Mahou Tsukai no Yome Thread

Nobody watching this?

In only 6 episodes the underage red slut declares to a papa bones

yeah, its fucking good, i'm surprised there aren't more threads of it.

Sure we are; we're just waiting for characters with big tits to show up again. Or at least the two we know of.

Every weekend and looking forward to more of the manga.

I'm glad it gets less attention looking at the dumpster fires that are Darling threads.

Titania had a saggy huge tits... still i prefer DFC Red Hair

Looks like few people watch this. Yesterday's thread just died.

I'm so happy this piece of shit is back.

I liked it while I was watching it. Stopped at episode 12. Is it worth watching afterwards?

>Titania had a saggy huge tits...
And don't forget "le haunting big-titty spirit in a nightie".
>still i prefer DFC Red Hair
Shit taste.

Fug a underage red hair virgin >>>> Fug a saggy roastie ara ara~

> Fug a lovely curvy ara ara~ >>>> shit >>>>> Fug a underage red hair virgin
ftfy, though I doubt anyone or anything could fix your terminal shit taste


First episode was a ducking snoozefest

>Is it worth watching afterwards?
It's very much more of the same, so yes.

first 10, i think, episodes are fascinating. But then it slows down and is more down to earth. Nevertheless, still enjoyable. Escpecially now since the plot seems to start taking pace

Yeah virgin

Chise? She isn't exactly small.

was it rape?



>I'm glad it gets less attention looking at the dumpster fires that are Darling threads.
I've started using the lack of constant threads on Sup Forums for a show as an indicator of higher quality.

It's kind of boring. Something bad happens in the last 30 seconds of every episode, then it gets resolved the next episode without a lot of effort.

So what other anime should I be watching currently (but don't because I get all my ideas from what to watch from here.)

Grab a listing of airing times. Look for shows that get one, maybe two threads a week right after they air, but never get the Sup Forumsutists stirred up. Try them out.

One of the best shows this season and last.

Not much to talk about.


We could talk about our favorite bits of product placement.

That explains a lot really.

This is one of the BEST anime I have watched in years. Really.


I enjoyed it as a change of pace and visually it was beautiful, but the stakes aren't high enough for me to really get invested.

This, I've actually really enjoyed seeing the mental shit Chise goes through. Reminds me of Lain.

>papa bones

>not using "bone daddy"

I've been watching it. It's really pretty, but I honestly feel like nothing ever happens and it just keeps walking in circles and meandering about. I dunno, maybe that's the point. I like it for what it is, and it has a nice setting and great art, but it's really aimless. Also, the hot girls are very hot, but the fan service/sexy characters feels very out of place with the rest of the show.

Does Elias even have a dick?

He appears to be made of dozens of prehensile dicks, user.

I wonder how warm his tentacles are. Chise might have been feeling pretty toasty.

>He appears to be made of dozens of consentacles, user.

That sweat could be nerves, could be heat, or could be lust.


He hasn't got a firm grip on the concept of consent, user.

Currently true, but he will. Eventually. R-right?

Imagine their wedding night. Half the neighbors in the hood will be trying to watch, with Oberon leading the pack.

How many liters of cum gonna eyaculate Mr. Skeletal into childish pussy chise in the first nigth of the lovers?

You could say she was really FEELING THE HEAT HAHAHAHA

Angelica will have to make special condoms


I´m watching it... though i am a bit behind.
Love the pacing of it and the characters.

I loved when Silky gave Ruth a head pat. I’d been waiting a while for someone to finally do it, seriously how can you have such a loyal, nice doggy and not be showering him with pets 24/7

This, trip 9s confirm that Ruth is a good doggo who deserves many headpats.

>special condoms
For its pleasure.

Where is this anime going to end though? Will it be anime original? Just because after Chise gets the dragon curse, shit kind of spirals out of control and just gets worse, there’s not really a good place to finish the show that wouldnt just leave waay too many plot threads hanging around.

>nice doggy
Not always, although he comes back to good behavior quickly.

Very thought provoking show.

It wouldn't be the first series to end on a cliff-hanger, just in case.

Its got good aesthetics and music but and I want to like it but I just cant bring myself to give a shit about any of the characters, it doesn't really have a plot, and I find the romance between skellington and his slave very off-putting and weird.

Sure, but I figure we’d be waiting a fair while for any kind of sequel, since the manga still has a lot to go through before it’s over.

Just feels like the point after Chise gets cursed is probably her lowest point in the manga, so if they end it there there’ll really be no satisfaction at all since nothing has really been solved.

it got an anime?

I'm typing this from at least four months into your future. Sell your bitcoins by mid-December; stock up on potable water; and whatever you do, don't take Elon Musk up on his offer to take the roadster for a joyride.

>so if they end it there there’ll really be no satisfaction at all since nothing has really been solved.
Of course there is NO precedent for a series to have an utterly unsatisfying ending, one where things have just come full circle.

I'm not saying it's not possible, just that it would be a really bad idea, so you'd figure they'd avoid giving it a shit ending.