Märchen Mädchen

Her hair is ugly and stupid

Who are you referring to? Depending on your answer, I may need to snap your neck!


Are those two ever going to do something gay together?

Soon if the staff has any sense. They're already skipping large parts of the volumes.

Flip through eachother's books you say

Hazuki is not gay!

Acvording to preview, out of the 3 published volumes, after finishing volume 1, they are going to animate 5 pages from volume 2 and then skip all the rest of the volume including the scene you posted, and then further skip the first half of the volume 3

Tomohiro was going to give Hazuki a male MC and use him as a plot device, but then they removed the boy realizing it would make Hazuki become ooc


I was told that the moon princess was a big deal, but she got btfo in one minute even with the support of a heal.

Left girl worst girl

Because her support sucks.

I feel like I missed an episode. Why the fuck did Hazuki give up her contract/take the amnesia medicine again?

You may have missed episode 4 then.

Because all she want is to make friendd with Shizuka and Shizuka is being too tsun

no, I watched the episode. It just seems like a non sequitur to suddenly jump into "I'm going to literally abandon everything about this world because my friend said some mean things"

Also, anyone else think Shizuka is boring as fuck? Hazuki is moe and autistic as fuck (social anxiety in cute little girl form - the personification of Sup Forums), but Shizuka is so goddamn boring. She has an incredibly generic, forgettable, "cold" type of personality. Literally every other girl in the series is more interesting than her. Hazuki deserves a better love interest.

She didn't take the medicine though.

Wanna pair her up with who?
this one (pic related)
or her adoptive sister? (citrus is already on it)

wub blue wooby

What's going on with her step sister? Is she going to get her own contract or is she going to forever remain a Muggle?

She'll stay in the non-magic world and get a boyfriend at some point

The friend in question is the reason why she's here to begin with

March Madness is great and all but I'm sad the Hornets are trash

Holy fucking shit

>Also, anyone else think Shizuka is boring as fuck?
I do. Most of the time I forget she even exists.

Hazuki should have been paired with Yumilia. Or with me.