Darling in the FranXX

Remember to always wear protection.

I wonder what was meant by "they show opposite reactions"
Just a means to say that Hiro is externalizing it while Mitsuru's sickness is inward?

When will I start liking 02?

Right now.

No, they explained it

It didn't work.


Die, die, die my darling
Don't cry to me oh baby
Should have seen it a-coming on


Worst art I have seen

How very unfortunate for you.

That's neat, but will she stop being a cunt?


She's pretty great from the first time she shows up. If you don't immediately love her I doubt you ever will.


Hopefully never

Fuck off, if she did a 180 in the very next episode, you still jerk off to her.

What would she have done if he had said "yeah I want off, you're fucking nuts stay away from me you inhuman psychobitch?"

>not acting like a cunt towards disposable cannon fodder

this is worse than aldnoah desu


Let APE dispose of that useless piece of shit.

of course, the feature doesn't go away, it becomes only dormant



Called him a pussy. Especially after all the posturing he did during the briefing.

The same she does with everyone else. Withdraw into herself and pretend she doesn't care about it.

Tanya valued all of her soldiers, as long as they showed valor. Unlike 02.

Play hard to get until Darling came back to her.

hiro is the single one which showed value so far

No way.

What's the point of pretending you care about her personality when you're only here to fap?

oni butt

When did parasites show valor? They are a bunch of unlikable cunts with brain problems who have to be saved by her all the times and still call her a monster.

elevates the pleasure

when will her blowjob handlers grow bigger again? as they are now they are too short


I want to hold Goro!

Maybe after Hiro's blue horn grows and they can be a couple of crazy Oni together.


Threadly reminder that only Sup Forumstards like 02

Ichigo is true patrician Sup Forums taste

>put their lives on the line for the sake of tge city
>only ever retreat when ordered to
Do you know what valor means?

Everyone does.

>Ichigo playing with her pussy.jpg

What a shame, I guess i just have to hate her until I forget about this show.

goro is a good guy

>he spells tusketay "task-ette"

The OP to this is pretty on the nose about her killing her partners, I don't expect Hiro to live.

I can't wait to see the shitstorm when FranXX loses AOTS

Dude who typeset the other three comics here, anyone got a translation for this?

They said this after discussing Hiro's platelets spiking, cells that play a vitally important role in blood clotting.

Now if that's the exact opposite reaction that means all the previous partners had their platelets drop through the floor. Which would have side effects like their blood being unable to clot once they start bleeding. They would be hemorrhaging everywhere.

Hiro's power grows stronger.

shit boy


Anyone that cares about those kinds of competitions are fucking stupid. Everything like subjective. Just because a competition says Violet Boringanimegarden is AOTS or some thread says Franxx is, doesnt mean shit.

This episode really kind of was a brainlet filter.

It sure as hell doesn't mean being mentally impaired. They don't do it out of some noble intentions, they are mass produced and brainwashed into doing it and they are bad at their job. Tanya disposed of useless charging idiots who ignored her orders, she only cared about her own men because they were her ticket to surviving.

Neither is even competing for AOTS so I don't know why VEGtards are still at it.

We might get some reaction similar to her saying goodbye in episode 4, only more pronounced because this time it was her darling rejecting her.

Zerotwo is Red
Hiro is turning blue

Red oni, Blue oni? Hiro is turning into an Oni as well?


It's perfect.

She isn't a cunt

Solid chance of rape.


You're almost a month late user.
Google the flower their mecha is named after and be amazed as well.

Is there even a way Sup Forums determines the AOTS? Everytime I see the topic being a thread it's just some dipshit that made a pic that says "Sup Forums's official AOTS" or some bullshit and then everyone starts shitposting.

What? No it isn't, last I recall it was pretty on the nose about how lonely she is and how badly she needs her darling.

Is that's what happening? My god.

Second best girl.

forcibly kiss him


i think it represents the klaxosaur blood. So oni has a disease or something. HIV metaphor maybe?

Did you notice that boys have Ys and girls have Xs on their uniforms?

>Kept you waiting, huh?

Is this a reference?

What is this? A boss for ants?

Try again

>Episode 6, cliffhanger ending Hiro presumably dead
>Episode 7, everyone goes apeshit at 002
>Episode 8, Hiro is fine, proceeds to make an orgy
is that how it goes anons?

Does the tumor even give Hiro any powers?



Ichigo's breasts are way smaller than that

Episode 7 is Miku/Zorome episode.

It gives him curl-in-a-ball-on-the-ground-while-writhing-in-agony powers.

He’s much more blue than the average human.

Is that where her magma-charging port is? It better be.

Hiro and 02 are already metaphorically engaged, and now they face their first obstacle: nobody survives the third ride, but Hiro has a chance since he's nothing like the other stamen. The tumor represents danger, but it's only by confronting it that you can grow. The tumor is then an opportunity for betterment.

>"I guess you really weren't my darling after all."
>"Get out of here then, 016."
>Spends the whole day hiding in the forest and crying for real this time

Fatty’s gonna get cucked by a literal drug addict and the biggest asshole in their squad.


No. The tumor represents their klaxxosaurian child. Hiro is the girl in this relationship. 02 is the manly heroic guy.
Don't let the tits fool you.

Sure will be sad next week when grunt squad die like bitches, hope the GM franxx at least look nice.

Are you here bro?

No idea, I don't even know what yellow blood cells are supposed to be. Did they mean yellow bone marrow or is it some fictional thing?

Though 02 seemed to know that he'd have it and also knew what it feels like, so maybe it's one one step of turning into an Oni. They did mention that she sucks her partners dry, so if Hiro shows the direct opposite reaction it would mean he's getting something from her.

Would make sense but they leave no good way to remove the tumor, thus 'overcoming' the danger. If they magic it away then the danger wasn't real.

I'm glad it didn't happen.

>those legs

The letterboxing was pretty sweet, hopefully we'll get some during badass franxx battles.

Tumor is a powerup. It just needs time to grow.