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Gabi will kill him.

haven't watched/read this series since chapter 40 or so (so a few years). Should I catch up?

What level of grim is Marley on?

>making early threads
Kill yourself

It's an island, people outside of it are fine, Eren now wants to genocide them all for trying to genocide them. There, I summed up 60 chapters for you and now you can read from 100 onwards.

Endgame right here, brothers.

Pieck is pregnant, who's the father?

>515 replies
remove you're self pedo

Why the fuck's she blushing? She's crying tears of sorrow.

Panzer unit crew

Are you back yet bro?


Is there any character that can defeat Eren Yeager? And I'm not talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager. Hell, I'm not even talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager in contact with an Eldian of royal blood, so that he activates his Shiso no Koyjin coordinate powers. I'm NOT talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager after ingesting the Yoroi no Kyojin serum and having practiced his hardening abilities with Hange and the Survey Corps. I'm talking about Shingeki no Kyojin with mastery of hardening and creation powers after consuming the Yoroi no Kyojin and the Sentsui no Kyojin, while in contact with Zeke in his Kemono no Kyojin form, activing his coordinate powers through the Shiso no Kyojin ability.

So April is chapter 104?
What is Chapter 103 in march supposed to be about? I'm abit of a newfag when it comes to this stuff.

The most recent chapter was the March chapter. It's always a month ahead for whatever moon reason.

Oh right so that's a consistent Japanese thing (month ahead) , got ya.
Thanks for the clarification user.

Don't summon that cancer.


102 was march 103 is april but will come out on march 8th at 8pm est

also spoiler alert but annie and eren end up together

>Retards think manlet's black cape is the same color as their previous one
Fujos are so utterly delusional they can't even see right

Lolikasa is so cute.
I want Mikasa to have a big and happy family like she wants.

He can't be that bad. He was only posting pictures of a young Mikasa. I assumed he just thought they were cute pics like me

You've done it now user. If you let this die, I'll find you an open your stomach.

All the civilians that will die in this attack won't even be half of the number of civilians killed when the armoured titan broke the outer wall

>young woman
>stupid bitch cunt fucking retarded bitch idiot shitbi
There, I summed it up.

>He can't be that bad.
He is. People here are weird, but he has some serious mental problems and is a degenerate.

endgame HERE

He's like 20 years older than her

At least post the correct one

I hope Mikasa lives a long and happy life!

>Have black cape
>color it green
what kind of retardation is that?

11/10 dying next chapter.

Why does he wear the cape?

Are you the same user?
Did you say you had more pictures to share? I couldn't find the LN which is unfortunate, unless you have a link.

She'll an hero after Eren dies unless he impregnates her

To trigger the LHfag, apparently.

How long have they been on Marley? A few days at least to survey the place they would attack?

Isayama wanted to show what the new uniform looks like in its entirety. He was inspired by Hugo Boss

Maybe some symbolic shit. He wants to fulfill his last order he got as a SL member, which was kill the beast titan.

>Crippled kid
NO thank you

I'm not the guy of the previous thread, I just like Mikasa too.

No one cared who I was until I put on the cape.

He's still a SL member.
>Kill the beast titan
they're in cahoots.

Oh well free to share your cute mikasa folder,
i'll dump what i've got

She is inside on him now.

Because he's not wearing the cravat anymore

Nah, he's killing the shit out of him now that they don't need him anymore. Bye bye jobber.

Post your favorite SnK character

if Zeke kills even a single SL member, even if its still a guise of remaining loyal to Marley, then I'd say hes in business for himself.
Maybe Levi is also a contingency to remind Zeke that, if you triple cross us, you get diced.
One way or the other though I think it's pretty certain Zeke is betraying Marley: for SL, or for himself

he's killed a lot of people in this story. It seems like the most visibly deaths are because of the Rock

Look at Levi. He's not mad, he's not angry, he's not resentful towards Zeke. He's calm, very damn calm.
So much for the man who killed almost all of the SL. It's obvious they're working togehter.



What anime original scenes Mikasa will get in the new season?

>He's not mad
The look of disgust the page earlier says otherwise. I wouldn't get my hopes up, fujo.


>Sup Forums
Next month it is then.

This isn't a look of disgust, retard.

>Floch survived
>Marlow died

It isn't fair, bros

This is a look of disgust, tsk included.

This explain why manlet is wearing the cape. He simply doesn't want to get more dirty than he has to.
Fujos BTFO once again.

How is it that it only took a few panels for Levi to job

Wow, you are delusional. Fitting for a fujo.

Known Victims of the Rock:
>Carla Yeager
>at least 1 of Armin's Bullies
>Samuel Linke-Jackson
>Erwin Smith
>Marlowe Freudenberg
and a bunch of other nameless jobbers.
Who is going to be next to Smell what the Rock is Cookin?

You're the one who's fucking delusional if you think that is a face of disgust.

Nice. I think Eren's stubble is a bit more apparent though


The two pages you posted has him with the exact same expression, fujo.

>That's a really nice sea fleet you got there mr Magath
>it would be a shame if a nuke were to destroy it

That's obviously not true, and the cape ain't green.
Go be retarded somewhere else oliveeyeddemon, you austistic cunt.

it would be pretty comical that she goes into a mini ragetard mode, ironically enough, against Eren Yeager, but then it would be Zeke Yeager to be the one that destroys her.

Gabi is going to shoot her eye out like Ralphie from CS


Who is Zeke talking to here?
1) Pieck and Galliard, along with Marley forces
2) SL and Friends
3) Mindless Titans he may have just created that we don't see yet


Look at Porco, all big and bad now that Zeke is by his side.

Both of them.

Until now most "twists" people were expecting to happen in Marley were wrong.
So Zeke probably continues being against Paradis.

Pieck fucking knows it's a trap

I was expecting grim reminder since we saw Eren's back a long time ago.
Zeke and Hizul are working together with Eren. Therefore they're supporting Paradis. The fact the guard didn't trap Zeke as well is telling enough.
Zeke's had this plan for the longest fucking time, that's why he hides the fact he's royalty from Marley.
Eat shit speedreader.

he's a chump. he's learned nothing from basically all the resources he's had.

Forget about Armong being the worst character, this guy might actually take the cake.

>w-why did Zofia and Udo have to die
>I no understand!!
I hate Gabi so much

that would be the uh.. untwist twist I guess? Red Herring'd us all over the place and then it just turns out "oh he's still loyal, whatever"

She's fucking stupid. Can't wait for her to die.

>"Beast and Cart will stay to protect Marley"
>Are kept there for 5 years
>Sent to Shiganshina together
>On top of the walls before the battle,only Reiner and Bertold can be seen
>Two tents
>War already at Zeke's place during the reunion
>Zeke gives her the Z a couch so she can lay down
I can see lots of chances.

I hate her because she doesn't understand. Because she's unbelievably dumb.
>let's go kill these people on the island teehee they deserve genocide

>How dare she fight back [insert dead meme here]

I wasn't in these threads when Bert died.
What was the reaction here? Bertfags massively killed themselves?

Tumblr is convinced he’s wearing Erwins cape

Yeah, and they call those who disagree fujo. Fucking kek.


>Zeke will job
>Zeke will win

>Zeke is fighting for Marley
>Zeke is fighting for Paradis

>Zeke is working with the SC
>Zeke is loyal to Marley
>Zeke told Eren about his plan and now Eren helping him,they are playing with both factions to reach a higher goal(The baseball glove with Eren,Mikasa's "Eren,come back home") with Eren acting as the villian of the history and Zeke as the new Helos


>Eren is working with Zeke
>SL don't know
>Zeke assumes the SL know and will help him take down Cart and Jaw
>Eren can't tell them Zeke is an ally since his titan can't talk and is stuck in WH hardening.

Those were nice and comfy times :3

man his paneling is bad