Shit taste.

Is this a reference?

My wife Tama has four holes

Never liked this term.

Tomboy and reverse-trap aren't the exact same thing so why would trap and """tomgirl""" be?


Beacuse trap hurts trannys feelings for some reason even though the term is unrelated to them.

bully eiko


Tama-chan with open hair is a miracle of the universe.

How often do they have otokonoko in galge anyway?


About 204 times

imagine how fun

How fun what?

They are so perfect together

manhandle tiny body

Even Ru Paul himself said drag queens and transgenders are two separate things. It's hilarious how those "progressives" trigger each other by over complicating everything.

>About 204 times

Wait, Isn't Hanen's room downstairs and Hana's up?

No, Hana had to go up to deliver the box.

Usually the landlord's unit is at the first floor. Some pre-fab companies even make plans where the landlord can live in a larger unit, but this is not the case here.

Let's take turns erasing all the saves from Tama's VNs!

I want to feed them my yogurt

Notice the railing at the end.

I'm confused. How do you finish that sentence and have it make sense?

"... have feminine personalities."

I see. Starting a sentence like that with "recently" sounds pretty strange, and that kinda threw me off.

The wording is definitely clunky and could use some polishing.


What kind of moe is this?

A girl named tom

Black face without the black

Tama conformed for undercooked eel.

why exactly did they bathe in cum

I know Hana moves away to hide the fact she was a ronin, but Nagano is a bit far to hide from Tokyo.

It's a token now because trapfags are everywhere and must be pandered to, like fujoshits.

Why are people so gay?

Xenomorphs are real?

Not really?

Christian Weston Chandler

Tama and Hana are girlfriends!


I hate that tag so much. Instant boner killer. Thanks, Chris!

so is this just a shittier hinako note?


They have different emphases. This is more /u/ than most CGDCT.

>baited again

Because they're not. As the tag on sadpanda proves there are plenty of girly boys who aren't at all attempting to appear as a girl.

Of course. That's being metrosexual.

The tag on the panda used to be trap as you'd expect, but then one day of course someone mentioning changing the tag and everyone blindly followed them. Now we're in this situation where both traps and what would be the opposite of tomboy are in the same tag, congratulations to everyone involved.

I thought sadpanda isn't known for being PC.

The term tomgirl is heavily associated with pic related for me.
Makes it difficult for me to use it.

No. You have:
Crossdressing: Doesn't mean they look like girls, just wear girls outfit. Like Lin from Tonkotsu Ramen or that one manga where girls transform into manly men wearing magical girl outfits.

Tomgirl: Like tomboy, except for a boy or man who acts extremely girly. Tons of shota archetypes can fall into this without looking like a girl.

Crossdressing tomgirl: what trap used to encompass. The whole nine yards, intending to come off as a girl in public and acting the part.