Best Anime OST thread

Best Anime OST thread

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Good taste

the Berserk (1997) soundtrack is surprisingly great, some really nice ambience
What a great show.

>tfw there'll never be a decent Garo anime again

Behelit is my favorite

The score is better than the show itself. Most of the time it completely outshines whats actually going on.

I'd add FMA 03 (same composer as Tatami Galaxy and The Night is Short, Walk on Girl)
There's just something about Michiru Oshima - she can make such heart-wrenching melodies. I adore the orchestration too.

Osomatsu-san has a pretty great OST. I take the jazziness and catchiness of the tracks for granted. The east-meets-west vibe works surprisingly well and the sax really brings to mind older anime.

I'm currently watching Houseki no Kuni and loving the soundtrack too. I don't want to make my post too long, though.


Texhnolyze has my favorite soundtrack ever.

>no hypnotic
come on user, its one of the best fight themes


Adding to my post because I found links:

Houseki no Kuni (Land of the Lustrous):

any standouts from this season so far?

>Christmas 2010
I want to go back

My favorites by Kentaro Haneda:

I have to admit I tend to see things really late (only just binge-watched Houseki no Kuni yesterday and today).

Junji Ito Collection has background music that's unusual (and they do a nice job of giving each "antagonist" their own theme so it doesn't get repetitive), but it's not really the sort of stuff I'd listen to intentionally. The OP and ED are very nice though.

prob the best way to watch imo. it's only this season where i'm try to watch stuff as it airs.

the discussions aren't really worth the inconvenience of being able to binge

Totally agree with the Osomatsu-San OST, though for some reason, when people discuss the best OST, a lot of people leave it out. Shame though because I love the music in this. Has a retro-anime/french jazz vibe to it.

But another one that I love is Space Dandy OST. I love the electro-funk that is spread throughout the album as well as the tropical vibes.

>Do you like my car?

these are great

>we will never get more space dandy
Why live?

Nobody posted Kara no Kyoukai yet? Shame.

I thought the ending of the series was satisfying. Plus, most Watanabe shows only last 1 to 2 seasons with a clear, defining ending. Its just that the audience falls in love with the characters and want to see more.

tfw never noticed the music in osomatsu-san until now

A filler movie like Bebop's would be great though.

Fuck, tatami's OST was great

I'm glad you liked them. he was quite the talent. probably my favorite composer. here's some more obscure but great ones:

this nigga right here

That Macross one always gets me so fucking pumped. What a banger.
From Eureka 7

bro idk that shit, thanks I need more music from this men

That classic 70's anime jazz

Kekkai Sensen's soundtrack needs more recognition.

>Please use it

nearly the whole thread and no Eureka 7, for shame anons
step aside plebs

You can choose only one.

Unironically Deathnote
tricky themes/tone to capture but they nailed it

say what you will about bleach but the OST is GOAT

tfw used to think L's theme A was superior to B. baka

>best anime OST thread
>posting memejiura
Pleb much?

>Kekkai Sensen's soundtrack needs more recognition.
It gets way more recognition than other OSTs for Nightow series like Trigun and Gungrave

>composed by Susumu Hirasawa
>suprisingly great
k lmao

>using reading instead of listening to determine the quality of audio

Also loved Kafuka's theme as well, nice picks.

Susumu Hirasawa is a legendary composer at his point, there's nothing suprising about Berserk having a stellar soundtrack

It's like saying a Kubrick movie is suprisingly good

Has no one posted the Spice & Wolf OST or am I just blind? Absolutely great for busywork background music, plus the god-tier OP.

Yuru Camp's OST is really good if you like laid-back acoustic music.

Kara no Kyoukai is pretty good for a soundtrack though. One of the composer's best.

Good point. Reputations are fairly good indicators of future quality.

Motherfucking VOTOMS

Mahou shoujo Madoka Magica OST- Theatre of a witch EXTENDED -

T A N O S H I I ~


Did this only play the one time during the show?

Infinite Ryvius has such an underrated soundtrack

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