Dragon Ball Super

How did you fee about this episode?

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17 best boy

Toei's Lightning

Can he PLEASE stop being humiliated?

I hope someone scans these and translates them.

We all agree that Goku Black arc didn't make any sense at all, right?



I used to hate 17 but maybe because way less annoying in the nippon version that I really enjoyed him making it this far.

>The first guy who hurt the strongest opponent yet was the guy who couldn't even touch piccolo back in the day.


Poor Freeza.
If he wasn't dead, he'd have to commit sudoku over that much humiliation.

Is Jiren literally the dullest DBS original character? Hit at least had cool moves, Jiren couldn't possible be more bland

It really didn't, but he's been the best antagonist in Super

Dragon Balls lul.
Why is this a thing anymore?
At least Lightning had tits and ass and a vagina.
17 doesn't have that.

>people complain that Jiren is just "I am strong" because he has no backstory and motivation
>Jiren's backstory and motivation reveal that he really IS just "I am strong"

Bravo Toei. Bravo.

>yet another generic evil doppelganger is the best they could come up with

He's the only antagonist in Super.
And he's fucking shit.
I mean he's sub deviant art tier.


At least Black/Zamasu are more entertaining to watch as final antagonists than ayy lmao

Yeah, Jiren is probably one the blandest antagonists in Super and probably the entire franchise. The Black arc might have been a shitshow, but at least Zamasu and Black were fun.

Nothing in DBS makes sense, turn your brain and eyes off and just listen to grandma Goku

is she taking a dump

Jiren is a superhero, 17 cool as fuck, no way he died in hell, obviously they will revive him.

Im curious about the villain of Jiren story.

Jiren is the extremely poor version of Toguro

How did he blow himself up if they removed the bomb?

He'll be back.

So what was the point of bringing Frieza again?

Why isn't Krillin sitting next to his wife?

I liked him so much more before this episode, he was calm and collected, now he just looks like an angry teenager

He didn't blow himself up.
Jiren killed him.
The grand priest covered it up.

Will Goku beating Jiren be the asspull to surpass Sword of Hope?

Jiren got nerfed hard. Funny how they tried to give him a quick backstory, which only made his character more shitty.

17, I don't know where his power came from but he's now one of my favorites. Him taunting Jiren was based

Piccolo truly is Gohan's real Dad.

Same way Vegeta blew himself up, with a shitton of energy.

I could have accept that backstory if they had played it as "it's an extremely generic hero background because he's a hero" and dropped the bit about him believing strength is all that matters.

Him thinking friendship is stupid does explain why he doesn't pose with the rest of the Pride Troopers though.

to make vegeta look good

That + mastering Ultra Asspull in under 30 minutes while GoDs struggled to do so.
Doesn't matter anyway, fans will eat that shit up when he do something with it to eliminate Jiren that tops vs Kefla.

How the fuck did Vegeta go SSGSS vs Frieza when he never went SSG? At least it doesn't show him going SSG.

Toei is too lazy to animate Krillin moving a couple of feet next to his wife. It's easier to just keep the characters seated in the order they were eliminated.

>17 was being overwelmed by base Toppo
>he can now trade blows with Jiren himself

Is Jiren being nerfed or 17 literally just gets stronger and stronger with each episode? If he hadn't died he would be Zeno tier by the end of ToP

>Jiren is literally Sasuke

Remember when Toeimongrels thought the flashback would finally make Jiren a good character in the anime?

Stop abusing Frieza

That means Toei succeeded in making you hate him. Now go cheer for Goku and buy the merch like they want you to.

>please don't bully Jiren-san!! >_

Eh, Ayy Lmao got a bump in development. Granted it was long over due.

He uses it in the manga.

CHADforce Assemble!

Jiren's strength is so inconsistent. At the start he was shown to be this untouchable monster and the only thing that was able to land a hit on him was UI Goku. Now everybody is just casually clashing with him, even 17 and Frieza. And next episode we see Vegeta in his base form fighting Jiren. What the fuck is Toei doing?

>I am going to wish for a boat
Best moment in this entire arc

He couldn't do anything against Jiren except the sneak attack.

It's more the fact he caught Jiren off-guard and had Goku/Vegeta backing him up. Also it does seem like Jiren is being slightly nerfed

He was always a Jiren fanboy you retard, actually watch the show.

The whole strength is everything made me think of Shishio a bit but they didnt commit to it fully.

As soon as your sad flashback is revealed your power decreases by 50%

Frieza got trashed by Jiren, Toppo and even fucking Dyspo. Sad!

Toguro wasn't as much into JUSTICE though.

That's just Clark Kent

>actually watch the show.
yeah, but he was never protective of Jiren.

Cuckhan is a fucking faggot and is only loved by retarded spics.

>when you tell your own God of Destruction to shut the fuck up and go back to the kitchen

Because some writers at Toei hate their relationship for some reason. Toyo will do it justice.

>Belmod is literally Jiren's trap wife

Android 18 looks like she’s about to pee

Jiren's still not fighting at his full power, at least when it comes to UI. It also seems like he doesn't have full control of UI, or isn't a "powerup" form he can use. His eye glare is the only time it looks like he's actually using UI.

UI Goku is actually weaker than blue, but he can avoid attacks and find openings. Jiren is stronger than blue, but he tanks most attacks instead of avoiding them.

Considering how 17/Vegeta are going out I'm glad he went out with Dyspo

>using the omnipotent Super Dragon Balls to get a boat
>when 17 could just get one from Bulma (she's probably got boats for days, she wouldn't miss it)

And they say Goku's the dumbest one.

After all the emotional damage, Jiren will finally learn what real friendship is when Goku says he also "loves him" despite his "anemic purple color". After that, he will purposefully jumps out the stage, trusting Goku in wishing his universe and his parents back with the super dragon balls.
And there is nothing wrong with this, you don't watch a shonen anime expecting no friendship power.

Why does this exist

18 sure does like sitting in that comfy seat. Just refuses to even stand up when her brother dies.

fucc u dubs, this was fuckin RAD, even if he did get btfo

Jiren doesn't have UI

let's come up with better origins for Jiren


>be Jiren
>just an ayy born with an extremely high power level
>parents taught him to use his powers to help others
>sacrifices his own personal happiness for the sake of others(waifu cucked him)
>wants the dragon balls so he can wish to be made into just an average ayy lmao and work as a farmer, maybe have an ayy family down the line

So that explains the make-up.


Frieza is either going to beat jiren or will survive for the time limit from being unconscious

Poor Goten, he has no father figure in his life.

why do i feel like this shot is missing the BLACKED logo?

Hell, 17 doesn't need a boat, HE CAN FLY.

Because you're a cuck.

So even more just being Superman? Better than making him Batman Uchiha by a good margin I'll give you that

Because the internet has corrupted your mind.

he can also just use the Earth dragon balls for that.




You literally see him use it when he's introduced.

Not to mention that you can use the fucking regular Dragon Balls to wish for a boat.
Also, if he's on a cruise, who will protect that island that he was willing to not join the tournament for?

>be Jiren
>ayy born with an extremely high power level
>actually from one of the erased universes
>Zeno literally killed my homeworld and family
>rise up and train yourself like crazy in order to one day challenge the gods
>super dragonballs allow you to revive the universes and prevent gods from ever meddling in mortal affairs again
>Belmod supports you because he secretly hates his fellow gods because they are unjust

A survivor of one of the universes Zeno destroyed before, who wants revenge/to restore all of the universes.

Maybe El Grande Padre convinced Zeno to spare one lifeform. Because shenanigans.

>3 minutes to the end of ToP
>U11 is down to their last warrior
>U7 still have 4 warriors
>every second is important, your entire universe is on verge of complete annihilation
>"hey, do you guys want to kill some precious time hearing Jiren's backstory?"

what the absolute fuck was that?

>And they say Goku's the dumbest one.
I don't even remember what Goku wanted to wish for.

money so chichi would shut the fuck up and get back to the kitchen.

Toei thinks mid-fight flashbacks are good because they saw it on Naruto once. They don't care about making sense of course, spics will just come up with headcanon mental gymnastics to justify it for them.

He wants Noah's Ark, he's going to take the animals on a cruise.

Manga Caulifla backstory when?

17's voice in japanese is hot

didn't he just want to fight some strong dudes? wasnt he being memed into being the real villain of this whole arc?

>yfw Gocuck and JUSTren both BTFO each other while Based Lord Frieza is still in the arena

Toei can't into time.

At least Frieza got a solid hit in on Jiren, even if it did jack shit. Maybe Jiren's weak spot is his back? Both 17 and Frieza were able to land hits from behind.

Again, he doesn't need any dragon balls. He can just ask Bulma or Mr. Satan to get him a boat. And they'd do it, too! Bulma bought Roshi a literal carload of hookers, she can miss a boat.