But what's the function on these coordinates that maps to how good or bad the series is?

If you put them in quotation marks. yes.

swap nise and bake

I keep seeing Flip Flappers on multiple threads. Is it really worth watching?

ahahahahahahhaha no

monogatari is brain daamge

>Deep and Stylish

Just another flavor of the month show, nothing special at all.

Yeah, it's gorgeous and actually pretty deep with lots of philosophical concepts and symbolism and shit, and an actual good love story. Animation and art is wonderful and varies from legitimately creepy to comfy to action packed. Lots of Sup Forums rags on the last arc for being too simple but I liked it.

But yeah, it's good, the first episode is underwhelming, 2 is better, 3 is where shit gets real so give it at least until then.

Oh, and just so you don't get goofed, this user is memeing

>flavor of the month
>came out over a year ago

The amount of bait there is pretty impressive.

No I'm not

The first few episodes are good, they're basically visual drugs. And then they tried to give it a plot. And it’s shit.


Flavor of THAT YEAR's month.

Use your brain.

Sure, and I'm the Queen of England.


Considering FF still gets talked about now, it obviously wasnt a FOTM shit.

If you don't think it's good you obviously missed a lot.

Everything gets talked about on Sup Forums so long it has even a single fan, and you know it, FF being talked about today by no means exempts it from the FOTM status inherent to it.

I did not a miss a single thing. You memers memed me into wasting 5 hours of my life for absolutely nothing.

OPM may not be deep but it's sure as hell more genuine than most of these "deep" shits.

What's something deep for you?

Sure dude.

I bet you think NGE is the deepest most complex anime ever made.

What's with these garbage threads lately? Is summer starting already?

You don't really deserve it, but I'm in a good mood today.

>dragon ball bland
fuck off waker

>I bet you think NGE is the deepest most complex anime ever made.
Keep strawmaning, that's what you all resort to when you're unable to defend the trash you like anyway.

Anime is not deep. Period.

decent b8, but too obvious

Cowboy Bebop/Nise fan yeah?

>big buff man punch big buff alien
>only way to up the stakes is make everyone retardedly powerful

>deepness doesnt exist its a human construct like gender!

Not an argument

one of the best,most imaginative,fun and unique show in recent years in my oppinion.Just watch it and form your own oppinion on it.Hope you enjoy it user.

You are wrong and you created this thread for the express purpose of being wrong intentionally with malice of forethought

Don't you have anything better to do with your time?

Look at me I'm taking time out of my busy schedule to help the cognitively impaired

>deepness doesnt exist its a human construct like gender!
Strawmaning even AFTER being called out on it?! Absolute Madman!

So you doubled down after being called out for your BS. How typical.


>youre wrong because i hate your opinion you nazi!

Every time

my fucking sides

Is anyone gonna provide an actual argument against my chart or just redditpost?

Better version made with my awesome mspaint skills

A redditthread gets redditposts as replies, how shocking

But all the shows in your chart are reddit.

>>youre wrong because i hate your opinion you nazi!
>strawmaning after being called out on it twice
>too scared to defend his own non-argument and prove me wrong so he argues with a scarecrow-pastiche
It's like you never grew up or something.



Theyd hate it


It has good visuals, but that's pretty much it. Average seasonal flick until around the eighth episode, at which point it dropped to being mediocre, and ended badly.

>cowboy bebop
>bland and shallow
Your entire opinion is invalidated right there. Let that meme die, it's subjectively wrong.


>883 BDs

>civil discussion on a
This thread isn't Sup Forums, it's literally some shitpost thread made by a Sup Forumsirgin who just finished making a political compass image of the Sup Forums core anime he watched (plus a few extra series), replied to by more crossboarders like

DBZ more deep than Evangelion? lol

And why is LWA in Cowboy Bebop's position?

>DBZ more deep than Evangelion? lol
They're about equally so

one punch man and eva should be a bit more the right.
cowboy bebop should be right behind hellsing with style.


>ITT: newfags