One Piece

What a shame.
Monet had such beautiful pits.

She is ugly

There was already a thread but I'll give you a SaNa bump for Monet.

No way.
What makes you think so?

It's been five years. Let it go. She's dead and gone.

But Nami is just a heap Monet.

Hello there.

Damn. Is it really that long?

What would her flashback be?

Why are you drooling?
Do you want to lick her pits that bad?

Didn't Oda revealed Sugar's and hers in SBS?

but they stink

>another chapter
>no monet


How do you know?

Good thing I'm a masochist.

Monet died in chapter 694, released on January 4, 2013. It's been over five years now. Let it go.

But I can't find a new waifu as fine as her.

>tfw people will still be monetposting even on the final chapter

god bless you Monetfag

I sure hope so.

You can only post in this thread if your ship is CANON
Post LuKa

God bless Monet!


happy birthday monetfag

Huh? Is it my birthday?

there was some dude last night requesting the new thread be a monet thread for his birthday
assumed it was you

Oh, good for him.
Happy birthday Monetbro.

I love Nami


Here's Nami for you, my friend.


not the same user but good stuff

I like this outfit.

She has the sameface as 80% of the female cast.

Oda is a hack btw

You just have shit taste.