Does Illya deserve to be happy?

Does Illya deserve to be happy?

Who doesn't deserve to be happy?

Angra Mainyu
Kotomine Kirei

She deserves to go to the doctor.

Someone needs to unfuck her shit so Acht's curse wont kill her in a year

Illya did nothing wrong

No, thank god she has only year or two left anyways assuming she survives the route


>not deserving happiness

What the fuck

Why is Shirou such a dick to his younger (older) sister?

All of those killed untold amounts of innocent people,indirectly caused their deaths or are just simply whores and tricks.

Add Kotomines kid to the list while youre at it

He means well, he's just an idiot.

nah fuck this cunt

Kiritsugu and Bazett did literally nothing wrong, and Medea had no choice.

>Kiritsugu did literally nothing wrong

>Kiritsugu and Bazett did nothing wrong
Get a load of this guy

Name ONE (1) thing

He killed Proto bazett

You could argue he did Waver a favor I guess.

Killing your enemies in war isn't wrong

>get your opponent out of the war for good
>better kill him

>implying that he wouldn't have figured out a way to come back anyway
He already killed the Church overseer to worm his way back into the war, don't give him any more chances.


It's not fair

>implying that Illya wants to bang shirou

He got himself killed but Kiritsugu was an EX edgemaster when he was begging for death

>implying she doesn't

All he did was say that the contract Kayneth had just signed prevented him from killing him.

And he smugly stood there lighting a cigarette when he could have had maiya put him out of his misery.

Wasn't it gonna be a bad end where she makes Shirou's head watch as she fucks the decapitated body

you were saying

After he signed the contract he couldn't order Maiya to kill him either, he could do nothing but stand there

She wants to torture him to death, not fuck him. No romantic feelings.

How are forgetting how he got that bullet in the stomach to begin with

*how are you

He arranged all of that before the contract was signed so it got loopholed out, but after he signed it he couldn't make any additional plots or actions to threaten Kayneth or Kayneth's wife.

Shirou getting decapitated is a different dead end
After she captures him (in one piece), she intends to make him her familiar, and if you "accept" her offer she happily enjoys their "corrupted honeymoon"

>She wants to torture him to death, not fuck him
What's the difference with her?

They're supposed to be different

>No romantic feelings.
user, come on now

>familial love

Which TM character would Zeus/Poseidon possess to manifest as servants?

>Remake never
>Illya route never
Life is suffering

Yeah, grinding on your "brother's" morning wood is a completely normal expression of platonic, familial love

Shinji or Zouken.

Poseidon is nothing like Shinji

>Both rape Medusa


>Shinji raped Medusa

Cant rape the willing, Rider is a whore


Rin would certainly know all about that, right?

Shinji is reserved for demiservant Jason

How would you make her happy?

hugs and a romantic night in- something like dinner and a sappy romance movie

Present her with Saber

>Would you make evil witch happy

she just wants a quiet life in a loving marriage

Maybe she shouldnt have practised fraticide then

If Illya is so great, why doesn't anyone like her?

Any slut who pretends to be "tragic" for waifushitter pandering.


Jason is his own Servant, idiot. He already has art.

If nobody likes Illya, why did her spinoff get four seasons and a movie, with a fifth on the way?

Medusa's story has been tragic for 2000 years longer than your contrarian self came into this world by accident

Did she want it rough or gentle?

>Medusa doesnt deserve happiness

of all the possible actions you chose the one where she didnt have control over her actions?

Ugly people don't deserve happiness

Medusa isnt ugly, what kinda faggot are you?

This is some truly awful taste

>Medusa isnt ugly
She's a towering behemoth

>little over 170cm
>towering behemoth
Youre just a manlet, its completely normal height outside of nipponland.

Medusa is perhaps the best looking TM girl after Medea, what are you smoking?

Absolutely disgusting

Stheno, Euryale, stop posting

best-looking TM girls are Ishtar and Medb


How did Archer survive getting BTFO by Gil in UBW?

wrong -Medea, Medusa, Drake and Saber Lancer Alter

because hes TM Batman

slim > thicc

Independent Action gives you a bit more survivability towards damage.

even under those criteria theres serenity, pent and the gorgon sisters who are all better than Ishtar or Medb

>liking a girl who would kill you if you touched her

>complaining about negative non looks factors while liking Medb and Ishtar

they are literally THE thots to end all thots

>Generic twintail tsundere
>Generic Aria rip off
Yeah, right you flaming homosexual

She is too tall and homely for her flat chest.

Rin-Ishtar isn't a slut

She deserves to be heart-broken.

If Sakura was adopted into the Edelfelt family, what would have changed?

>flat chest
she has the same bust as Mashu, she just doesent flaunt it

>doesn't flaunt it
>whore of helios

How do we make Medusa happy?

>>whore of helios
youre mixing up your memes there buddy

There's nothing memetic there and don't call me buddy, pal.

Fuck off, King of Jobbers

>There's nothing memetic there
so its just nonsense?

dont call be pal, friend

>Shota Gil
Why was Medusa cursed then?
Don't call me friend, guy.

Isn't fate a multiverse, where every possibility is real and canon?

Time is flying by,
The only moment is now,
only moment is now,
Feel that everything is real,
Anything is real in dream

>Why was Medusa cursed then?
1. we were talking about Medea, not medusa

2. Medusa was raped by poseidon, not helios

helios is a distant relative of Medeas and gave her a dragon chariot after she broke up with jason

I aint your guy buddy

Why is Prisma allowed?

>we're talking about Medea
Nope, I chimed in on Medusa. Never made any comment about Medea.
>i aint your guy buddy
Yes you are.