What was the best Lupin III series?

What was the best Lupin III series?

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Green is probably the closest to the original Lupin, even with all the hilarious censorship like when he fish-line chokes some police guards and he has to say "go to sleep for awhile." I really enjoyed the recent blue one too. Haven't watched pink jacket yet but red was very enjoyable so I hope it's good.

My first exposure was through the red jacket stuff, the old TV series and all the made for TV movies they produced in the 90s and so forth. So digging deeper back in the wild west days of the internet before everything was so neatly organized, I looked into the older green jacket and what you could find of the manga. And the more serious and violent tone was really appealing.
But you know, revisiting red jacket, there's a lot to appreciate, even with how surreal the premises could get(e.g. vampire sister of Jesus, Lupin becomes a superhero, etc.). It's not the ruthless thief that will kill and rape to get what he wants, but it basically became its own thing.

Also if these threads don't survive airing in the same season as Persona 5 I just want to say I've always enjoyed the modest threads we've had.

So whats the deal with this guy? The original Arsene Lupin was french, but Lupin III is japanese, right? I've only ever seen the castle of cagliostro but does it ever get explained what his origins are?
Also, which series should I start with.

There's actually a joke about this in the green jacket series. Lupin's great grandfather is seen in a flashback talking about how he's going to marry a French woman.

So original Lupin is also japanese huh. Whatever they've done a better job with the character than any french film has.

Green jacket is my favorite overall. I'm crawling through the red series and have seen the part 4 blue series as well. Am I just being a bitch if I don't really look forward to pink? I usually love weird artstyles but jigen and goemon look different and goofy in a way that bugs me so much compared to everything else. Goemon looks like a fucking gi joe in half the pictures ive seen

Is french/japanese the most patrician pairing?

I think that was Lupin playing the part to fool Mamo.

Lupin had a Japanese mother. Not that it really matters because the rare times either Lupin 1 or 2 is portrayed they look identical to Lupin 3, anime being what it is about ethnicities.


honestly impossible to decide on who is best boy

Do I have to watch Lupin I and II first though?

I think there were even issues with the people who still own Arsene Lupin.

Why hasn't there been a Sherlock Holmes crossover yet? Even the original Lupin did that.

Finally foing through this whole series. Watched Castle of Cagliostro last night and was incredibly disappointed, especially considering how much everyone hypes it up. The action scenes were great, but the story and character interactions were so incredibly basic, and it did NOT need to be almost 2 hours holy shit. Still a 6-7/10, but I'm failing to understand why this film in particular is so famous

Yeah the show was called Edgar, Detective Cambrioleur in french because the rights to Lupin hadn't expired yet and the nips didn't ask permission.

Actually, Lupin II is the one that's identical to Lupin III but with a beard. Although the Nostradamus movie mixes things up and uses his design (and character) for Arsene Lupin too, which is a pretty stupid mistake.

Arsene Lupin's design in Lupin III is kind of inconsistent though. Here's how he appears in Part 3 for example.

Here's how he appears in Part 2. Yet again, he has lighter hair, rather than black, although it seems closer to brown here while in Part 3 it seemed blond.

Here's how he appears in the Eternal Mermaid special. This time with a facial design closer to Lupin III's, although still with brown hair, and a different hair style.

Here's Lupin II who's referenced a couple of times in Part 1, always with this design.

Then you have the Napoleon movie that kind of messes up everything. It uses Lupin II's design for Arsene Lupin, and has him creating and destroying the "Lupin Empire" rather than acting solo.

Meanwhile, Lupin II here is basically Part 1 Lupin III.