What is your personal stance on dominant/sadistic women in manga and anime?

What is your personal stance on dominant/sadistic women in manga and anime?

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I like it when they breakdown and become submissive during sex because they're actually virgins

I like them very much.

Imagine being this insecure with your sexuality

Not good

It's criminal that Zaizen has no good doujins at all.

Otochichi's and Homare's doujins were fantastic tho.

need to be shown their place


>Korean shit

Real M don't have any stance

My stance is preferably below their feet.

How is that korean shit? The page is in japanese and the artist is japanese. Jesus christ, fucking EOPs I swear.



Its nice when they get broken, otherwise they are pure shit


Gentle dominant women can be ok. Sadistic ones just need karma to take care of them.

She's not sadistic at all and the embodiment of gentle femdom. tfw you'll never befriend her so she can take your fetishes as inspiration for her next doujins.

I consider myself a femdom connoisseur. Gentle, motherly, cold, sadistic, cruelty, bullying, teasing, straight shots, BDSM, rape, vanilla: as long as the girl is in a dominant position I'm game

>gentle femdom
Nice oxymoron. If you would have said caring or loving I would have agreed.

Gentle femdom exists, user. It's when femdom is soft, motherly and nurturing. It doesn't mandate any roughness or even firmness

>artist is japanese

Gentle femdom is actually pretty common in anime. It just usually involves side character, and if a main girl acts that way she almost never wins.

Depends if the guy they fuck isnt a beta. Women falling in love with them are trash.

gentle femdom is where they don't insert things into your penis.

I want Dark Precure to dominate me.

I like them, especially the ones that teases a lot.
And this.

>guessing an author's nationality based on his coloring
How retarded can you be? Just kill yourself. The guy even participated in Girls forM.
This make no sense. I've read at least 10 stories featuring gentle femdom and urethra insertion. Some of them are even translated in english, you have no excuse to not educate yourself.
But Aishela will either win or the boy will get killed in battle. I'm tempted to read the novel.

Haven't really given a shit.
Tokiko is a special exception.

>But Aishela will either win or the boy will get killed in battle
Yeah, but Aishela and Peter are side characters. Hell, Peter was mentioned by name literally once and I only remember it because I envy him.

Femdom is an entry tier fetish.

It's in fact an S rank fetish.
Entry tier is being into basic shit like big boobies or slutty outfits. Then you get into the degenerate stuff. Finally all the degeneracy in the world gets so boring you go back to just wanting to be tenderly loved and cuddled and wanting to hold hands while having sex in the missionary position with muscular thighs leglocking you. All with the lights off and in the context of a loving relationship with a dominant woman, of course.

More dominance, less the other thing. Body Worship is the closest thing to sadism I'll like seeing.

>wants to write her potential love interest into a ryona doujin
I mean, gentle is probably how she's meant to be potrayed, but her sadistic streak is obvious. Sadistic isn't just physical harm.

Femdom is ok. Sadistic femdom is top tier.

Living the dream.

I'm not into the whole pain thing.
Especially not in the things that basically emasculate you like buttstuff (especially pegging), and getting stuff shoved in your dick. Also no CBT.
Dom is superb.
And it's especially good when it can go both ways, like her being dom but the guy not just taking it like a bitch but also fighting her a bit sexually, rough stuff.

I don't think he's drawn any manga that wouldn't be the dream. That one in particular strikes a nice balance between obvious care and heavy domination though.

I agree. That shit's gay and I wish it wasn't associated so closely with femdom

I want to bully them.

Buttstuff can be nice if it isn't done specifically for the sake of humiliating the male in question.

>[a sexual action with a woman]'s gay
Uh-huh, and getting your dick sucked by a dude isn't. What are you, Roman?

Yeah, he's always on point, I've mailed him years ago he's a cool guy too. Not sure if he'll ever return to G4M though. Mame, Akai Mato, clover, ahobaka, Shinooka Homare all stopped doing work for the magazine once their tankoubon got released. Japs are assuming low pay and shitty editing departement.

>That one in particular strikes a nice balance between obvious care and heavy domination though
That deals with a pet peeve of mine concerning pet play. Whenever I see it in hentai, it's almost always centered around humiliation. It's about spitting in their mouths, kicking them, locking them in tiny cages, making them do humiliating things et cetera. Be honest, when was the last time you saw a woman spit in a dog's mouth? Being treated like a pet is of course degrading (and probably tipping over into the not-so-gentle type of femdom) but it's inherently a relationship based on some sort of care for the pet. Dogs are almost always happy to see their masters, and not because their masters kick them all the time.

If you're a man and enjoy the idea or action of something being shoved in your ass you're undeniably gay. In fact I'd argue it's gayer to get pegged by a girl than it is to get fucked by a dude, because you are actively choosing to do gay shit with a woman when you could be doing something heterosexual.

>getting pegged in the anus by a girl

Literally the gayest shit ever, user.

That's gayer than actually having sex with a man.

>Redidtspacing at yourself
If you look at a man and your first thought is "I want to get fucked in the ass by him" you're gay. If you look at a woman and your first thought is "I want to get fucked in the ass by her" you're irredeemably gay. And probably retarded. You're passing up an opportunity to have her sit on your face or step on your dick to get fucked in the ass. You're looking at a vagina and wishing there was a plastic dick. You see a woman and you want a man. That is beyond gay. Corruptibly gay. So gay you're turning straight things gay. Gay.

I want a hot girl to give me a footjob while i lick her armpit

>Having your head in her armpit and her feet in your lap at the same time
That would be quite a trick.

Well, I guess that's your take on pet play. I like it when it's mixed with humiliation (not necessarily what you listed though), I think it spices the fantasy of being a dog/pet - an entity lower than a human being. And having humiliation mixed in doesn't mean the girl isn't caring or loving her pet, it all falls down to the artist's creativity.
Honestly the only thing I'm really bothered by is that there's not nearly pet play works, or even more globally, refreshing femdom works. Take a look at Girls forM 16: out of 19 works, 12 of them are pegging and the vast majority of the remaining chapters feature soft femdom which has nothing to do in a magazine for hard masochist.

You're gay.

if I want ballbusting bullshit I can watch any western media

Femdom =/= ballbusting.


Please separate the torture / mutilation / pegging / humiliation / etc. from the mutually loving monogamous relationships where a woman is dominant. Whether you like one category or the other, distinguishing between two different appeals can only be a good thing.

Please separate the torture/mutilation/humiliation from the pegging. Not all masochists are gay.

The two can be mixed though.