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/u/fags BTFO!


Reminder that Rin can kill Servants while Shiki still can't.

Excuses. Drake is just a shit Servant, that died like a shit Servant. Admit it, instead of blaming muh Luck.

>Virgin Sieg

Which Shiki?

Queen Elizabeth a cute

Subs when?

I can't find a single Japanese source calling Illustrious another arc
Everything just calls it a "special broadcast"

Well they managed to make the most likable and sympathetic Shinji so far, so that is something.

>watching Maestro subs

Maestrofags BTFO

Because it was never said it's a second cour, it's anons making shit up.

Exactly. I had hopes they wouldn't shit on Extra since Aposhit was alllowed 2 cours, but I was in denial
This show has shit runtime

She jobbed in game too, i dont get why ppl think Drake is so great

You mean

I couldn't stop laughing.

Come on now

Praetorfags and sousafags also BTFO

Right now

Isn't Drake kinda servant that has to be motivated first?
I remember Shinji has to hack some gold coffer for her in game.

That's still CCC

>making shit up
It's more like being hopeful an story by Nasu wouldn't get the fucking short end of the stick and only allowed one cour and an special when Aposhit got allowed 2 cours
But Aniplex love reminding people that they're absolute retards


Isn't Francis Drake a man?

She likes gold and asks him to pay her to fight, but she's actually like a big sister, or an aunt to him

Isn't King Arthur a man?

Isn't Nero a man?

What the fuck is Ludius

Yeah, because "arc" isn't a term the nips use, genius.

So is Emperor Nero and King Arthur. That, and maybe this isn't Francis but Queen Elizabeth ! posing as Francis
But mostly it's the same reason behing King Arthur, Nero and Frankenstein's monster (and others)

When did Shinji become such a chad?

Good personality can do a lot, she was babysitting a brat and knew it but remained loyal despite him being a pretty shit master, people want to believe in her.

Nah, the lore is that she's actually the queen of England that decided to create a guerilla force against the Spanish fleet and did so herself. She returned to being the queen after the decisive battle scarred her face, leaving some guy as Francis Drake.

>That, and maybe this isn't Francis but Queen Elizabeth ! posing as Francis
They dropped this idea right after extra game, not even mention it anywhere else anymore.

right ? people are complaining but shinji and her did a lot better in the anime

Eh, its not retconned either

I know she's aunt/big sister type character.
But i remember the gold is something that required for her skill, hence Hakuno racing to get the gold that Shinji spawned as many as possible in the game.

Is Extra game gameplay that bad?

>the lore is that she's actually the queen of England
It's not. That's a bullshit fantheory.

The game is just that, a game, you can expect her to job because she's the first servant you fight, when you don't even have a NP.
On a show, on the other hand, people kinda expected her to be as strong as you'd expect someone with her stats and skills to be.

Apoc is better than this

What a load of horseshit.

No, she asked Shinji for a huge sum that he hacks in and if you gather it before him, she'll be disappointed in him and put less effort into fighting

Why did you post a picture of broom?

She had retarded mana deficient master who failed to utilize her money power boost and stat penalty for attacking on arena. Even Karna would job in this situation.

>when Apo does a better job at presenting the servants
I thought it couldn't get worse

What did Apocrypha show in 3 episodes? Jack shit?

It's literally glorified Rock Paper Scissors
I recommend playing it on an emulator and just abusing save states and fast forward to skip most of it


Depends on how you feel about rock paper scissors because it is basically just that.

yes, I don't get why they didn't go for a regular turn based rpg but still worth playing anyway since you can speed up gameplay and the rest is fun.

They gave a different explanation which is simple "Drake always was woman, no one just saw her as a female captain".

Literally hinted at in Extra.
Eh, corsairs were England's PMC back then and Francis did participate in the battle, I think. Its closer to reality than Saber

It's just a boring game. Even if you like Rock-Paper-Scissor this game is basically the same fucking repetitive circle for ~49 game days.

>Although a man in historical fact, Drake appears as a woman in this work. That is because no one around Drake saw her as a woman.
They LITERALLY outright tell you why she's a woman. There's no shit involving the Queen. Drake was a woman, her crew treated her like a man, thus she went down as one. Stop being a stubborn faggot clinging to bullshit theories. Even in Extra, that idea was treated as a bullshit theory.

What about Extra? It's literally an Isekai school battle royale. The most generic of all genres.

The point is the story and interactions with Servants and NPCs.

Why are you being so mad at things that a really old game implied?
Also, the queen thing is there. She was a woman, her crew treated her like a man, thus she went down as one, yes.

>siegfag is actually back

It was hinted in Extra though but that was when Nasu still gave a fuck about giving excuses for the genderbents

It's not like fights hardly mattered in the game and it's was all about character interactions.

Cooking with Emiya is better than both of these.

>watch battle royale
>fights doesn't matter
Uhhh so what's the point then?

The character of Francis Drake doesn’t fit with the character of Queen Elizabeth at all. Queen Elizabeth was known for being cautious, something Drake is definitely not. Unlike Saber, you can’t justify it by saying the records are spotty, because we have many accounts of Queen Elizabeth from primary sources.

Because it's LITERALLY BULLSHIT you're trying to pass off as a fact. And NO. The Queen shit DOES NOT STAND. Let me fucking quote your precious Extra theory.

>In addition - and this is merely literary creation - there is also a story full of romance in which Drake was a companion of Queen Elizabeth
>merely a literally creation
Your FUCKING Extra game SPECIFICS that this is a fucking made up story, and you STILL somehow miss the fucking message. How can anyone be so retarded is beyond me.

Boring SoL shlock.

>Muh epic explosions are epic

This is true

Go back to /vg/ GOtard

Character interaction.
The battle royale is just a premise for those things to happen

Funny thing Apo got epic explosions only on episode 22

The story? There are barely any story, what the fuck are you talking about? It's almost straight and simple tournament with a sudden final boss. Some of the servant-masters pairs are interesting and it's actually cool feature to know your opponent's powers and weakneses to prepare for final battle with them, but they could hadle it much better. Interaction with your servant is a also a good part of the game, I agree with that. But you need to endure all the rest of the shit to enjoy this game.

>fights is all that matters

Ufotable is definitely testing the grounds for FHA with this
Let's hope it comes soon after HF.

>character interactions.
But Apoc clearly has better character interactions than Extra. What are you saying?

>Drake barely gets any interaction

>ZERObabies: REEEEEEE WHERE MY ENDY and Gen Urobuchi?
FSN: lest just watch, ladies and gentlemen

>posts 3 worst characters out of the cast

>in which Drake was a companion of Queen Elizabeth
>was a companion
>was Queen Elizabeth herself
Aren't those a bit different things?

Did you even watch the whole thing?

Not due to any of its merits, it's just riding Stay Night's nostalgia filled dick.

Literally the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Fatefags, and that's saying something

She could play the role of a corsair and leave a body double as queen while she's gone.
Of course it'll be mentioned only in a fictional story, that's top secret stuff.

I did but it probably was that forgettable.

>In addition - and this is merely literary creation - there is also a story full of romance in which Drake was a companion of Queen Elizabeth and, just before setting sail for the world circumnavigation, switched places with the Queen, who could no longer go out in public due to receiving a wound on her face.
Full quote.

Why are you so mad?

stop taking sieg-kun bait people

That's better.

her relationship with shinji is hinted at pretty well in extra
LE shinji is a very different person so it's a pity we didnt get to know their relationship here better

I think it's a neat idea to justify genderbent, it's not like Fate always was historical accurate but at least this could be kinda clever way to imply Drake and Elizabeth at the same time. It's a shame that Nasu just throwed off that opportunity.

>Apoc is better

It was a shovelware game that Nasu rescued at the last moment with his rewrite.

What's your reason? You guys keep on saying their dynamic is bad but cannot actually state what is bad about it.

That's just Nasu listing his inspiration for Drake's design and genderbending. As the other anons are arguing, it's said to be just a story. A story Nasu read and thought that sounds like a nice design for Drake.

I fucking hope this is just gonna be an one time thing and they'll spend more time focusing on the Servants.
>rin can kill 3 servants and a bunch of bitches with guns

>implying she didn't go DEADO FEISU mode

Stop giving (You)s to the siegfag

Because Sieg is a Gary Stu, Jeanne is nothing but his waifu and Astolfo is annoying fanservice that serves Sieg for no real reason.