ITT: Characters or Shows that gave you a fetish

ITT: Characters or Shows that gave you a fetish.

>Koneko made me love short girls.


Fat old men

Those two reawakened my vore fetish.

Fate turned me on to little girls, I had no idea how attractive they could be.

Crazy girls.

Monster Musume and Yuusha ga Shinda made me love thighs so much

Good man. With good taste.

Bump saver.

She made me love ponytails.

my Nigerian sibling


Is koneko really a loli or is she like the loli cutoff?

She's a good example of the age vs. body type debate

Please don't judge.

my nigga



Sex hair


Lesbians losing to the cock.

Haruhiro is a good boy.


Fluffy tails.



Consensual heterosexual sex in the missionary position while holding hands.

Fun size girls.

>not already loving ponytails
I was born into this world with a burning passion for the best hair type.

Maybe I already loved them beforehand but she ignited my flame.

i cannot even understand whats happening there, sauce?