How the heck are some silly little colors supposed to protect the peace of the town?

How the heck are some silly little colors supposed to protect the peace of the town?

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They assemble.

>they actually made Kotoha cry
Why do people like Scat-chan and Baldy McNosehair, again?

To slay the beast known as Kotoha.

what a shitty picture

Reminder that Bocchi will never get an anime because it's vastly inferior to Colors.


Is it wrong to want to beat up the colors?

Pick the worst one? It looks like everyone hates blue.

>Scatfag posts

go to bed Saito

It's fun to be stupid.

So is it Sacchan or Satchan?


Charming the enemies.


Kotoha is my very beautiful wife who I tease everyday because she sucks at video games.

Wait so what does this episode mean? Is Blue still for lolidom?

Y > R > B

She's for lolidom and domloli.

may as well post exodia and two babies one fox while you're at it, scatposter


Ryona queen.


Y = R > B

Exodia was already posted.

How can three children be so savage?


A friend of mine would like to see the rest of the picture.


Does that friend like unko?

No, he's not into scat.


>literally Sup Forums

Translator-kun is having a hard time remembering how to spell.

How do you lure the Colors into your home?

Reminder to not sexualize the Colors!
They are for cute only!


Nonoka is fair game though

Yellow is looking at me!

>fair game
>can't even make a good loaf of bread

Yui is crying! Please do something

Why does the show keep showing off Sacchan's butt?


Why wouldn't you show off such an erocute butt at any possible opportunity?

Threaten to rape her if she don't stop crying.

>the show finally knocks Kotoha down a peg or two
>suddenly love her even more now
Was this their master plan?

Is this show good?


I'd put my loaf of bread in her oven if you know what I mean.


No, it's unko.

It's poop.

No. It's unko, cries a lot, and is bad at video games.

Doujins when?

I'd post a lewd picture to spite you, but it's against the law now.



I just wanted to see Red's pantsu picture.

Super meat boy.

They weren't trying to make you not like her. Not liking Kotoha is impossible unless you think it's fun to be stupid.

Super deepthroat

Comedy of the season.
Kotoha is best girl of the season.

The "make user cum" game

Dark Souls.
No joking, hand holding in coop makes it pretty easy.

>the forbidden one

Connect 2

But seriously, how is it even possible to literally play games day in and day out and not even get good at it? Is this divine retribution for being so perfect?

>"it's fun being stupid!"
>looks at camera
uh oh

shut up Saito, stop being a bum and go work


I just give her an unplugged controller.
She won't even notice.

>Comedy of the season.
That would be Saiki

Well, shit.

She just mashes buttons at random until something happens. Maybe she's a dumbie dumb.

Why doesn't pops want them to see his eyes?

why was blue so out of character this episode?

Because he doesn't have eyes.

They would probably scare them away.

She wasn't until they told her she's bad at games.

Pops backstory OVA when?

Do not hara hara harass the Colors

Literally AOTS

she's actually BY FAR the dumbest colour, you just thought she was smart because you fell for her charisma and hats

Ecco the Dolphin


>that smile
My heart.
>that despair
My dick.

Serious answer, Ace Attorney. It's one of my favorite game too. And there's wacky murder & no button mash, so she'll like it.


I want to push Yellow's shit in. With my dick. Back into her colon.

She's a born leader.

I see. A natural born CHA loli. The best stat.



>no button mash
You must not know Kotoha.

>Loli detective that solve crime with charisma and nice hats.
Now that sounds familiar.

He does. He could see the colors' footprints on the pavement when they stepped into ... was it paint? idk.

>Future me will finish it
She is gonna be a NEET.

>kotoha hats and pops glasses user hasn't updated the pic

Yeah, my NEET wife.