Post anime you can't understand anyone hating/disliking

I'll start.


Would be much better with only Kazuma and Aqua as main characters.



>isekai with boring male protag and a harem of girls
>can't understand anyone hating/disliking
OP do you have downs syndrome?

lalatina is reason enough to hate this show

what's with that autistic romanization?

isekai with boring male protag and a harem of girls

You didn't watch the show did you?

While I don't hate it the jokes got stale by the end of the first season and the last couple episodes were getting harder to sit through.
Never bothered picking up the second season for

Story is fucking garbage, asspulls, beta MC lmao
How can anyone LIKE this shit

The 2nd season is better though.
It you don't laugh at the 2nd episode you can drop it


Though I understand, SOA fans need to feel insecure towards any competitors because their fandom is the only time they've felt accepted in anything in their 14 years of life.


Sword Art Online, the other isekai that aired at the same time. Until today you can't make a thread discussing Grimgar without a handful of SOA autists coming in and just spewing angry vitriol. Not even trolling or baiting subtly, just out right overweight-feminist tier self-victimization fueled hate.

Oh nevermind I mixed up the acronym, that's what 3 hours of sleep gets me.

friend i watched grimgar when it aired, there was no sao shitposting that i can remember

It's called nihonsiki, it's meant to confuse gaizin.

I must be seeing things, someone tampered with my memories. I have a lot to think about, I must return to my mountain to meditate.

Sao crew seemed to enjoy grimgar same as everyone else, it was well animated but nothing that was gonna get another season.

no males in that cast, it's shit

Hajime is my tomboy otaku wife.

>want a series with guys
>watch a series known to not have any guys at all
>get angry that there are no guys

I don't dislike it, but I think it's overrated.
Comedy is ok at its best and Darkness is extremely annoying character.

>Sword Art Online
>Aired at the same time
user you're in the wrong universe please find a way home.

Literally rebbit:the anime. Japan's Big Bang Theory. Typical isekashit with self-insert betafag MC and harem cast, but it makes fun of these tropes therefore it's smart and funny!

Too shallow like virtually every other cgdctshit. Not that I hated it but I can't give it any praise either. Doesn't help that dogakobafags were obnoxiously forcing it as some sort of unquestionable AOTS and AOTY, making people dislike it even more.

Melodramatic chuuni haremLNshit.

Too melodramatic. Approaching the genre with more tact is good, but it came off as borderline pretentious for what was essentially just another isekashit.

>Melodramatic chuuni harem LNshit.
How jaded to you have to be to say this?
You clearly didn't watch the show.

You sure sound like a fun guy who enjoys things.