One piece

Which of the Charlotte children do you assume are married? Who's happily married and who got dumped by the match Mama chose for them?

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Smoothie has a cute wife.

Isn't this what couples do?

Cracker looks like that meme in the Shingeki threads.


Did Mama approve?

>Smoothie is a lesbian
She is probably bi in all seriousness.

Naturally. Mama always knows what's best for her children. She probably knew Smoothie's "preference" before she did.

I really doubt that sadly. I think it would make more sense for pirates to have gay marriage (after all that was an actual thing among pirates back in the day) but I doubt Big Mom would allow her daughter to marry a girl. It just doesn't work as well as political alliances go.

Seems like Katakuri is very interested in Luffy

Strongest BMP will appear again soon.

Nami is so perfect

Some famous female pirates disguised themselves as a man, maybe Smoothie hooked up with a cute reverse trap.

>use physical contact to overpower and threaten a man into doing her bidding
>"s-she's probably bi"
She's looking down on him. She might be bi, who knows, but this is certainly no proof.

Hey anons.

I know most of the replies to my post will probably be insults and stuff but what views do you have on LuVi? I know this is not a shipping thread and people hate when threads get derailed but I can't really find any good places to ask if people hate my favorite ship or not, since most replies to me are LuHa or LuNa shippers telling me to kill myself. I dont post much and im not saying that they will pair up mid series. Im talking about eos. I felt like we got some hints towards it after Vivi refusing to marry her suitors. Sorry if I offended you.

>maybe Smoothie hooked up with a cute reverse trap
Headcanon accepted.

can't unsee

I honestly believe this might actually happen

I don't really care enough to say I ship it. But if it happened I wouldn't mind, Vivi is okay.

would katakuri accept luffy as his son-in-law?

Right? I love those two. There's also the fact that she's the only girl who is younger than Luffy. Her father wants her to get married and it'll be hilarious if she marries the pirate king.

There's also the fact that she is the only person Luffy held the closest (when she was in his arms crying into his chest on Pell).

Are you forgetting about Koza?

Koza was pretty much her childhood friend. She showed no romantic interest towards him, ever. Not to mention there's nothing to gain for the Nefeltari family from marrying her to someone like Kohza. He was an asshole to her family.

how can a single character be so fucking smug? we're reaching levels of dreamworks face over here

No, because he'd want him for himself.

Why aren't they a couple now? They are not part of the story anymore. Even then sai and baby 5 became canon.

That panel where Vivi said to throw them away gave me the vibe she was talking about Luffy and not koza.

Vivi would be a better Rogue parallel since she isn't on the ship with them and just lives in her country waiting for Luffy. But then again Hancock fits that too so who knows

So do you think perhaps her desire to go out to sea is actually her desire to see Luffy again? I wouldn't be against that, and it'd go in line with his natural charisma. He really understood vivi during alabasta

Well she is the one who gets to sail on the Queen Mama Chanter.

Fugg my dick someone post more

What happened to Caesar?

I'm seeing a pattern

done for this arc. maybe he'll get next cover story.

Rescued by tontattas


Makes the most sense imo.
I believe Hancock is too old for Luffy and Nami is sister zoned soo

how is luffy that hungry again after eating so many biscuits?

Biscuits have a shit nutritional value and DF biscuits even more so

tontattas are going to the reverie though

he used them all up to beat Cracker, now he's running on empty for everything he did after that since he refuses to eat anything Sanji hasn't made.


I prefer this one.

since the moment law proposed an alliance there was a build up to te kaido fight
whole cake arc came and paused that

since the moment luffy claimed he ate all the candy at the factory in fishman island there was a build up to te big mom fight
dressrosa arc came and paused that

i was just gonna ask if there was a smoothie version. i don't believe for a minute that her thighs wouldn't rip in half kuri's dark tight pants

My favorite characters are Law and Katakuri.

>Oda: "How would you like the next arc boss, senpai?"
>Editor: "Lucci, but better in any way."
>Oda: "Say no more."

Once again proving that Oda needs to design a man first and then flip a coin on whether or not to genderswap them.

>Lucci, but better in every way*

>Luffy*, but better in every way

*blocks new world villains' path*

When are we going to get a new One Piece fighting game with all the WCI characters playable?

I have been a very naughty villain mister. Please spank me.

>Katakuri vs Katakuri


>When are we going to get a new One Piece fighting game
We should realistically get at least one in the next 5 years.
>with all the WCI characters playable?
It's best you gave up on the idea altogether.


Even though I hate the peeanon, I'm sure they could pull over somewhere, like at a gas station.
Perospero is classy.

Sure, "not peeanon".

Was that the guy from the Hot Tenga commercial voice acting the guy at the door in the end of latest episode?

Don't ever mention this again.

Guess his power.

not similar at all
the war against kaido was a clear plan (unknown to us, but still)
big mom was a vague threat

How about Whitey Bay?

A descendant of one of the familys that founded the world goverment with a man from the D "clan". a princess and a not saying that i ship it but it would definatly be an interesting pair, but i would feel bad for boa

>vague threat
Nice try, but he said he'd kick her ass when he got to the New World. She was set up first. Kaido was set up second.

Rice. He can make rice.

job-job fruit
the power to job, but awakened so he evens job to non-main characters, and off-screen

Katakuri can make a rice cake.


i'm saying that the protagonists made their plans to attack kaido thus building momentum for the final battle
imagine if blackbeard or enel came back during the travel from water 7 to ennies lobby for a fight completely unrelated to saving robin (not as another obstacle but a different adventure completely)
in would break the rhythm of the story

Pop Pop fruit, popcorn powers.

really wish that big mom dies this arc, so that fishman island could really become luffy's headquarters(together with wano)

who the fuck is gangster gastino

That's not an apt comparison at all, because Enel was already defeated and Luffy had no bone to pick with Blackbeard at that point. Big Mom had yet to be confronted and Luffy had a reason to fight her. And that doesn't change the fact that Luffy planned on attacking Big Mom first. Luffy just got sidetracked thanks to Law and had no personal beef with Kaido, and he's getting sidetracked again and may or may not settle things with Big Mom this arc. He may get back to her after Kaido.

bege's brother

What color will Gastino 's outfit be in the anime?

same as in the manga

It turns out that Caesar had a son that died from a disease.


snakeman is going to have a crazy drill leg attack

>really wish that big mom dies this arc, so that fishman island could really become luffy's headquarters

Do you think he would step on us?

>but awakened so he evens job to non-main characters, and off-screen
tip-top kek

I think I'm blind cause I can't find Gastino any where.

Neither can I user. This user is probably delusional.

Either we're both blind or he just mistook the name for someone else.

His sole is probably the size of my entire bust. That wouldn't be healthy. But I would still ask


Unless the Homies can exist without Big Mom she's not dying.

What? You mean for Sanji? What the fuck else did you expect?

For Caesar/Gastino

what are you implying

Has there ever been any mention if Pudding's carpet was given life by Big Mom and what's the deal with Nitro?

Wait wasn’t Carrot’s skirt pink in the opening?

They are different people

ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ʸᵒᵘ ᵖᵘᵈᵈᶦⁿᵍ ʸᵒᵘ ᵘˢᵉˡᵉˢˢ ᵖᶦᵉᶜᵉ ᵒᶠ ˢʰᶦᵗ

I love be smoothie’s smug face in the background along with Chadospero.

Because his reveal is supposed to be surprising he is not presented.

It changed, seems because fuck you, i'm Toei reason.