It's not going to wear itself user

It's not going to wear itself user

What, do you want me to cum in it or something? So you can wear my seed and squish it in your fingers? You sick fuck, who gets off to shit like that, it's certainly not me

Is this some kind of indirect hand-holding? You sick fuck!

Shut up and wear it like a good kanmusu.


Someone for the love of god explain this fetish to me.

You're supposed to cum inside the glove and make them wear it.

Sounds really weird and unnapealing, okay.

Is that a condom?

Implying that glove is going to fit my hand. I'd rather not tear it

This is way sexier.

It's not going to wear itself user

>That slight mark where the top of the sock dug in
It's the little things.


What does this mean?

You people are fucking weirdos but still not as bad as footfags


What's wrong with feet?


I don't think there's anything wrong.

Haguro is NOT for lewd.

Then why is her hand between her legs? Does food turn her on?

it looks damp and smelly

That's half the fun. God I love having a clothes fetish.


D-do you like to sniff used panties??

To show how loose is her pussy?

For me it's mostly just an embarrassed girl showing her vagina-looking glove, but there is a bit of in it as well.


It represents their private parts. If a girls' glove was wide open, that means she's taken more than a few.

Just like her vagina.