[HorribleSubs] Gakuen Babysitters - 06 [720p].mkv

>[HorribleSubs] Gakuen Babysitters - 06 [720p].mkv



>babby haet gravity.

incoming pedo circlejerk

That's the Colors thread.

Cock goes where?

What was this weeks timeskip?


I bet they'll leave Kirin for the final episode. Even the MILFs will be before her.


There was a chapter with an opening slash image of all the kids grown up. I forget which chapter, though.

Soft and cute.

Their heads are like 50% of their entire body. Perhaps even more.

This school is filled with nice people

this show cannot be fucking topped and we NEED alternate universe/flashback/flashforward/roleswap episodes now. Or as an OVA. Just gimmie please

Yes, such beautiful friendship.

These two need to fuck.

Get ready for Inomata bullying next week.

I just want to know if she keeps her twin tails when she grows up.

Who else is left?

>Girl with crush on MC


I think it’s a little less than 50%. It should be about 3-4 heads for the toddler body If I remember correctly. Reborn babies had fucked up head shapes so I don’t these designs.

The twins

>Hurting Nii-chan

You've done it now, you've gone and made a big mistake.

Kotaro is only for headpats.

Cutest time of the week

Oh, they actually mentioned him. Anime is jumping around a lot, so maybe they'll actually introduce him.

So I'm reading the manga now, and the series is adapting in a very odd order. Quite a few early chapters haven't been adapted (3 and 4 for example), whilst Chapters like this episodes first half aren't until at least after Chapter 18, which is where I'm up to.

Please post it.

This happens a lot in long running series that are mostly episodic in nature.

So these are the end cards? Why puya doesn't have them, que mierda.

I love the Mask guy. The whole episode I was thinking of that scene in the manga where Kotaro idolizes the mask and starts where a bag as a mask around the nursery when they play heroes.

Is this an entire family of VN protagonists?

Thought the same. Really hope they adapt the chapter where he's introduced.
Next episode with the twins is gonna be super cute!

Most chapters are just unrelated adventures so jumping around isn't much of a problem. They just need to do some minor tweaks. Like how in this episode Usaida lures Inui with a picture of Yukari taken at the zoo, whereas in the manga it's a picture of her at the beach. Also in the manga he doesn't call Ryu because it's established that Kotaro destroyed his phone.


What's the best thing about this show?

How cute and nice it is

It heals my soul.

The sugary moe death I experience every week.

Ryu is super lewd. Why is he allowed around children?

>he doesn't call Ryu because it's established that Kotaro destroyed his phone.

Oh man, that panel broke my heart, especially when Ryu told how Kotaro lost all the pictures and messages Ryu had from his parents by doing that


It tells a simple story in an entertaining way. The characters are sympathetic but they aren't idealized. Even Ryuu, who I would say is the most heroic character has imperfections (e.g. resenting the kids at times, trying to do everything himself, etc.) Not every anime needs to have explosions, sexualized characters, and/or robots. I think it is probably one of the best shows this season.

>The anime skipped over Inomata holding onto Kirin and crying because they weren't going to see one another during their break from Middle School to High School

Worst adaptation ever.

The show is jumping around. Thematically, that may make more sense to have in the last episode.

I think Ryu's birthday would work really good as the last episode



The inevitable future

Not enough babies this week. Next week looks more promising


If the anime is jumping around, does that mean I can read the manga without having the anime ruined?

>Midori is only awake for about 1% of the episode
>Still has one of the best moments when she imitates Usaida

How can other babies compete?

Chapter 53.

I hope Midori acts more like Usaida when she gets older

There's around 80 chapters, so you're good. I imagine a few will be spoiled obviously, but like others say, it's episodic, there's not really a plot to ruin.

>They skipped the beach episode

>acts more like Usaida

What, sleeping for 20 hours of the day and then going "lel do whatever" when in charge of the kids?

Maybe saving that as an OVA to boost sales, although I don't think typical fans of beach episodes and fans of this series cross over too much.

There's a lot of material in this series to have another 3 or 4 seasons if it does well enough.

He can't keep getting away with it

>Kotarou being terrified of the sea but promptly jumping into it because he thinks Ryo is drowning
My heart.

Her first word is his name.

At least this time he had someone watching over Kotaro. and to be fair, if that had been a photo of Kirins Mama, I'd have accepted the deal as well.

>Hahaha this series is so comfy and relaxing to read
>Oh yeah their families died

Catches me every fucking time.

When they grow up do you think Kirin and Taka will have a double tsundere relationship?


He's making me nervous.

Usaida drop.

>he bribed someone to watch over Kotaro
He plays dirty.

>sleeping for 20 hours of the day

He's too busy fucking lonely milfs in his off-time.



It still angers me after all of these years. Well at least we still have Aishiteruze Baby and this show.

Eh, the chances of them still being together 12-15 years is somewhat unlikely.
People and circumstances change over the years after all.

Should I watch this if I'm gay?


>implying you wouldn't also take the bribe

As long as you are okay with adoption. You will want children after this

Try not to cry challenge.

>Kotaro being awesome
>Inomata being best
>Pedo raping little boys

>Only shows I've been following this season are this and Citrus

I think I might secretly be a gay girl...

That's a pretty heft accusation. He just wants to touch their cheeks.

I bet he's the one posting all the episode screenshots in these threads.

Kotaro is a real nigga who is ready to throw hands if you step to Ryuu

What are the differences between a gay girl and a gay boy?

He was about to go Ranger Blue on that punk ass.

Sup Forums_irl

If there's a list for the GOAT otouto he should be in it.

>Sup Forums_irl
>going outside
>raising their voice

Sup Forums is the one touching the child

>She’s an honor student
>In the studyhall
>And a member of sitters club
>She does it for free
>She takes her “job” very seriously
>She does it because it’s the only power and control she will ever have in her pathetic life
>She will never have friends
>She will never have a Kareshi
>She will never have phone contacts besides “Mom & Dad”
>She berates people she doesn’t like
>This is mostly because they actually have social skills
>Children think she’s a monster
>She’s in the club because people felt sorry for her autism


I hope Inomata is next week.

Why would Sup Forums want to touch disgusting 3DPD?

God no, I know she has good intentions but I just can't stand this cunt.

I was supposed to keep up with both since I read the mango for both. I heard they made Citrus less trashy but I’m not sure in what way. I liked the manga as is. Like boys love but gender swap the sister for rape purposes.
These two are my shoujo series for this season and next season will be 3D Kanojo, Mahou Shoujo Ore, and Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii. Anons gonna hate 3D Kanojo, the love triangle in Majou Shoujo Ore, and then say they wish that the MC of Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii wasn’t a fujo. None of them are going to be as fluffy as this show so I’ll miss it.

Be quiet Sup Forums, the babies are sleeping.

This. This one broke me ;_;

She'll be the perfect sister for Kotaro.