Darling in the Franxx

Is there any poison out there that can kill a klaxosaurus/human hybrid but can't be traced? Asking for a friend.

STOP BULLYING ICHIGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zero Two must be stopped. Must be REMOVED.


>int shitposting

I love bulliposting

I... I wrote a song for Ichigo.

You are my Ichigo
My only Ichigo
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You'll never know, dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my Ichigo away

I hope she'll like it.

Is awful

Why does Ichigo look different here?


How about now?

You're on the right track, Cocona

Ichigo MUST win.
02 is a literal succubus.


This. I'm rooting for her after this.



And Ichibrap


Ichigo a cute.

>YYK loses CCN to PPK
>Now CCN loses Hiro to 02

Karma is a bitch huh

>meanwhile during actual combat

try botox

don't take any attention to her Goro!

>not willing to die after having the best sex ever

you're probably gay anyways

But 02 is literally 56% human.

she is also a slut.

with dino aids

Yes and?


shut the FUCK up

It means you are a cuck

I really feel bad for her, she deserved much better.

So who on the redshirt squad will NOT be Klaxo food next week?

>Not wanting it to be traced so you can rape Hiro on top of her corpse


At least one needs to live to tell Hiro "FUCK (YOU) MY FRIENDS ARE ALL DEAD BECAUSE OF (YOU)" though

nobody, bandages or the leader.

Nobody deserves the pain she is going through user.

002 will get them all killed

No, but there is a magic elixir that will grant you any wish upon drinking it. It's called Bleach. And tell Ichigo to chug all of it, for the best effect.

>you're probably gay anyways

Why do you support a heartless edgelord like 002?


Look at this pure creature, she is getting closer to suicide every episode, please don't make her jump user.

Nobody is forcing her to jump. Only to hang herself, chug Bleach, shoot herself or slit her wrists.

That isn't a nice thing to say user.
You know, she has feelings too...

>she has feelings too
And why do youe think we bully her?? You can't bully someone who is emotionless.

you know, I was bullied in school
I wasn't that far away from killing my bully

Making other people feel bad is just mean user, I am sure that Ichigo is a great girl and that if she gets over Hiro she can find a great guy and become happy.

Don't make fun of people who are at the bottom...

I was bullied too. When it was physical, I retaliated with everything, including very underhanded tactics. After all, my bully was stronger than me, so fuck fair fights right from the beginning. So the most effective form became emotional bullying. Until one day I realised if I didn't give a fuck, the bullying wouldn't work. And it really didn't work.
But still, bullying a fictional character is FUN.

She let's herself to be bullied too easily.

That isn't an excuse user...

Bullying poor Ichigo isn't fun though.

> Team jobber jobs hard
> They're screaming over the radio for support
> " Ara? But you didn't want my help?"
> > "You bitch! Help us!"
> "hmmm..."
> > "Oh god he's on my tail"
> "hmmm..."
> > "He got me omg he got me aaaaaafsdaklsdfl-"
> "hmmm..."
> > "I repeat. Jobbers 2, 3 and 6 are down. We need immediate sfdlalk--"
> " Zero two. Maybe we should help them."
> "Well. If you say so, darling! ^_^ "

Sorry, but I was never the one to pass up a low hanging fruit

You are right. It's not an excuse. It's a reason as to why she has to be bullied.
Yes it is.

Enjoy being thoroughly BTFOed Ichigofags, when the next episode comes.

>implying Ichigo won't be proven right and save the day

02 already has what she wants, there is no reason to bully Ichigo anymore.

>all hints pointing towards Hiro becoming an oni
>proven right
Yeah, no.


Why does she have Ikuno's ID??

With the current bullying she will have killed herself before that.

Feels like it's a 50/50 whether 002 will run away if Hiro passes out during the battle or not.

What's this from. Yandex doesnt show shit

>all this bulli
Feels appropriate to rewatch

What was with this look she gave goro? She's not gonna try to get him and ichigo killed is she?

Episode 6 will be Hiro scolding her like a bad wife for trying to hurt his friends.
He'll tell her straight up to stop being a bitch and she'll submit to him and he won't die.
It's just basic horse training. Wild horses will submit if you show strength and fearlessness to them.

>Say another word and you're fucking next you Megane faggot."

Cocona from Franxx

remove oni

>She's not gonna try to get him and ichigo killed is she?
She's definitely not going to hurry to save them if they do get in trouble

This will be what? The 4th time Strelitzia saves them?

>one tries pulling her from the mission along with darling
>the other literally slaps her for being with her darling

Well it ain't something good. Next episode is going to be a shitfest


>she already hates Ichigo
>Goro is now starting to get on her nerves
>both of them pilot together
They are just asking for 02 to fuck them up.

I feel sorry for 02. It will be the 4th time she's probably saved more than all the rest of them combined. Yet I'm sure they will still bitch at her after saving their lives.

You can only ride with 002 three times

Goro knows but he didn't speak up because he also understands why it's important. Ichigo is making it worse for Goro.

>but I want him to ackknowledge how much he's hurting Ichigo and Goro
Ichigo is hurting herself. Hiro is finally with someone he loves just like the rest.
>Yeah call it personal gratification all you want, but fucking damnit they don't deserve this.
Nor does Hiro deserve the punishment you're giving him. They will have to accept and put aside their bias. This is tied to how they treat Zero Two, which you already hate so there's no point in bringing it up.

That's Ichigo from Flappers

>Ichigo is making it worse for Goro.
How? Because she also cares for Hiro?
>which you already hate so there's no point in bringing it up.
I hate that you're constantly making excuses for it being ok for her to be a bitch but fucking harp on Ichigo all the time.

>Someone saved my post

That's a good feeling.


Is the ED suppose to be symbolic of something? Why are they in a regular city?

>Nephila clavata, also known as the Jorō spider
>Jorōgumo is a legendary creature in Japanese folklore. A Jorōgumo is a spider which can change its appearance into that of a beautiful woman. She seeks men to seduce, whom she then binds in her silk and devours.

Started watching but is there any particular reason they are called parasites? Also strange they assume the "parasites" might infect 02 when she is killing off people left and right. Also why was her partner an adult? Why do some adults wear masks and others do not?

All children are parasites, the anime just tells the truth.

One of the shows main themes is about how teenagers handle their first romantic relationships, the ED is basically just whacking you over the head with that theme.

why is she walking on the railing?

>Also why was her partner an adult
People seem to age rapidly when they pilot with her. No, I don't know why it didn't work that way with Mitsuru.

I wish they settled on 02 character. The previous episode she's all cute and smiley, in this one she's heartless spiderbitch.

Implying she fucking cares about them. She did it because she wanted to do it. She's a fucking killing machine, wake up onifag.

You don't?

Sucks that 02 gets none of the credit and all of the blame. Maybe she should just leave them to the wolves so they can realize how much they all depend on her.

>She's a fucking killing machine
this makes the horn become the big horn

I can't wait for Ichigo to go full Mimi against 02.

> Mitsuru didn't age
He lives off of old man supplements now.

>The previous episode she's all cute and smiley, in this one she's heartless spiderbitch.
She is cute and smiley when around Hiro only for the most part. And if you really think she was just being nothing but a heartless spiderbitch this episode, then you are probably a brainlet.

No, that's weird user.

So what are they for then?

Not an onifag. But I still feel sorry for her. That's kind of the point. She doesn't care about them, probably because they treat her like that at least partially. And yet she still saves more people than the rest of them combined. Must be hard for them to swallow to realise they owe her.

It's normally to act differently around certain people. Use your brain.