Juri is even cuter when ticked the fuck off.

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nice viral marketing, faggot

Mediocre show, the op and ed are better than the whole thing.

big bro is done

that's true but it deserved more attention than this

subs when?

she's not really waifu material though, comes from a weird family

Why did they give Juri's future son such detailed muscles in the redesign?


Any theories on who the blonde girl from episode 1 may be?
I think it could be simply some random woman and the thing that possessed her was actually Juri. Something will probably happen in the future which give her ability to hop bodies?
What do you think?

I checked but it's not up yet


Was about to say I refreshed, but thanks anyways. :^)

What blond girl?

In episode 1 right before opening begins. Some "ghost" flies into her while she is stopped in time along with everyone else, stumbles a little and then opening begins. It hasnt been brough up yet

I don't know who she is, but I do know she's the one who saves Juri at the end.

Ah, forgot that.
No clue as to who she is, but she does have the same white eyes as Juri.

Hey this was pretty metal.
Where the fuck was the supposed stab wound from the cliffhanger though? The knife pierces something through the sheet causing blood to gush out but none of them turn out injured.

bump, don't want this thread to die, about to start watching now

Shallow wound. Like 0,5cm deep

Good episode. Tsubasa was badass and the bit with the father was funny.

I hope there will be an explanation why the little brother is unharmed.

Man this was a good episode. Lots of nice moments.

>piece of shit fatass NEET dad can summon the handler just by thinking about killing someone when everyone else has to plunge weapons into/strangle someone to show their commitment

Someone please tell me, does my MajimaxUggo OTP become canon by the end or does he die an unceremonious death?

So the message is that NEETs are very dangerous for society.

Useless dad is one twisted mother fucker.

Good episode, but I still really hate the shit dad.

>neet uncle mans up and gets an absolutely wicked strangling kill
>gets stalled out of the story in the same episode
Fuck this shit

>NEETdad will be the final boss when he goes full Shining mode


>Come to have a quick after episode read
>Read a couple posts
>Get the entire storyline spoiled
Hope the Handlers (janitors) purge you fuckwads.

>Come into thread made for new episode discussion
>Get spoiled

he probably moused over that spoiler
i did it too

It's better than almost anything I've seen this season. The characters actually have something to them, they don't act like shitty anime caricatures, I at least can care about them. The plot is not a rehash of same old shit too.


What, I hope you are joking because this is beyond ludicrous

His killing intent rivals that of the likes of Akuma and evil Ryu

Most awful people lack empathy so it makes sense I suppose.


I hope you understand that you completely fucked up. This thread is literally invisible on the catalog. You ALWAYS use an image from the ED if you want any people to discuss Kokkoku at all.


I watched like three episodes and couldn't do through the fourth. This shit was going nowhere fast.


That's retarded. If people want to discuss it they will search for "Kokkou".

this. Using some cute or alluring OP picture would only attract horny retards who would shit up the thread

>not baiting new people into watching it because the threads are so dead it's impossible to have a discussion

ded anime

u're dead.

You can thank the dumb OP. Last week's thread was great.

Obviously, the problem was no cute animal mascot voiced by Wakamoto.

Let this thread die and we'll revive it in an hour.

don't stop
no turning back flashback

Coming in

>Coming in

Juri-chan's bumhole!

>Get the entire storyline spoiled
Huh? I saw one detail about the ending that only pertained to two characters

But it's stinky


Sup Forums please.

Paizuri with Juri

This anime is dope


This week was much more relaxing

yea wtf was that. he does something unexpectedly bad ass and then starts to turn into bitch mode right after. i guess he's coming into grips that he just killed someone and couldn't accept the reality.



Not just that he killed someone, but also that he lost Makoto (again).

Someone needs to make a shadow of the colossus edit of when Juri is on the handler.

I don't think the writer wants you to like the dad, he's been written to be a piece of shit at every turn. I still find it possible karma will catch up to him sooner or later or he'll do a heroic sacrifice for redemption.



Dad sucks

Dad kills

both threads are shit


Weabro watches Dame Prince and Kokkoku? I love you!



muh strong independant woman need no filthy gaijin pig

>being this blind
his left forearm has a wound, it's visible on your pic

Nice to see the brother is not always a wimp. Also, pretty good episode in general.

Bros, I almost cried when Majima saw her mother again ;_;

Easily the best episode so far.

I identify with him



The studio's intro keeps reminding me of Van Halen's Hot for teacher's intro.

Ok is the father just a psychopath or what was that

He's got violent tendencies he's hidden. He is also willing to kill if he wanted to.

This show suffers from a serious lack of rape for my taste.


ded anime

Damn, the neet used all the snuff stuff he read/watch online or play for this fight.

>The weak should fear the strong

>you have to read/watch fetish porn to know how you strangle someone

Strangle porn.

He was pretty good using the shirt as aid in the fight and it was a chokehold, probably blocking air and the artery too. Usual dumb drama strangling scene would be using their hands on the throat.He must've been watching too much mma/martial arts stuff or did martial arts (in his neet brain).

does it means his psychopass is high?
What do we do about asymptomatic killers?

The herald transformation was some uncomfortable shit, reminds me of the "tree" man.


Your brain on Kokkoku

We need edits with this.


I was legitimately scared for NEET-bro here, I don't know why I care for these characters this much.