What does a succubus have to do in order to get a happy love life?

What does a succubus have to do in order to get a happy love life?

Just ask him on a date...you've nothing to lose, maybe take undo the tracksuit a little.

Become a cockslut

dedicate your life to cocks.

She lives off sperm so it's crazy to think she can't get a happy love life.

I'm willing to take one for the team and put myself forward.

in general? either embrace being hyper sexual and be willing to have flings and such or what most people seem to not think of- online dating.

Its actually my only complaint about demi-chan, why doesn't she just try meeting people online if shes afraid of that? The only reason she is in love with the sensei is because she thinks hes supernaturally unaffected, just like that kid whose an incubus

Suck a dick.

it's the forearms.

She need 8 other girls and become idol to save her school.

im sure theres more then one person in the world who knows how to exercise, although his forearms are legendary status to be fair you have a point.

Doubt its the only reason she likes him, more like it was the reason why she was interested in him at start

Hey man, she wants to be in a relationship because of the person she is, not because of her succubus nature.

They have to milk young shotas.

This would've been better if she wasn't a married woman.

Hit too close to home?

>tfw older women

feels good man

can't find it with google, yandex or iqdb

>she wants to be in a relationship because of the person she is, not because of her succubus nature.
She'd have to go lesbian for that.

get iron muscles away from jk, before they eat him up

Don't succubi kill the guys they fuck?

uh...if she was a lesbian or goes full on lesbian because of thirst+being an easy loser she'd physically change into a quasi-incubus.
She'd completely lose her ability to attract males.

I'm calling the police.

She isn't a demon, shes a living thing that naturally screws with human male minds. The only way she'll get a relationship where she knows that the other person's attraction to her is real is to get with someone who's immune: lesbian or Incubus.

I'm not an expert on succubi but I'd think that it depends on what region the stories come from that mentions them.

>Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

No...the lesbians would be attracted to. They want sum puss so they are attracted.

Also, there is no scientific basis for the headless girl, so were going by SCIENCE!! here.

If she was lesbian she'd not have any problems because she'd look completely different and men would neither notice or care about her.
If she went lesbian because she's a loser, then she'd physically change till she no longer attracted men and might even make men uncomfortable.

Chain him to an anchor, then toss him overboard. You'll never have to do anything else for him; he'll have enough fish for the rest of his life.

Sad, but true.

She should just get sensei drunk, cosplay as a succubus and mark him as her own while telling him later he just had a dream.

If you like Shota you are a cuck with a small penis

Lesbians are attracted to succubi, and gay men are attracted to incubi. IIRC they say in the series that her effect works on "most men," the ones it doesn't work on would be the ones who aren't attracted to her in the first place.

By there very nature succubus cannot work well in relationships.
I feel bad for those that really do want to have a longterm relationship with a significant other but it’s just not possible.
The sooner she embraces her demonic nature to be a massive cockslut, the better.

And what makes you think that? She covers herself up so she doesn't attract any men around her. Only if another guy directly touches her or sees her in some revealing clothes her succubus power attracts other people. She's over 20 already and still a virgin, why would she have to turn into a cockslut now that she finally found someone she has a crush on?

Some iron man dicking

Fucking more translations when?

Or a pedo woman or woman who has control power issues or is misdirecting their motherly instincts.

Nice projection.

Getting some iron for the rest of her life

How comes none of her students are hitting on her?

Excuse me, I am not a cuck

IIRC isn’t Sakie estranged from her father because after she started puberty he moved away to keep from attacking her?

That's extremely dark.

See? She needs some hugs and cuddles.

1. This is Japan

2. She avoids them

3. They think she’s hot but not “zomg muh diiiiick” hot

I just want female teachers to get the dick, why is japan making it so hard? This one should've been dicked aswell.




Let me cast healing hands on her

Couldn’t fap to this one. Too much cuck.

Better not make the same mistake when Sakie and I start popping out the young'uns

Nothing cause if she met anyone she'd drain them be accident.

>YWN impregnate a succubus then have her give birth a few minutes later to a full-grown loli succubus, only for you to then impregnate your new daughter

They were bullies with the whole onahole thing.

>doesn't suggest how user could find source on his own

he got to impregnate all of them, so that seems fair

>I just want female teachers to get the dick, why is japan making it so hard?
Stop watching anime, start reading manga.

>what if we take a succubus
>come on, hear me out
>a big-busted glasses wearing succubus
>this is big
>from a popular porno doujinshi series
>are you ready
>but make her a virgin

>wants succubi lolis
>gets a fat cow instead
Talk about disappointment.

No, she becomes interested in him cause he seems to be able to not be affected but falls deeper in love with him when she realizes he's operating off pure willpower.