This is Menma. Grant her wish please.

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this is Anaru. I remember she was pretty hot, but damn, I am bad at math

she wishes her show ended one episode earlier

if only he was the member of the peace avengers

she finally reincarnated

Anal was best girl by far

Was the penultimate episode the one with all the retarded confessions back at the shrine (with the team realizing it was their pent up regrets that prevented Menma from reaching Nirvana) or was that the last one?
I know the hide and seek scene with all the MENMAAA MEENMAA screaming innawoods gets a lot of hate but it was fine by me, the confessions were much worse

Holy fuck my sides.

Nope, shrine scene was final episode as well.
Penultimate episode was them launching the self-made firework. I like because it's much more subtle and nuanced than the final episode and Jintan constantly telling himself "he can still stop this" and how he was actually relieved to see her not disappear was just so good.

pic related is the only scene I really like from the final episode

look how good this shit is

Who? I don't see anyone there.

the beast of summer


it's menma luigi


I must be going crazy then, it's not like I can ask her to move some object so you could see it start floating in the air out of nowhere proving that something invisible is definitely there
Imagine if I could just do that haha

top fucking kek

The fuck do I look like, Shenron?

I might actually watch these two shows now

I recommend both of them

God this anime was shit, I couldn't even finish it. That was the last time I took what people here say seriously.



Would she have eventually turned into a slut if she'd stayed alive?


she would become this kind of happy-go-lucky girl and she would friendzone all the good guys and date some chads because MUH CHOICE


mamma mia!


why didn't you protect this retarded smile?!

it would have been a better story if she was raped and murdered like the Lovely Bones

how can you know she wasn't raped by some Poseidon?

>when people thought this show was gonna be about who killed menma

What was her name again I forgot?

of course it was Poppo


a very wealthy and powerful family from west-france and hungary in middle ages


is she anal virgin?

according to ny sadpanda research, no

I want that Menma


tulpa pls go

Is this really her face? I vaguely remember a very similar expression elsewhere

no one can hear her scream to be honest desu


piss on her loli face, punpun!

AnoHana is shit. I dont get why people like it so much.
i was promised tears, but my eyes remained dry.

that might be on you

it would be better if it was 24 episodes long.

because it was not about your dead retarded loli
it was about the living scarred teenagers

I dont care what its about. I wanted a tearjerker. I was recommended AnoHana, I was sorely disappointed.

It's already granted.

it wasn't that wish