Darling in the FranXX

The weak should fear the strong.

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Not gonna lie, this is the most asinine show I've watched this year.

What is the message of this shit? Better with AIDS than virgin?

Such a qt


She looks like one of those emo goth girls with the pink hairdye during close up shots.

>le Ichigo is teh cuck

Brainlet detected.

>2 cour series
>why isn't it telling me everything

I want to fuck the darlings in their franxx

Why are you looking for a grand message less than a fourth-way into the show?

I wonder who could be behind this?

someone beat me to it but I ended up drawing this anyway

hiro is gonna survive next ride but its gonna slowly kill him. later on he will eat a klaxxo core and become like 02, strelizia will transform again

I'm not talking about the plot retard, I'm referring to the base premise. We're literally 5 episodes in.

Best girl of the season. Ichigo needs not apply.


>they don't know the real best girl will show up during the plantation switch before the end of the first cour
bandwagons are going to have a field day

>the base premise
Have you tried watching the anime? It should help you out with that.

I like it

what the fuck is there to be confused about?

Can someone please make a Punished Hiro from this picture.

Just caught up with the show. Is there an official source for "klaxosaurus"? Google translates kyouryu simply as "dinosaur"


Apply a 1px (+10s/+5b) stroke to smooth the edges.

Good shit my man

Sorry I'm this faggot.

>Tells everyone that 02 does not give a fuck about anyone.
>Will probably die next episode to a Klaxosaur.
He warned you.

All kids who aren't part of the original cast are boring and bland though. Like that's literally a plot point

We already have punished Hiro

Threadly reminder that only Sup Forumstards like 02

Ichigo is true patrician Sup Forums taste

>waah why are people calling me a monster when I behave one
>wwaaah I don't wanna take responsibility for my actions

02 is somewhere between a child, a Stacy, and a nigger.

We need more

why does this show get edited into Sup Forums and Sup Forums memes so much?

That looks gross.

>killing off the MC
>Atsushi Nishigori
His writing is far too safe for this to happen.

This thread already sucks


>thinks she's for Sup Forumstards

Because/a/ doesn't have memes that have permutations anymore

not my gif and I have no idea what you just said

Because Sup Forums can't make their own memes.

If they were too weak to survive then they wouldn’t have lasted long anyway.

because triggerniggers are all crossboarding underage faggots

His writing is shit, just watch the anime and find out. It's the hype that's keeping it going, plus the kids here thinking this represents adolescent sex when the dude himself didn't get laid until his mid 20's.


Looks like venom snake.

>Sup Forums as an honest-to-god boogeyman
My dude...

This. Only Sup Forums would fuck a girl with aids.

Then why not something like this?

La creatura

>hasn't seen the spam of 02 images in Sup Forums
It's like you want to be ignorant of the truth. :^)

dios mio...

Did you expect facial disfigurement to look nice?

I saw it on Sup Forums and /vg/ before.

archivefag died for your sins


The worst thing about Sup Forums is that they didn't understand Sup Forums memes.

I'm watching this, but I don't understand why this show is retardedly huge on Sup Forums and other websites.
Is it because it's one of the few originals this season, plus Trigger?

>"Papa" is LITERALLY Abe

Should have put a second -s to make the joke work.

>proof that low quality males will gravitate towards anything with studio trigger girls

Animation is great but god damn, the unapologetic weeb bait.

You will understand when you become an adult

>eyes closed
fix it

None of the characters have an ass, that's the one thing that they fuck up when they draw inside the mecha. They suddenly receive curves. It's great, but it's weird since their entire anatomy changes to fit the scenes.

I want the next episode already but and it's been like 24hrs only since the last episode. FUCK.

Got pretty invested in it, gotta admit.

It's the metaphors.

why the pilots never become adults btw?

Nude version when

>leader of a squad
>gets cucked by a Stacey, still tries to help her crush Hiro
>it hurts so much but she still tries her best to be a leader to her team
>even after accepting them as a pairing she still works up the courage and swallows her pride and essentially begs her to not literally murder Hiro
>Stacey spergs out like a fucking child "HURR I CAN DO WHAT I WANT"
>bitchslap her and call her out on being a sociopath
>Stacey chimps out even harder because truth hurts

What I have posted is objectively what happened. Ichigo is best girl.


She likes it though. She's slightly afraid and very aroused.

>Is it because it's one of the few originals this season, plus Trigger?
Pretty much. Also sex jokes.

There was an user who requested a translation of this making-of video: youtube.com/watch?v=HlKlN3UAEsY
I started working on it a couple minutes ago. I'll post pastebin with it in a couple hours at the earliest (depending on how bored I am, it may take longer).

The show features concepts and themes that are easy to follow for adolescents and those that have gone through puberty.
It is bland and direct, but when you have a board full of autists without any sexual experience, it's pretty welcoming compared to other shows that tackle these themes.

You're delusional.

It's going to be a long week.

Because AIDS. That's a mortal disease.

Anyone else think she should kill herself and fuck off from Hiro's life?

Are you saying that only autists watch this show?

I really like the /c/ threads, though.

Only autists watch anime in general

what was meant by this


I just want the PV

At least i have work to keep me distracted, somewhat.


AIDS-chan or Dumbesthaircutever-chan?

No, don't take what I wrote out of context.
The themes are simple and easy to follow, and the metaphors can be understood by those who lack sexual experience but have the information about. It's big because anyone can follow it, including autists.

By episode 3 of Evangelion you could roughly make out the direction its message is going

shut up, ichigo.

>Anyone else think she should kill herself and fuck off from Hiro's life?

Yeah i wish ichigo would fucking an hero already

Is this AOTS?

Yes, anyone telling you otherwise is a retard. This is hands down the most popular show airing this season.

Yep that's me. Bless you.

>playing with her pussy

Bullshit. That's hindsight talking.


It's a solid 7 so far. The competition this season is hardly fierce, though.

Aids of the year.