Dragon Ball Super

Jiren really got BTFO this early and by 17 no less.
This is insanity
What is happening to this show?

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It's treason, then.

So do we agree that Jiren has a Broly-tier backstory?

Shitty characters (Jiren) SHOULD be BTFO by better characters (17). It's only natural.

It's ending, that's what is happening now,

>What is happening to this show?
This shit will end in a pair of week because it was cancelled. There you go.

The true story awaits you user, you coming?

What is Jiren's wish even supposed to be? Resurrecting his family? Friends? The regular dragonballs can already do that.

Reminder that broly is beautiful.

>gohan holding piccolo's hand instead of goku


Does U11 have regular dragon balls? If so does Jiren k or about them?

What's the dumbest shit you've seen in this arc

Anything involving jiren.

Piccolo's ring out.

Would be faster listing anything that wasn't dumb as fuck

Let's dedicate this thread to those lost

The entire arc, really, but mostly Jiren. His creation was a goddamn mistake.

Why wouldn't he be holding his dad's hand?

At least Broly's is funny

>His creation was a goddamn mistake.
Not really.

T. Kakarot

I miss U6, super was at its best when the biggest problem was two hungry kitties dragging Goku and co into their dick waving contests


>Sneak a GoD even when it wasn’t allowed
>Kill another character and get no Penalty
>Fly even when it isn’t allowed
>spend 10 seconds outside and below the Ring but don’t get eliminated

Seriously how could they cheat so much?

Because their angel is cute

this is probably the best scene of the ToP
even if frieza ends up doing nothing, his inclusion was great.

Goku and Freeza fuse instead of Goku and Vegeta

No, at least Broly's backstory explains why he's a strong autismo with an extremely single minded goal.

Jiren's barely explain his personality or his strength, he's even lower tier than shit like Bojack or Turles


Lessons for children by Toei

top kek

try to convince me that GT is worse than Super.

YES, there must be a reason if they allowed Potara.

you have feelings for your dead comrade and family? lol dude just let go.

Super has mostly good ideas—quirky scenarios that can and should be fun—run into the ground in execution. (On a weekly scripting and directing level.) It's such a bad series.

GT, which is also kind of a bad series, has mostly terrible ideas—contrived, gimmicky—but it carries itself with such an inviting and confident atmosphere, in addition to making a concerted effort toward seeing the series off—that it's pleasant and interesting to spend time with.

Super 17 when?

This is what happens when the antagonist did nothing wrong but you have to force him to look like a bad guy so you twist things and make the resident mary sue claimg "you're not living your life correctly!"

Toei is fucking pathetic.

Finally a picture of those I care about


la creatura...

To me, GT came off as having a weird and dark atmosphere, which was especially strange with having the MC run around as kid the whole time.
I will admit that Goku got the best send off in the series at the end of GT, but it's not worth sitting through 60+ episodes.

Goku getting a new form by eating a spirit bomb and getting kicked in the head. Why this didn't happen when he fought Zamasu?

>Toeishills thought getting a backstory would finally save them from a prevailing criticism of the anime (aside from the other 5000)
>it ended up making Jiren an even worse character

Holy shit.

it's the other way around actually, Super's ideas were fucking horrible
>le evil goku
>2 tournaments
>2 movie retellings
But the execution is pretty good. Goku black was fun, the jiren vs goku fight was top tier, some good filler etc


This entire tournament is a disgrace.
But if I had to pinpoint the dumbest shit in it, it would be that Universe 7 is basically just running a gauntlet against all the other Universes. It might aswell not even be a free for all.

The only people that complain about 17 are Soyopedros that prefer their “Goku & Vegeta” show

He did nothing outside of avoiding and blocking attacks vs Jobbo and Jiren, his last match where he showed off was vs Kakunza


LMAO Golden Freeza jobbed again, lizardcucks btfo

>BALDroid 17

I like how Champa's first and last appearance in the ToP is using that expression.

Almost dying triggers it.
>this meme about the kick triggering UI
That kick didn’t trigger anything, the Kai blasts she fired afterwards WOULD have killed him, but ultra instinct kicked in to save his life, same thing with the spirit bomb: triggered his survival instinct, it happens BEFORE the death blow makes contact.

I see we have one right here

Characters weak enough to be one-shot by U7 inexplicably staying in despite constant cuts to other fights and explosions going off all the time.

Why does 17 look so young now?

I'm assuming you weren't here when the Trunks arc was airing

42 days until it ends.

Yet he's still in.
He's gonna be the MVP, it's all but guaranteed, otherwise he would get eliminated the first time Jobbo raped him, or even against dyspo.
Him staying in for so long despite the borderline hilarious amount of abuse is proof enough.

He got smaller eyebrows in Super

>because it was cancelled
No its because of the movie


What's with all the VEG thread rejects coming here suddenly complaining about random words when the past few months have been nothing but -pedro -pedro -pablo -spic -spic -juan -dog -poodle -soyboy -cuck shitposting? Go back to whatever thread you came from shitstain.

I like how Jiren simply just responded with "ridiculous" and dragged him through the rocks of the hardest material in the multiverse with no effort. 17 had a kek but Jiren destroyed him literally.

Everything about it sucked.

Fuck off tfs chode.

17 BTFO gohanfags by being the 3rd more powerful fighter in U7.

Based god tier 17 BTFO lizardcucks.

Reminder that 17 could rape Cell now.
Nice living in the past Pedro


17 got his ass beat on a cellular level

Otherworld Tournament > ToP
prove me wrong


GT actually had a ending better than Goku leaves everyone to train with a brown boy


Why was Frieza so mad at Jiren?

So what do you guys think Frieza's gonna do in he end? We don't have too much time left in the tournament.

Is that el hermano?

>”you lot”


i can't , your right

how was super 17 even made? I could never slog through the trash series to find out

Wait Is this how naruto appears against Pain in that opening?


Kek, I'm sure Toei put him there just to mess with the spics

>getting a super powerful god form from almost dying
>vegeta beating a literal GoD by getting angry and toppo grabbing the idiot ball
>'i'm almost out of stamina' goes ssbkk*100
>piccolo forgetting his arms can stretch
>jiren fucking around the entire tournament when he could have won 100 times over
>U7 eliminates 90% of all fighters

looking forward to the manga anyway

17 was the first to hurt Jiren physically and mentally. Sayans just keep getting assblasted kek

Hes winning right now

he was also the first one to DIE.

Yeah but still, Toppo was the only one that actually went hard on him
He didn't mind Jiren at all, he knew his limitations from the beginning and he for some reason went berserk after sometime not doing anything

The sneak attack he landed on Jiren should've been a Golden Frieza attack too

Goku really did try to impress the female saiyans didn't he. It was like a different show back then.

My pussy is wet and ready for Cabba-san.

This ending was fukin worse

Goku died too but he was asspulled back to life

am i still supposed to feel bad for this guy?

>the virgin psychological warfare

Seriously fuck 17

Goku gaining stamina and powering up SSJ levels by fighting with Cauli and Kale, or BACK TINGLIES

>Jiren took damage from 17 (not even blue tier)
Tell me again how does this paper level durability alien survive Kefla's lasers?

no, you're supposed to hate him since he'll lose because Toei can't into good storytelling

Don't waste your time kale he's interested in the opposite sex.

Jiren needs to be shit on so the sociopathic U7 characters look better by comparison.

Definitely piccolo, can't use the same damn power for himself that he used to save Gohan, and he was near the ledge against an "invisible" opponent he JUST watched knocked Gohan off

retarded as fuck, especially since Gohan/Piccolo/Frieza could have easily fought Dyspo and maybe we'd have Blanco rn instead of lizardposting and kawaii begita

will the arc be saved if he wins ?