I'm mad beyond belief

I'm mad beyond belief

Welcome to the club

You should've dropped when Shitoge was all but confirmed to be endgame as I did

They should have revealed that the promised girl died the day after she left and have Raku sudoku out of depression.

Best girl won, I see nothing worth being mad about.

Chapter 1?

the fact this manga causes so much ass blasting on Sup Forums is being cause by this manga was this some type of secret hall of anal devastation that i was not aware of?

> is being cause by this manga
disregard this part.

I think it's because it was a very promising harem manga that could have been something new and fresh, then just ends up being the same trite as all the other shit plaguing this sub-genre with the tsun winning an empty win regardless of how good the contenders were

to be honest the contenders weren't any better in fact were even worse.

best girl

This. Day one, Chitoge was best girl.

It's not a lot of assblast to be honest. Nisekoi threads pop up once in a blue moon, and die off quickly unless Kosakifags/Chitogefags act up. Then you have the same few anons shit flinging at each other for "muh best girl" title.

Yui was best girl though.

>in fact were even worse.
Yui was literally perfect.

>gang family as well
>so intelligent she skipped a few grades
>not afraid to be open about her feelings
>not a doormat or abusive

wasn't she in love with a different boy though.


why do most tsunderes have blond hair?

You know how in nature most dangerous poisonous critters are bright and gaudy? Well, similar principle applies in humans.


I know, the fact they even included Onahole was a mistake

What the shit

What about is semen demon

You know as well as I do that semen demons are the shit my man

My niggga

They are so happy together
[Spoiler] give me more you's