Press "F" to pay respects

Press "F" to pay respects

F-Finally he's gone

S to spit on his grave.


ill spit on (You)r grave faggot, 17 is, was, the mvp of this tournament, either saving or helping out almost literally every person on the team (minus roshi, tien and krillin iirc). hell even his wish, while fairly tame, was simply for his family, the few people he loved and trusted, which goes back to the theme of the episode
12/10, rest in peace, know that your sacrifice was not in vain


Why the hate?



17 was shit and he deserved to die.

>He thinks he's actually dead

It's a bamboozle so when it looks like Goku and Jiren have drawn, he'll reveal he was still there all along. Can't sense Android energy, right?

Samefaggotry. Just ignore it

>be orphan
>get adopted
>new dad dies too

must be cursed.

My man, Android 17 is superior to Jobhan in every way.

salty gohan fans

S, fuck that pretty boy.

Still lasted longer than Johan.

>M-more than one person doesn't like boring Gary Stu who I jizz for?
>Impossible! It must be a samefag!



The real MVP. I literally didn't give a shit about him at all before the ToP, never even cared much about his fight with Piccolo, but he was great this arc.


Oh Look its Mr "Strength is absolute, justice boner" Jiren.


Is Jiren the Batman/Garrus Valkarian of Dragon Ball?

good post
17 was based

true, but he's dead bro. this isn't a 'h-hit isnt knocked out because they didn't p-press his picture on the godpad!', he sacrificed himself to save goku and vegeta

rest in fucking peace, im sure youll protect that island in the afterlife

ChadHan at least took a pride trooper with him , 17 just kill himself

S. Gohan deserved his spot.

>this entire post

>gohan goes SS2 thinking about android 16's death
>goku is going to go mastered UI thinking about android 17's death

17 was based.... its a shame we can't say the same about Gohan.

Super dragon balls, namekian dragon balls, earth dragon balls, this guy is going to be revived one way or another

he also is the first person to not only damage jiren, but deflect one of his max power attacks (even though it cost 17s life). i know you'll try, but you wont be able to deny his status as mvp of the tournament

remind me who did JOBdriod take out

One shitty pride trooper whose only advantage was speed.

17 didn't need to take anyone with him, he protected Vegeta and Goku and he also saved Freiza a few times.

Just admit it.

which goes to show how little the cast cared about poor 16 that they never bothered to revive him. I always assumed it was because you can't revive androids but if they revive 17 then that's out the window

Where is he, Bros? Since the ToP exists outside of Universes and he died (not erased), did he go to Earth's OtherWorld? Will he be chilling with King Kai til he gets wished back? Can he even BE wished back? He was already included in the "all those killed by Cell" wish. They could use Namek's balls, I suppose.

Will Goku use the wish to restore "all who were erased or died during the tournament"? And just bring everyone to U7 without actively restoring their own Universes?

Remind who did 17 protect?

he's wherever android 16 is presumably.
kek not really though
>implying toei even remembers that

16 was a robot, 17 isn't. That's why Shenron couldn't bring 16 back.

> damage
he just ripped his shirt

I want everyone who bashes 17 for being more mainly than all of those losers manbabies that will never be good enough for any chick to allow them to procreate with her to fucking kill themselves.

the cat sister from that love universe (rosie?), was the catalyst to defeat anilaza, helped 18 beat ribrianne, and that's just off the top of my head

Nope there was damaged there, Universe 10's supreme kai even pointed out that Jiren had been wounded.

16 is purely mechanical. 17 was human at one point, so when he was revived with the Cell wish, it was fine. 16, on the other hand, should have been included with this, but wasn't because there was no soul to bring back.

Meanwhile, Eighter was brought back after Buu's planet wipe, but that was filler.

And damaged his back, did you not see the scratches? Annnnnd, I'm sorry, did anyone ELSE manage to rip his shirt? No? Oh, okay.

17 is a cyborg, and he has already been revived once. 16 was a complete robot so he could not be brought back.

Jobhan fans ARE still trying to deny that 17 is superior than Jobhan.

No, but Hit did manage to punch a big dent into Jiren's chest. Not that that amounted to anything.

Was Eighter was complete robot too?

It was just a bs moment so fans could have an "Oh look its Eighter" moment!

>Was Eighter was

>expecting a dragon ball character to actually "die"
he'll be back in two episodes

Soyhan fags mad because chaddroid went down as U7's MVP.

I am become death destroyer of worlds

I miss 16.


ill bet cash money he's dead. dont give me 'android energy can't be sensed', since even 18 can't feel him, and they have a sense for each other. he's dead, but he cemented himself as mvp of the entire fucking universe

nah jobdriod is dead and he died like a bitch

He's Toei's Lightning

>ill bet cash money he's dead
Name a main character who died and hasn't come back to life

death in dragonball means nothing

he's dead (for now). we all know somethings going to happen at the end to revert things to status quo, but he is dead, an intentional act to save goku and vegeta.

He's completely adorable

Gohan got cucked by his little brother.

>hell even his wish
Resurrection of erased universes is the only true answer. If not, character is villain and shit.

After his sacrifice Gohan will transform into GOHAN BLANCO to kill EL GRANDE PADRE, EL HERMANO and EL ESPÍRITU CHOCARRERO(the one who killed LA FAMILIA) to save the universes.

>we all know somethings going to happen at the end to revert things to status quo
that's why this show isn't worth a damn
nothing ever has consequences

>Gohan is forced to hold Dyspo in place so Freiza can eliminate them both
>17 sacrificed himself so Goku and Vegeta have a fighting chance against Jiren.


All of you suck at falseflagging.

>80 fighters
> no killing rule
literally the one retard that died

I'm glad this fucking gary stu is dead

One of them got himself killed like a retard

>no kill rule
>if you lost you will get out of existence.
He is not actioally.

He took down Burter of the Pride troopers that is nothing to brag about.

Alright, where is it? You can't fucking tell me that after all the training he does, it's flatter than fucking Florida.

>CHADhan actually eliminated a dangerous fighter threw his clever plan
> JOBdriod blows himself up when all he had to do was shield goku and vegeta

dyspo> 17 and frieza

Lmao, so what you're suggesting is that all 17 had to do was just put shields on Goku and Vegeta and not take the full force of Jiren's attack?

K den.

>press f to pay respects
>dude let's derail the thread with a characterfag war xDDD shitposting is always funny
I hope everyone in this thread gets AIDS.


>blew himself up to stop one attack

Can't Jiren just do the attack again?

Fagdroid a shit

Wasn't there a similar one with 17?

Yes. it was to buy just a few seconds of recovery time. Why he did this infront of the saiyans instead of baiting jiren to attack him somewhere else is beyond me. Of course they only needed a few seconds to go from can't move to super blue uguu/ken

He was probably brought back with the whole "restore the earth" wish.


-he took out one of the henshin girls
-interrupted severals fights where multiple guys ganged up on u7 guys
-saved frieza goku vegeta from knockouts

he´s the only one who did acctually support and was really good at it

unlike gohan who just talked about it and then did nothing

Shenglong can only recontruct simple things, like the entire planet.

I made this months ago and nobody believed me at the time.

You're fucking welcome.

Best late addition to a show in the last five years.


fuck off

17 the MVP of the tournament~


>17 still counts as in because he wasn't knocked out causing Goku 1v1 Jiren to end up with U7 winning
I would laugh my ass off.


If 16 is a robot, should that mean that reviving/resurrecting him is impossible because the wish required is for him to be rebuilt?
Is 16 still dead due to bullshit wish schematics?

still counts as in because he wasn't knocked out
Are you retarded? Did you watch the special where Goku was about to be tapped out?


He uses padding to cushion falling on his but and prevent surprise buttsex.