justice. Although I give you his motivation to become a demon was to help Ryo, so it was noble once.

Doesn’t matter. There are different versions of Devilman manga like the one by mitsuru hiruta.

whats the point of anything?

no, it gets way worse in episdoe 9

So now you're talking of the manga? In the manga, God simply plants seeds in planets like a mad scientist and fucks off, then gets pissed off when shit doesn't get as planned when he returns to see what's up. The problems with demons in his view is that they weren't his mindless puppets and could live without him. It's really closer to a superpowered evil controlling alien. Satan (and presumably) Michael can do the same as God. As in, we've seen planet-shaping abilities and resets from Satan too.
Demons are fucking humans in the manga. They show them as humans who got merging powers, so their bodies fusing with other beings are compared to how humans create weapons for survival. Humans can actually awake this power at any time, too, because they are basically the same shit. Satan was fucking pissed with humans for fucking up the planet, though, so acted completely irrational in her disgust toward them, and somehow this slipped their mind.

God took advantage because he doesn't want humans to evolve to become independent from him, Satan stopped his genocide last time in the manga (Satan and the demons won and kicked Michael out the planet), so he waited until Satan's forces were destroyed and Satan lost their will to take over the dustball again.

There's nothing even ambiguous about how evil God is. He's been evil since Demon Lord Dante where his design is even super evil looking flame guy.

Hiruta isn't Nagai. Devilman didn't become a classic because of the superhero version and you know it.

Just watch the Amon OVA. It had the best example of what Devilman is about. Cool edgy music, badass villains, badass MC, epic fights, energy beams. It was literally just an edgier version of Naruto and Dragonball. Crybaby forgot some of those.

That’s where you’re wrong. It became a classic because of the tv anime which did well and showed that animation could win the ratings game, especially for a show that aired in the evening.

>What was the point of anything
Boobs, and Serena boobs. Also (no homo) Satan boobs.

It literally changes nothing. Demons annihilated billions of lives because they're cunts. Meanwhile God created life, and only annihilates demons. Whether he did it for his ego or not doesn't change that fact. Satan brought everything on himself and God killing him is objectively good.


> Meanwhile God created life, and only annihilates demons.
Are you again talking about the manga Devilman setting? God wiped out Moscow and everyone coming close to it: demons, humans, buildings, plants, animals, everything was annihilated and reduced to pillars of salt. Here, pic related. God doesn't give a fuck about humans, he gives a fuck about things going his way, as the controlling archon of darkness and demiurge figure.

Second, the demons are human all along. They are the ORIGINAL HUMAN BEINGS of Earth. Who won the battle against God, went to sleep to recover their strength, and, after millions of years, awoke because the Global warming melted the ice caps that kept their hibernation process and saw the world they fought so hard to protect from angels destroyed by pollution. In their perspective, "humans" are just shitty invaders who fucked up their world, so they sought to wipe them out for harming their planet. There's no good vs evil in Devilman manga (except with God, I guess), just a bunch of angry, intolerant humans who can't actually sit and talk their troubles out.

>Satan brought everything on himself and God killing him is objectively good.
But God never killed Satan? He doesn't care what Satan does as long Satan doesn't try to help Earthlings. Any punishment Satan gets is of Satan's own sense of guilt and making because Satan regrets of acting like God in Devilman (like in Violence Jack, which is about a series where Satan, not God, recreates the world and brings everyone back but the guilt and regrets they feel unconsciously turns the new planet in their own self-punishment dystopian prison - that's what I say, all God has been shown doing, Satan can do as well).

Pay attention, speedwatcher. Did you miss the part when he regains his memories as Satan?

>God wiped out Moscow and everyone coming close to it
Stopping the nukes and preventing a bigger catastrophe.

>Second, the demons are human all along
It'll only be relevant when humans plan to genocide trillions of other humans (animals don't count for obvious reasons) who have formed civilizations and can be reasoned with. Emphasis on trillions and not billions to keep the same scale, of course, since demons are fewer than us.

>b-but the pollution!
Retard. It's not like demons who thrive on slaughter and don't know shit about weather can talk about pollution. They're just cunts. God is a cunt too to some extent, but to make him the evil one here is incredibly childish and naive.

Amon OVA is a low-key effort and only worth watching for the gore. The drama is bishoujo game-tier (=cheap and retarded). It's nowhere close to the previous two OVAs when it comes to artistry.

I know Devilman and other classic stuff gets trotted out every so often(e.g. Cyborg 009 vs Devilman not a few years ago), but we get this, then fucking Cutey Honey next season? Is Go Nagai secretly dying or something?

But his manga sell millions of copies. How salty are you?

It's his anniversary, so there are multiple projects in works. Anyway, Cutey Honey has been adapted to death. They really are taking minimal risks with that one.

Which one do you consider 'iconic'? The manga one? The OVA one? Maybe the one from Amon?

Oh okay, I was nervous for a moment. Are we getting Mazinger Z next?

To pray and commit.

It's already a thing. (coming to your local cinema).


Because God enjoys tormenting Satan for daring to oppose him.

What's NOT to hate about demons?

>What's NOT to hate about demons?
Boobs, curves and pubes.

I apologize for my ignorance. This is all great news.


Nobody likes those

God only moved to make Satan act more irrational and speed up the war because it was convenient to him. Satan stops nukes blowing the shit out Japan in Devilman Lady (fired by Michael, by the way) without turning cities into a wasteland, even if she could have. It was in God's interests that Satan weakened their forces and morale (because last time their armies fought, God lost), so he pulled some strings behind the scenes.

>It'll only be relevant when humans plan to genocide trillions of other humans
This is what happens in the manga though. The ones who exterminated humanity weren't the demons, it was humanity while devilmen and demons stay at the sidelines watching them kill each other and only fight for the planet after humans got wiped out. A war that Akira could have avoided and save the devilmen but he chose empty rage and revenge over talking things out when Satan gave him a chance more than once. Akira doesn't give a fuck about humanity, he saw them as evil shits in the end too and was totally disgusted with them, even before Miki's death.

>It's not like demons who thrive on slaughter and don't know shit about weather can talk about pollution.
They do and bring it up in the manga, retard. Of course they are cunts, EVERYONE WAS A CUNT. Even the Makimuras were cunts, although in a lesser degree in the shithead hierarchy. Demons reacted the same as humans did (because surprise, they are humans deep down), they are humans closer to nature, who just fucking awoke and found everything they fought for destroyed. Humans have invaded and committed genocide for less. This doesn't make them in the right, Satan regrets what happened after humanity was exterminated because he acted like God did. Unlike Satan, God remains an evil cunt who doesn't change and is still an evil cunt in the sequels awhile Akira and Satan join forces after both of them grow the fuck up from being shitheads.

You gay or someshit?

Satan is not a demon. Angels are different from demons.

>It's not like demons who thrive on slaughter and don't know shit about weather can talk about pollution.

yeah, it's not like lord xenon didn't give a world-broadcast war declaration were the demons make their intentions known and accuse humanity from fucking their planet or anything.

Wait, that's what happens. Stop trying to think Craibabby is a faithful portrayal.

Is it normal Japanese behaviour to watch somebody take a piss from behind?

I meant the demons Satan made. They were shit. SHIT.

>God saved lives to kill Satan more easily
Literally nothing wrong with that. If anything that makes it better.

>The ones who exterminated humanity weren't the demons, it was humanity
Yeah because they were in a very particular climate and had to face shapeshifting assassins who were out for their lives. False equivalency.
More accurately: when humans cold bloodedly plan to genocide trillions of other humans for basically no reason (or for MUH POLLUTION), then you can go "humans are just as bad as demons in Devilman". Because so far, Devilman only showed that humans were prone to panic and unable to upheld society when demons are attacking them.

>They do and bring it up in the manga, retard
They don't know shit because they're primitive af. Pollution matters when you're human and using Earth resources like we do.

Yeah, except there's a difference between being a "my life comes first" cunt and a "let's commit the worst crime in the history of the universe" cunt. And no, genocide of hundreds/thousands doesn't compare. The demons were the worst and by far.

Exactly and Satan knew that is how it would happen so why bother with his plan? Shit show.

Anyway I'm done here, Nagaifags are too retarded for me to waste any more time.

A couple of wrong assumptions:
1. God never killed Satan. He never intended to save lives either, humans were going to die the moment some of them began to become demons. He facilitated things to get everyone killed except for Satan.
2. It doesn't matter what was the cause. Humans chose to act this way, that's why Akira is disgusted and turns against them completely. In fact, the only reason why this happens is because Satan becomes human and realizes what humans' weakness is, rather than something they create, was something in human nature.
Pollution is the reason why the demons were awake, it's almost as if demons were mother nature's punishment for humanity's predatory behavior in the underlined message. You're stupid if you think countries don't kill each other for resources, look at Murrica behavior and excuses for their greed of Middle East oil.
3. They literally ramble about that shit in the manga, you fucking idiot. Did you actually read it?
4. Genocide is what God wanted to do and does all the time and the reason why Satan turned against him. Yes, and Satan is only an antagonist in Devilman because he idiotically 'acted like God', that's all, once he fixes and cleans his act is good again and God remains evil.

Satan never made the demons.

the drama was better done in it than even in crybaby. the voice acting was also better. it's the best devilman adaptation.

Devilman is edginess at it's peak. That's why I like it.

pablo detected

see you tomorrow, carlos

No more rapping. I was pretty pissed off by the second half.

This is a Crybaby thread, your manga canon is invalid here.


It's the same in Crybaby, though. Satan finds the demons in earth and are already there and takes a liking to them but for different reasons.

"What's the point if my efforts all fail? "

Holy shit people are such emotional weaklings with the integrity of snails .

Not that user but...
1. God didn't save anyone though, in fact he killed a shit load of people, to make Satan act, and just caused more panic. If anything his action sped up the end of humanity. His actions weren't too save humanity.

2. It's actually both shown and stated multiple times that the demons were just watching the carnage and nothing else. You might want to try reading the manga. Hell by this point in the manga all of the enemies that Akira fights are all human.

3. You're not making a good argument for yourself.

4. And God was the one who wanted everyone to kill each other from the very start, and even if they didn't and decided to work together, like they did in Lady. He'd still try to murder everyone human and demon alike.

It seems more like you're trying to insert your knowledge and understanding of the bible or more specifically the New Testament, but can't because it simply isn't compatible with Devilman which is more based on Old Testament and Ngostic.

Its the same in Crybaby though, you need to stop the bible thumping, New Testament is simply irrelevant to Devilman as a whole.

>3 more episodes
>less than 60 minutes of total screentime
>visits Sup Forums to ask if he should finish it

user, have you ever made any decision in your life by yourself?

>be Satan
>send myself to Earth in form of a human boy but don't expose myself to his mind and memories at once because I can't do that/I'm in half slumber/something else
>he meets Akira boy who is exceptional and create an everlasting bond with him
>thanks to being a Satan deep inside, he shows unusual abilities in many fields
>he becomes a respectable researcher of various sciences at very young age
>he stumbles (probably through flashbacks or instincts) on the topic of demons in SA rainforest
>wtf the boy want to save earth now
>he researches the shit out of it
>my mortal shell somehow thinks he is doing good and remembers nothing, good thing Jenny is there to push him in right directions
>find Akira to fight demons
>Akira fights demons successfully and decreases threat
>wtf that was actually not my keikaku
>actually it was my keikaku all along
>the boy finally remembers who we are
>manifest myself to world as Satan
>show Earth there are demons so they will fight against each other and destroy themselves
>devilmen trying to prevent that, already too late
>doesn't matter destroy Earth
>destroy Akira too
>instant regret

I hope you now understand

>create work of fiction about pirates/soldiers/space/aliens/conspiracy theory
>ff a year, ten, one hundred
>there is actually something almost identical to that now

The world and the characters, except for Satan, are not real. It's just a slightly variable infinite time prison created to eternally torture Satan.