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Dead maids.

I want to marry Renner-sama!


Ep 6 is all about sebas x tsuare, it's a good move to get the most boring part of the arc done with first.

are the goblins gay? In the Pure Pure Pleaidas episode with Lupu, she says that she knows their night time activities, and then its one goblin riding on type of another goblin

Is there a girl worse than her in Overlord?

Doesn't she get sent Demiurge's and cross breeds with an Ogre King?

Hard to tell which are fanfics or not in overlord threads.

She makes even the boys look like better girls.

Did he solve the cube?

>are the goblins gay
They're Enrisexual.

Congratulations on your diagnosis, user.

>Overlord ends and the sequel beings
>they go to the real world and Satoru turns into a shota
I want Albedo to meet humie Satoru so we can get some /ss/

Carne has wild gobs too and there are females among Enri's 5012 summons too. I think they fug.

You're in a wrong castle, princess.

Can someone tell me how the rest of this show is going to be? Is the rest of this show going to be like that shitty lizard arc or is it actually going to get really good again and follow the MC being OP?

Solution and Albedo are far more evil.

Sure they're more evil but like the retard Nabe they are also way more charming.

Later we get a dwarf and several humie arcs. So no, nothing changes.


>I want Albedo to meet humie Satoru

>All of the 100 LVL guardians are called back
>Try to rip Albedo off Satoru or at least plug her conveyor baby hole
>She's having none of that: they fail miserably
>Godkin babies crawling everywhere, Berserk Eclipse tier body pile
>Cacophony Is worse than in Nigredo' room
>Gargantua is called down to bulldozer babies en masse so that maids can sort them out and take care of them
>Maids are trying their best to attend to babies
>Demon genes do for a volatile temperament, especially when not bound by fluff or SB personality traits
>Those Godkin who managed to start walking upright and get an erection immediately rape maids and other Godkin
>More Godkins from all the rape
>Maids now go about their business with 5 75lvl armed escort
>9th Floor looks like fantasy District 9
>Constant squabbles and orgies, murder, rape, extortion, slavery, Mad Max meets Isekai
>White Skulls battling with Iron Vaginas beat Yggdrasil Nazarick raid in scale
>100500 Godkins and their debauchery ruin Nazarick finances
>Guild is basically gridlocked
>Teleports shut down, no traps, no POP
>Papa bones runs around in panic trying to procure enough currency and keep Godkins in check
>Manages to mine enough precious metals with undead to resume Nazarick usual operations
>With Teleports between floors working again - Godkins spill from the tomb to the outside world
>Everywhere they go - they rape, murder and pillage, stopping only to occasionally fuck each other up or for an orgy with some new specimen they caught
>Entire regions wasted, body count so high - Overlords and Reapers spawn from all the undead infesting cities
>Worst disaster in world's history
>Brought about by some /ss/

>NW levels = Ygg levels
>Ainz SPLATs 130k+ people, but he isn't evil
>GB is CZ ripping your dick off
>1500 Nazarick Raiders were weak with too much NPC mercs
>Kyouhukou is strongest because Aura and Albedo are afraid of him
>BS can't beat Pleiades
>Sebas is a manslut: falling for first whore he saves
>Chagama saw Peroronchino fap while wearing her clothes
>Workers dindu, Ainz is just a cunt
>EE bug spray %HP damage
>Gazef is stronger than Go Gin
>30 100lvl Golems guard 8GK base
>DDDL 150+lvl and is still training
>Fluder only ages when he casts magic
>Lizards are best volume, user is just jelly of steamy lizard sex
>Gazef can't beat DK even with his gear
>BR wrecked Entoma, Entoma is weak
>Leinas was struck by a [death curse], so monster must be ded
>Peroronchino is leading winged tribes
>Overlord=shounen, Climb=MC
>Elf king is a Player
>Gear does not matter: unarmed Chair is just as strong as armed
>There is nothing wrong with male Valkyries and male Succubi
>Ainz brainwashed CZ to love him more than her own creator
>Scrub with Divine Tier sword can't hurt Ainz
>Demiurge commands NPC in case of enemy attack, so he is commander-type NPC
>Aura and Shalltear failed Ainz by not accepting Quagoa surrender
>All living things are machines
>Ainz grieves SoD deaths every day
>Cocytus is not a pervert
>Climb can get stronger by defeating monsters
>Gazef can't beat Fluder
>"Book of The Dead" Fluder has is just an occult fluff
>Kobolds are canine
>Clementine is < 30 lvl
>Enri's Redcaps under buffRemedios, Gustav and Prince are all doppels
>Vol12 intermission was canon
>Niea bow makes her stronger
>NPC can rebel
>Renner is barely IQ160
>Any WCI counters World Savior completely
>World savior expires in five minutes
>lvl20 clad in Divine easily defeats lvl40 in Legacy gear
>Maruyama is a little girl
>Strongest entity is Player with stat-draining WCI

I want to Nabe that rump.

Fuck off Zanac and stop being jealous of Renner.

I really love this shitpost.
It's mixed with almost believable stuff

You forgot
>Polar bearShalltearEGreedK=Demon Gods
>Fluder was in 13 Heroes
>13 Heroes fought 8GK

>Polar bearShalltear8GK=Demon Gods
>Fluder was in 13 Heroes
>13 Heroes fought 8GK
>Pleiades total lvl 327 and BS total lvl ~450, but BS can't beat Pleiades
>[Low Tier Damage Nullification]=noob+Divine tier Sword can't hurt Ainz
>CD is Akemi' rape-child
>GuardiansBDL/SCDL is the strongest DL because other DL fear him
>Blue Rose went to Republic to consult with PDL on a matter of SKAOG
>Nigredo and Pestonya should have been executed for treason
>Ulbert cucked Touch Me
>Gazef died to show Ainz' abilities to Climb and Brain
>Mare betrayed Ainz and MCed Shalltear
>PW Ainz is 75lvl warrior
>WN is canon and generally better
>Chagama caught Peroronchino masturbating while wearing her clothes
>6GG left the ST with full sets of divine gear
>8GK needed to 8v1 last 6GG to defeat him
>Maruyama is a little girl
>Dragon loli is actually a dragon milf, it's not her form
>IRL human can defeat a tiger barehanded
>Rubedo is not the strongest one in Nazarick

>Can someone tell me how the rest of this show is going to be?
Ainz takes over NW and becomes the supreme Overlord, uniting the nations and ending animosity between humans and non-humans, but then finds out about the reason he got into NW in the first place, and how thanks to him exploring and taking over the entire NW the Government can now fulfill their true plan: take the NW from Ainz and make it the New Earth, populated by the elite from Old Earth which is now a hellhole, exterminating and enslaving the natives of NW in the process. They promise Ainz that they'll let him live a normal life as Momon, and will even allow his guildmates to be transported into NW too so they could finally be reunited. Howewer, Ainz now has deep connections with not only the NPCs, but all kinds of people from NW too, and he knows that the Government will just end up turning NW into the same kind of shithole Old Earth is, eventually, so he makes a hard decision to refuse the offer, thus losing his last chance to meet his guildmates, and the Army of Nazarick, consisting of both NPCs and NW natives, now has to face the army of the Government-recruited Ygg players with top skills and strongest equipment. Among those players are Touch Me, who genuinely believes that the Government is doing this all to save the people of Old Earth and that Ainz has turned into a power-hungry tyrant who doesn't want to lose his trone, and Ulbert, who has a hidden agenda and is willing to secretly team up with Ainz just so they could rule NW together, or overthrow Ainz entirely and become a sole ruler. The ending will involve a huge battle, Ainz finally boning Albedo, and will be bittersweet but not entirely dark. Also, Demiurge and Sebas will at some point have to decide whether they want to stick with Ainz or join their creators, and this will be a major source of drama.

This is great art.

>spoiling the series

>Floor guardians are raid bosses

>someone saved the shit I had to cut out to keep it under 2000 characters
So this is what having a legacy feels like.

>The thread is starting with spammed bad pastas
This doesn't bode well.

where does this bode well meme come from

I've read all 3 volumes for this LN, but ive never seen it

You know what else doesn't bode well? CD having been confirmed stronger than Shalltear despite being a lower level. As well as NW talents and gear being too much for Nazarick. It's basically an expansion character vs a vanilla



>I've read all 3 volumes for this LN
>all 3 volumes
>all 3

>I've read all 3 volumes for this LN, but ive never seen it
Isn't there like 12 released now?

What race/job would you want to be in Yggdrasil/NW? I want to be a cyborg if that's a race! Or an automaton like Shizu-chan if it isn't. Being an operator would be a fun job.

>or overthrow Ainz entirely and become a sole ruler.
I doubt he would EVER do that, since he sees them as brother in arms the entire time they've known each other.
But then again....

Zanack actually has a grudging respect for Renner and is willing to cooperate with her. If it wasn't for the monkey wrench of Nazarick and the inevitable destruction of the Kingdom the dynastic endgame would probably end up being Zanack on the throne and Renner being granted some remote estate on the border as far away from the capital as possible where she could freely play Elizabeth Bathory with Climb in tow.

delete this

I'd want to be a male valkyrie.

Put all my levels into angel races and become a Greater Seraphim.

>shitty pastas
>dumb secondaries
>retarded memes
let it die. Just let it die anons pls

I really, really like this photo.

no one actually gives a fuck about Ainz


Hermaphrodite melee specialist demon with 3 forms and massive lifesteal abilities.

If not for Nazarick the first prince would still be alive and would have eventually been crowned king.

That seriously doesn't bode well.

It seems like Ygg uses DnD races, so i'd try to be some kind of HyperDimensional, just for shits and giggles.

>This entire thread

>spine augmentation
Cannot come soon enough.

Me too! Save it, it's all yours my friend :)

I like to think that Ranpossa wits would prevail over sentiments and Barbo would get BTFO.

I would like to be a steam locomotive, ninety tons of thunder storming down the steel tracks to my destiny.

this thread has a serious lack of Lupus

>What race/job would you want to be in Yggdrasil/NW?

Stop fucking joking around with me. Tell me the origins of this meme






I'm confused: does this bode well?


Why did you have to do that user? I'm already as dry as can one user get at Sunday evening.

Is Nabe's attitude to Pandora's Actor as uwah~ as that of Yuri and CZ, or are they on better terms?

Bode well it does not.

>lack of Lupus
No such thing as too few Lupus in the thread. It would do far better without dumb mutt whatsoever.

A dark elf, of course.


>this thread has a serious lack of Lupus
Good. Let's keep it that way.

if you insist

I would literally die for Renner if I had to.

did she want Momon's "sword of darkness"?

why is she so lazy___?

no, she just felt guilty for accidentally making him feel bad

Reminder that Ainz is a child killer and a piece of shit evil cunt.

I want to turn her into a slave and use dark magics to force her to behave like a saint helping starving children and healing the sick.
All the while I forcefully breed with her and create a litter of little kids she will be forced to tutor about love, compassion and empathy.
In the dark dungeons of my castle a solitary magic crystal would shine with a grim light, in there all the repressed thoughts of the true Renner as she must suffer this hell.

Overlord would be infinitely better if all dead girls were alive and married to Shalltear

Im not going to tell you, that wouldn't bode well to you.

What do you HOPE will happen in Volume 13?

>dumb secondaries
Most retarded buzzword there is since people use it even if the person they claim is one has seen or read everything either way.

Mindflayer so I can mindfuck Clem back to innocence.

>strongest Yggdrasil world champion
>doesn't even have the World Champion special class

humie genocide

Sadly for you NW demi-humans are not rapey.

>Neia shoots the bow
>Neia lives
>Nigel fanfic is now canon
>Remedios was the doppel all along
>Ainz dies
>Demi takes his shirt off

slime with complete damage absorption

Few clothes factories collapsed in 3rd world countries due to lack of regulations, inspections and overcrowding of workplaces due to high demand for "buy cheap, replace fast" clothes in the west. You're indirectly responsible for those deaths, you evil cunt!

>brainwashing Renner to be something she already is

Fine by me, I want to rape Mare.

I hope Demiurge suffers and is confused a lot due to Ainz causing his plans to go spectacularly off the rails only to end in a sasugafest beyond Demi's imagination. Mostly to balance out his recent smug streak and because exasperated Demiurge is cute.

I understand brain but how the editor thought keeping arche as chair's sex slave would affect the LN?

I too want to see Demi get flustered for once.
I want to see him fuck up big time and get chewed out by his beloved Ainz.

>ainz teleports away and 'dies'
>goes back to albedo and says to act like he's really been killed and unleash the undead
>momon gets called out to go with blue rose to fight off jaldaboath
>pleiades vs demon maids
>neia gets her bow taken but recognizes momon as ainz
>she takes back the bow and fights remedios who kills her
>ainz as momon finds her and revives her because why not
>she's now a new servant and momon drives jaldaboath away and ainz is revived

He doesn't need chewing out really, it's enough if he runs around half the book not knowing what's going on.

I very much need the chewing out.
I want to see him suffer a little for once.

Neia dies and comes back as undead banshee archirdine to serve Ainz.

You're in for some dicking nigga.

Did you confuse Ainz with Demiurge?