Holy shit, how can one girl be so perfect?

Holy shit, how can one girl be so perfect?

There's nothing perfect about a selfish brat

literally a goddess

By being a literal goddess.

>selfish brat
>puts hair in ponytail at her husbando's request

looks good wats the show

try reverse image search user. you might everyone mad.

My classmates think the tinfoil hat girl is a deity.

oh. ok

Except he didn’t ask, he just mentioned he has a ponytail fetish in their shared “dream”. She shows up next day with one to try to get him to stroke her ego. Remember when they were fighting over the movie and he walks in on her about to put up her ponytail in the club room? She only does it to benefit her. So yeah, selfish.
She is literally God after all.

Lurk the fuck more

>She shows up next day with one to try to get him to stroke her ego
No she doesn't. Notice that she takes it off right after. It's a way for Kyon to confirm this wasn't a dream, but from Haruhi's perspective it could be either a remnant from the "dream" or her trying to say to Kyon that she acknowledged what happened.

Either way, Haruhi changes a lot over time and acts more selfless. (Live Alive is a good example).

>try to get him to stroke her ego
I think it's more like, she likes him and wants him to like her.

Because she looks good in any haircut

But which is the best?

(row1, column2)
(row3, column1)
(row4, column3)

The big bang theory. Spoonfeed at your service.

I'd swap out (3,1) for (4,2) but otherwise excellent taste

That yellow headband really suits her

She becomes perfect girlfriend and wife after she mellows out a little.

Also, perfect mother!

My wife is the bestest.

(4,2), (4,1) and a tie between (4,3) and (5,2).

didn't expect a smile when I expanded that image

Try searching Startless Seven.



is this close enough?

pretty much, just get a blue scarf


>cant find it for sale in clapistan

>content creation fanbase dead sans haruhisky
>Tanigawa still MIA
>no more adaptations

This isn’t even the case of ‘wait a few more years to get a pity adaptation’. This franchise is straight up dead and that saddens me.

That's what I thought and then the Turkey-chan announcement popped out of nowhere. I still think Kadokawa are keeping the franchise as some last ditch backup if everything else fails.

her voice actor sexually assaulted a coworker so that's a check against her.

Which girl are you talking about? Posted the wrong picture, I figure

My wife
rate her

I've always argued that if Tanigawa really did abandon the series, Kadokawa would have crapped out a ghostwritten continuation by now. All he has to do is sign off on it and reel in free money.
The fact that all we got are distantly-related spin-offs tells me that Tanigawa still feel a connection to the main series and intends to finish it one day. If he wants to meditate on a mountaintop and get a PhD in physics before writing the next novel, then shit, he has the clout to do so.

What happened with that event where people were supposed to find pictures of Haruhi and Co. in public places? It was a couple of years ago, I thought it was supposed to hype up the third season.

That was in 2014, to hype up the Haruhi pachinko machine.
Pachinko is serious business in Japan.

It's always Pachinko.

Would you rather have no more new Haruhi content ever or a Yuki-chan Season 2?


you really have no idea how much this hurt me, especially since arguably the best arc in the series was contained in a pachinko machine

Don't tempt me, devil

Kadokawa is doing us a favor by NTRing us out of a third season because it'd just be a dissappointment when put next to Dissapearance

Whatever brings money and attention to the franchise works for me, Satan.

The ponytail is significant because it's a rare act of submission from Haruhi. In the first book, she put her hair up shortly after choosing to staying with Kyon over the exciting world that interested her. In the second book, it was a personal acknowledgement that she went too far and was considering trying to make up for it. In Disappearance, it was meant to illustrate the difference between the cooperative alternate Haruhi and the normal one that stubbornly chopped her hair off because Kyon suggested she wear her hair up every day. Haruhi doesn't openly surrender to Kyon like that often.

Yuki-chan was shit so that's an easy choice.

I have a fetish for girls changing their hairstyle and this scene still turns me on to this day. I just wish there was more art of double bun Haruhi.

Disappearance is perfect, but S3 would be great anyway.

2016 was more promising

>10th anniversary
>'special announcement'
>Kyoani and NOIZI back at doing promo art
>Hirano retweeting Haruhi
>japan fanbase alive out of nowhere

All of that just for a BD-bundle announcement. The key of all this is that Tanigawa wasn't involved at all, so I should've expected nothing. Remember, if Tanigawa isn't involved, don't get excited at all.

>Kyoani and NOIZI back at doing promo art
I'm still mad

Why does she look like she has down syndrome

Miracle of the universe.


Is Tanigawa actually working or studying?

What was her problem?

He rates other light novels now, there was a post about it recently.

As in he's a reviewer now?

Something like that

So the guy who never finished his main work judges other people's works.

That's kinda what most critics do

Ah you fucker....

Wait..didn't you post this a few years ago and I responded the same way?

That wasn't me but I do remember seeing that thread.


Being best girl is a terrible burden.

I think you mean Neverending Nine.

He's a judge at that Sneaker's Grand prize thing, the same prize that Konosuba and many others got.

I still listen to her first character song often.
It taught me that I have a fetish for choruses.

Lunar Legend Tsukihime.


Do people actually like Haruhi (the girl)? She was insufferable personality wise. I wish Itsuki hadn’t stopped Kyon from punching that bitch.

Someday very soon people will legitimately mean this.

You'd be surprised fag

She gets better dude.

Yes I love her with all my heart.

If she's so perfect, why isn't she getting another season?

>row 4 column 3

All of them.

Kadokawa is full of jews, that's why.



I'd say beyond perfect


Ponytail Haruhi does things to me that not even regular Haruhi can

She was too cute


More like, what is her secret?

Kyon truly has god tier fetishes

Preference =/= fetish

She's absolutely a bitch and does some really morally shitty things, but she has plenty of good qualities that shine out as time goes on. Either way, Kyon was in the wrong to try and punch her. She needed to calm the fuck down, but he chose a bad way to go about it.

Unrelated, but it has a 10/10 dub. They couldn't have nailed the main cast any better, especially the apathetic Kyon and hyperactive Haruhi.

That thumbnail looks familiar...


>Either way, Kyon was in the wrong to try and punch her.
Na, man should've rocked her jaw.

Why does she sit like that?

Please stop

Maybe her butt hurts?

College Haruhi when?

Wrong. He should have kissed her.

Who else here watched Endless Eight, and what do you think of it?

They animated the entire thing multiple times with different outfits.