Touken Ranbu Hanamaru S2

New episode today.
I feel like this week's episode will be much better.

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I am looking forward Mucchan's debut as a movie director.

I wonder if we'll get to see what he has recorded.

JAV director I hope

Man I wish Sengo was already at the citadel.
There's Shinano but Sengo is even lewder.

Ishipapa is still as pretty as ever.

I hope the first part with Sayo will be cute.

I hope they don't Kiwame him.

God damn, don't even say it.

It'll start in 5min

Shalala hanamaru douchuu!

I'm fine with the chink stream.

Hotarumaru STRONK.

Kousetsu's driving skills are amazing.

Kousetsu driving like a boss

Yagen calls Sayo 'Sayosuke'?

goddamn that DORIFTO skill



That was a sweet first half.


Hm? Didn't Gotou say he's the tallest among his brothers? Why is he smaller than Shinano?


Wew Hakata

>Kiyomitsu with a mic
So he MCs like in the musicals.

Hakata is a real trader.

Jesus, thanks to Hakata they had enough money to add rooms to the citadel.

I spotted Kiyomitsu's outfit from the musicals.

You think the little jew boy invests in bitcoins?

Happy Hizamaru makes me happy.

Definitely. He had one hell of a setup.


>Kiyo is waiting for Yasu to come back before changing their room
I'm crying.

10/10 episode.
They are forgiven for the QUALITY from the previous weeks.

Agreed. This is the kind of stuff I wanted from Hanamaru all along.

Comfiest episode so far. I wanted to see more of the citadel, precisely, and seeing all those different rooms was pretty nice. I didn't know the hot springs were so big.

Please let the rest of the season be like this, I can't go back to the drama.

I'd live in Mitsutada and Sada-chan's room. It was stylish as fuck.

What's going on here?

Don't lewd O-Sayo.

Darkness imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror
I cannot live
I cannot die
Trapped in myself
Body my holding cell

Eye candy ending.



The Genji's still looks a bit off to me, but the rest of new endings are gorgeous.

Raws available.

Gotou isn’t the tallest. He’s shorter than Shinano, Atsushi, Yagen, and Midare. He even has separate sparring lines for a sibling depending on whether they’re shorter or taller than him. Mouri is the same way too.

So he lied in his book description line.

They lend themselves well to the girly artstyle. 2gud.


It probably looks off to you because the Genjis don’t have the overly wide spacing between their eyes like in their in-game art, lol. I remember a ton of people being so disappointed when their full-body art was released. Their anniversary sprites look much better though, I hope it stays that way for their Kiwame.

For me, it’s Ichigo who looks off.

Seeing him happy warms my heart.
Anija should stop teasing him so much.

Wasn't it just Hizamaru that people were disappointed with?

I rate this episode a kawaii as fuck/10

Happy Hiza makes me happy too.

Here’s to hoping anija will finally remember Hiza’s name in Kiwame. Because in-game Hiza is the worst off (musical anija actually remembered his name, Hanamaru anija said he was important).

[spoiler/]Clearly not a Hizafag.[/spoiler]

I can’t believe I fucked up the spoiler tag like that. Welp.

Nah I remember people complaining about both looking ugly. I love both now but I had a really hard time getting used to Anija's granny hair.

Old Honmaru.

Forgot the picture.

New Honmaru.

>another smile protected

We are doing a good work, anons.

Hakata STRONK.

Did they just wake up one morning and suddenly the buildings had switched positions, or did they build it?

The magic of stock exchanges.

Not really, disappointment was more or less the same for both, just for different reasons (for Higekiri it was for having underwhelming facial features and for Hizamaru it was the weird facial features—especially the eyebrows, lol). Their designs (before any of the Toku)s are some of the best, if not the best, for me. The art style? Not so much.

On a related note, I dislike Uguisumaru’s attire but started loving it when I got his Nendoroid. I won’t say the artist is bad because honestly, I’ve seen worse, but IDK, the art style they chose for TKRB is kind of not that flattering. It’s way better in the anniversary sprites now though; I was really impressed.

Their artstyle is heavily inspired of Shin Megami Tensei stuff. It's really apparent in their old art.
Maybe their haircuts are an acquired taste but their clothes are damn good. I love them.

It’s still weird imagining them using technology, even after seeing the technology in both Hanamaru and Katsugeki and knowing that in the time the game is set, it’s already the year 2200-something.


Holy shit never realized they'd last that long.

Same, I want my swords to remain comfy. That means no technology in the citadel, or barely any at all. If they were given smartphones and internet they'd become as autistic and uninteresting as us.

Shirano is generally really good but I think they were being extra conscious of trying to make it look less like Persona work. Poor Uguisumaru in particular suffers from legacy design and is definitely the weakest of the three. I got used to the quirks from before the artist settled into the style but I haven't been able to accept the way they translated Uguisumaru's see through bangs in Hanamaru. It's just so jarring.

Giving Hizamaru the disco pants was the greatest decision ever made.

It’s weird that I don’t like their art style because I’m a huge fan of the SMT franchise and never had a problem with its art style; I adore it, even. Though I suppose it’s because of how different the two games are overall.

But same here because I still love their overall design. It was adapted really well in 2.5D form, that’s for sure, and it helped a lot of fans/players who initially overlooked them to start liking them more (based on what I’ve read on Twitter).

They bought room expansions from the DMM store.

New Kiwame swords by the end of the month; Who do you think it's going to be?

They realized orgies aren't that fun when there's only one pool.


I have to join them.

I think Mitsutada and Sada-chan are the only ones with a western styled bedroom. They even use beds.

I got into tkrb only during the katsugeki days and have loved the genjis designs and the artstyle since then without ever once thinking any of it was ugly so it's hard for me to imagine the disappointment especially since the jp fans are crazy over them right now.

I'm glad though that the general opinion of them turned out more positive now, wouldn't be able to get all that genji material if it didnt

>Anjia, we have matching tea cups!
What an angel. I want to protect him.

Still too fucking small.

As someone who despises any kind of wide-legged pants, I hope they get rid of it in Kiwame. Or at least just get rid of the goddamned yellow circle.

I understood Hizamaru got knee guards from his name but I literally just realized why Higekiri’s Tokus get some kind of arm guard on his left arm. He was used to cut off the left arm of a demon. I feel dumb, lol.

I find it pretty interesting that in Hanamaru it seems like they would be allowed full access to that kind of thing considering Hakata can have 6 moniters and a smartphone, most of them are just choosing not to use it.


I never even realized that myself. Let's be dumb together, user.

I don't particularly like or dislike Uguu's design but I thought he had some of the best art in the newest artbook.

I think many of the swords look much better in official artwork than their game sprites.

Kara keeps getting cuter with every new episode, and I'm glad for that. He wasn't pleasant at all before.

This is DMM’s way of telling us to spend on the room expansions. Like how Goodsmile told us to buy the damn Nendoroid pouches back in episode 1.

As a recently turned Genjifag, I wholeheartedly agree. Genji banzai!

>Hizamaru will never become my endlessly faithful younger brother.
Why live.

Honebami and Namazuo finishing each other's sentences is the cutest thing and it's a shame that this is one of the first times an adaptation actually does it.

If we're being dumb about Genji, then I watched all of Atsukashiyama Ibun multiple times without realizing they were Yoshitsune and Yoritomo's swords.

They should fuck more often. Do they even have doujins?

I agree.
His anniversary art is pretty damn good too.

Buy the nendos goy.

All that product placement.

With this much product placement, I’m just waiting for the episode the swords go to the store and one of them literally buys their own Nendoroid.

>They should fuck more often
No! Their brotherly relationship is cuter.

>Honebami and Namazuo
>not having doujins together