Any questions?

Any questions?

Let's rather talk about the lighting and contrast in the pics

Are you gay?

Let's rather talk about how much better Kyoanus looks that whatever avant guard trash is on the left

At least left can look dark.

They're both awful.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

>high schooler
No thanks. This season belongs to killing machines.

This really is a more interesting topic.

>This season belongs to terribly written generic characters we've seen time and time again

I'll take a real character over a walking onahole. You don't build attachments when everyone around you dies before 3 battles are up. I'm sorry for spoiling this massive plot twist for you, but Hiro's going to survive and 002'll face actual character development in growing to appreciate him as a person beyond his utility instead of being autismally devoted to him from the beginning for no real reason. It's called basic narrative structure and the groundline for decent writing.

I'd rather have a slut than an autistic retard. At least sluts aren't autistic.

>he posts this while defending a high schooler
Ohh man.

I'm sorry for spoiling your autistic screeching but Violet will also develop greatly.
But once a slut, always a slut. 02 can't change her past and neither can the NTR fetishist protagonist.

Is this this season's forced waifu war?

>One will literally give you AIDS and kill you
>The other will try drag you by her teeth in order to save you

Violet truly is a goddess.

>gives you aids that make you stronger
>unable to save you from death and proceeds to go around tarnishing your name with her autistic outburts

>Dying from AIDS

Why are you like this?

The ratel is the ultimate waifu of the animal kingdom.

Plot armor is amazing isn't it? Anyone can self insert!

That episode ruined 02 for me. She really is the equivalent of a rancid STD-ridden whore.
Kokoro has been the best girl all along.

you mean would die for CHAD

fuck this GARBAGE

You don't need to be handsome and rich like Gilbert. Violet fell in love with him because he was the first man who showed her affection.

>he thinks Violet is in love

Can i have both?

Based on this image and having not seen either show, the right one seems like a boring character.

Well, it's kind of obvious she is, from the first few seconds of the first episode.


Hodgins would never be worried about her obsession with Gilbert if it was love.

A handjob from Violet would feel nice.

Killing bites?

He's worried about her obsession with Gilbert because Gilbert is dead.

Just hope she doesn't tear your dick off accidentally.

Yes. Why do you like gobbling dicks?

02 is loyal. She isn't saying that Hiro will fail and so is probably worthless, she is saying that he is amazing because he cannot fail.

looks like OP is absolutely retarded and didn't get it

That's a weird way to spell potato dwarves

every male in her show is a chad except the random beta who gets bossed around by purple chad

>Any questions?
Why do you keep comparing two shows that have absolutely nothing in common with each other?

>had multiple partners before him
>he's merely her "new" darling
>satisfied his NTR fetish when told
Neck yourself.

>it's about the weather not not making her pussy wet
Mental gymnastics 101, everyone.

Loyalty>Skill all day every day.

Except he isn’t.


Then why does everyone act like he is?

What do you do when a show becomes the new gold standard for animation?
Why, you find something you don't like and keep hitting that button until it clicks like the jelly child you are.

Pop team epic is doing more interesting animation than VEG. I mean this unironically, since dirty window blurring is boring.

For me it's Juri.

>I don't like photography in visual mediums
Sasuga PTE fanbase.

>new gold standard for animation
Don't kid yourself, this is akin to a soaped up prototype to show off than a new gold standard
And animation by itself is just pretty animation, it had a very poorly chosen art direction with the messed up brightness and saturation

This. On the right i can't see fucking shit

She has a point though.

Yeah it's just a pure coincidence about Violet liking an over 6ft tall rich and good looking military man because he's "nice".

I fucking love 02.

I'm confused about it too, why not compare other characters like Altair, ohh wait i forgot that wouldn't be fair, because Altair is perfect.

I've yet to see you post anything that comes close to VEG in terms of details and fluidity. The closest thing I can picture is Redline but that's it.
VEG not having a bunch of fast paced action scenes does not make it merely pretty looking, that's you being biased.

You also expose yourself as a person that is not even watching the show by bitching about the gray filter that gets weaker and weaker as Violet grows.

>One wants you to go beyond her standards
>The other takes pity on you

What show is the right from?

Because her relationship with him was seriously unhealthy and people around them could see it. She needed to learn about life outside of him and the military, as well as how to form connections with others.

Most people on here would be fine with a mindless obsessed fuckdoll that would literally die for/without them. But an actual healthy relationship needs to be on equal terms.

So, is this supposed to be like Rei and Asuka but from different shows?

I got news for you. 02 doesn't care about you. She doesn't care about anyone. She couldn't care less if you died.

>desperate VEGfag tries to draw attention to his flopping show by starting a waifu war with Franxx, the current hot topic on the board
>majority of posters prefer 02 over Violet anyway
>switch tactics and resort to "b-b-b-but muh fluid animation" in order to defend your garbage show no one cares about
VEGfags are hilarious.

Is being a liar online something that gets you off?

I know. I fucking love 02.

The one who doesn't like manlets.

Violet then.

>You don't need to be handsome and rich like Gilbert.

Life is going to fuck you for being so stupid.

It's not fucking fair bros.

>she will never look at you like that

Wait, he's alive?

Let’s talk about VEGfags yet again latching there garbage show onto much better actually interesting animations.
It’s disgusting, please stop.

Really wish they got a different VA for him. Namikawa doesn't fit his appearance all that well. Hosoya would have been good.

I watch anime for escapism not Chad reminding me about my pathetic existence.

She literally spells it out for you in the first episode during the last scene. Violet loyalty was because the kindness the major showed her.

They met again in the end.



Because most anime writing is about as shallow as a puddle.

I want Bioretto hugs.

Fuck, that actually made it a lot better.

From your picture alone the Kyoani show looks bland and boring as fuck


What the hell ever happened to people saying the series was going to get less blurry the longer it went on? I feel like it's giving me cataracts.

So Claudia's hesitation to tell Violet about Gilbert is a red herring?

I want to be touched by another human being

It's actually really sad but it's the only way they can get any kind of discussion for their dead show, but seriously. Keep it away from all the good shows.

Well you don't need to make sure everyone knows you're a manbaby.

How do I get a Violet gf bros?

>I'm the manbaby for not eating up Kyoani's shitty moe artstyle

Let’s talk about FranXXfags yet again latching there garbage show onto much better actually interesting animations.
It’s disgusting, please stop.
shit pasta by the way.

>I don't know what moe is
The crossboarders from franxx never cease to amaze me.

Take care of a child soldier and show her kindness.

I'm sure overly big eyes qualify as moe. Fuck off.

It's full on fucking show wars now isn't it?

>He wasn't here for the shaft/kyoani war

Oh wow.

I want to forget

Is this supposed to be an ironic post?

Except it doesn’t apply to franxx that show get 500 threads a day with no mention of other garbage, yet VEGfags with constantly try to force themselves into the conversation, it’s really pathetic.