She killed millions

She killed millions...

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and she didn't even make me happy
shit girl

Of my possible children, if only.

but it wasn't enough to wipe out the jews

Fuck off

she was his queen
and god help anyone who disrespect his queen

shes in great company

i don't know 6 million seems like an exaggeration

To give live to billions together with her darling.

>the weak should die
t. 02, as well as hitler

based 02

And she will kill MC. Remove ZERO TWO.

No, she saved millions and let on their own a few weaklings who could not save themselves.

She killed trillions...

should I watch this shit if I absolutely hate mechashit?


You are supposed to watch this for the waifubait.

You shouldn't watch this even if you liked mecha

She's saved everyone else 3 times already. In episode 1, 3 and then 4. Although I guess Hiro and Mitsuru were along for that.
I find it amusing how everyone treats her like a bitch when she's saved more people than the rest of them combined.

that's the answer I was looking for, thanks famalam

Mecha action is surprisingly short. Never more than 5 minutes in an episode so far. No mecha this episode at all.

>I absolutely hate mechashit

It's 80% sexual innuendo with a basic sci fi dystopia setting in which a bunch of teenagers have comic levels of angst and identity crises. The mechs are hardly used. The best part of the show right now is the group conversations in which after every single line it cuts to a different kid accidentally getting their feelings hurt because none of them have any clue what they're doing. Also when 002 takes the reins. It's very tongue in cheek so far.

I do not care, because she is a cute female.

Dunning-Kruger effect in action.

I'm sure they deserved it.



All according to the prophecy...

that's so stupid it might actually happen

Ahh, yes, the daily reminder that /his/ is completely autistic

and saved billions...