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20 minutes until new episode

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2 Chapters on the Final Fantasy arc

So, for you, who's that little girl in the last page?

A complete stranger

Oh boy, it's the famous scene


Just in advance, remember spoiler tags for manga spoilers.

Not any spoiler there,don't worry

This, we discuted about them last thread

tama is life

You're fine, just meant it as a general warning in advance to other posters

Great half first part this episode.

They nailed it

The girl who bought the daughter pair of glasses from the same shop Megane's glasses are from.

how many chapters did they cover this time?


Until 612

Serious arcs are so boring.

But this one is a mix of serious and comedy (for the beginning at least)

Watch the second half of the episode then.

It's just the nature of gintama to have a joke here and there no matter how serious the situation is.








Why is she so beautiful?







and next week

Chin Pirako and Jirocho?


I love Mutsu!

don't worry
60+ chapters later still no Asaemon

No Shachi either

Standby since 611 and after a 2 years timeskip. Wonder if Sorachi just forgot about them.

I have a theory

The timeskip is actually the new Shachi manga

They'll return in the very last chapter

Could be it, but I am still thinking the timeskip is real. Really scared of the trolls to come though.

I can't bear watching "serious" plot episodes anymore. I used to think they were cool back in high school, but now it's the same recycled shit every time.

"where is x"
"what is x doing"
"i'm leaving it to you guys"
"just leave it to me"
"leave the rest to us"
[insert 20 lines long metaphors]
[insert comedy relief here]

I think that's why these threads are dead now. People would rather watch gintama for the anime OC rather than Sorachi's bad plot.

last manga was very lively and filled with salt

I'm sorry you feel that way, I guess.

I feel the same user. This arc was really mediocre in my view.

>I think that's why these threads are dead now
Nah, some threads this season and earlier ones have been really active.
It just depends of the chapter or the episode

if an episode features Kagura the thread gets very lively
make Kagura the MC, get rid of Shinpachi

we had a big manga thread this week also,so some user already had their dose.

Wait until subs

It's been a long time since a Gintama manga thread has lasted that long. Probably because of the scanlation schedule.

Sorachi proved once again to be an expert troll

And I expect bigger manga threads, since we're reaching the end

This Utsuro faggot ruined gintama. Fuck this.

They just keeps on spouting cheesy lines. FUCK

>get rid of Shinpachi

Am I the only one who think the anime opening is quite similar to the last ED?

>not getting rid of a massive failure

The ED from Porori-hen or 2017?

Subs out


Yeah, the first few seconds sounds similar.

Its sad that Utsuro is still a better final antagonist than Jiren, Acnologia, Accacia, Ywach, Kaguya.

Is this killing machine people weekend?

First 17 dies in DBS and now Tama and Kintoki.

Hosen did nothing wrong.

That's because Gura is the best.

Personally, I don't hear any similarities

Why of all people did Skamaoto give ZURA, fucking ZURA! the stealth ship
of ALL people in the universe!
and I can barely wait to see Asaemon and Shachi again

I'm glad I haven't spoiled myself with the manga yet, these are some great episodes


this was kinda slow episode

It was faster paced than I expected. They even cut out some dialogue.

with gintama I feel like I get in- watch and suddenly it's over

Next episode is going to be fun.

Are they going to use his current voice or will he be changing his tone?

Remember that Jurota guy that Azumi was in love with from Episode 111? I could see Young Hata's voice being something similar to that. Though it could be funny to have his voice stay the same too.


That half of episode 111 was weird filler. More focus than Azumi gets in the manga.

Short-lived blooming.


I look forward this one playing:

Wait forever

I bet Gorilla forgot them

The transition from the sad start to comedy was a bit weird this episode. Would've been better with Tama's death serving as the end of an episode, but too late for that.

IIrc in the manga it was like that. But it's true that they could have done it in another way

Well this was part of 610, 611 and 612. 612 was the comedic chapter. I assume they just couldn't fit Tama's death in a better place. They could barely squeeze part of it into the previous episode, so I can't entirely fault them for it.

They cut some dialogue from the mercenary commanders this episode, including Master Son's only dialogue in chapter 611.

In the manga epilogue who is next going to receive the troll treatment? Tsukuyo, Kyubei, Hijikata, Okita?

Its all a dream or Its a wart again

I can't see this becoming another fake timeskip. As sudden as the timeskip was, the flashbacks are serious enough that I could see the timeskip being real. Though Sorachi really is going full troll so who knows


So many episodes since he got punched, now it's revenge

Which one was in the wrong, guys?

When you mess up so much that Sakamoto becomes the straight man

They're made for each other.

Will Zura save him from his marriage?

they're too damn long now

Lol BNP shouldve talked to Sorachi before placing Asaemon and Sachi in the episode.

At least if Sorachi is watching the anime (doubt he's watching it though), he will be reminded to put the two before the manga ends.

I legit forgot about this, that explains why so many people were asking for him together with Asaemon.

He'll probably put them in the timeskip, complaining about how all the cool stuff they did off-screen was glossed over and they never got any screentime

Next manga chapter should have a scene about them being on standby with Renho.