Don't you wish your waifu was hot like me?

Don't you wish your waifu was hot like me?

Black haired Avril was literally 12/10 back then.

What's the point of wearing a bra when you don't have boobs and it doesn't even cover your nipples?

There was no Avril in the Pussycat Dolls though

Fetish. Like wearing underwear with a dick hole.

I was thinking of Girlfriend, my bad.

i'd still smash to be honest

Yep, just checked. You are right.

My wife and I are doing just fine, thanks.

Not a girl.

God I wish I could be friends with Astolfo


Mai Waifu is plenty hot, especially when she's fucking her boyfriend

My waifu is better.

My waifu is a very feminine girl with a G cup bust of over 90cms. She has nothing to envy from a trap!

It's okay to be gay

My waifu have a nice ass.

My waifu has big juicy tits, bigger hips and a vagina.

Big juicy tits, big hips and a vagina >>>>>>>>>>>> gayshit pretending to be a girl

>cucked in end story

Can your waifu´s vagina make yogurt? (Mine can!)

I prefer to feed yoghurt than to eat it.