Dragon Ball Super

What could happen next episode that would make Sup Forums as angry as possible?

"EL HERMANOOO *activates magical espace eyes*"

Next episode is written by toshio so it will probably be good

Faggot Jiren is gonna bow just like all the rest. Everyone does. It's been foreshadowed for the longest.

*Teleports into ToP*
>It's been a long time goku!

Vegeta unlocked 7th sense.


>Jiren-sama, I was no match for you in my golden form.
>But as Diamond frieza, I can defeat any opponent!

We got a few episodes left for Frieza to reach his next evolution

>No! Leave kakarot to me!


Honestly, I wouldn't mind Frieza getting another form, if only just because I'm already sick of the Gold form. Kinda wish it'd be more than just a recolor though.

that and some backstory insight on him

I was gonna use Caulifla or Gohan but there are too many of their fags here for that

Omega Shenron appears and one shots Jiren and becomes the main villain of the rest of the series by transforming into an ultra spiky abomination and NOW we get Caulifla, 50x as bitchy to the point of it being excessive even for Saiyans, coming to save the day while Gohan also stands to the occasion but jobs and it turns out that Goten and Trunks didn't age at all either. Now get the most generic ending imaginable with Goku saving the day by getting a NEW transformation that immediately jobs but is apparently the strongest ever, but then Android 17 comes back without any explanation and everyone acts like Omega Shenron was there and the tournament continues with Vegeta and Freeza jobbing again and Goku continuing to fight Jiren, yes this is all in one episode.

>17 fucking killed himself


>They're lesbian

>that and some backstory insight on him
i don't think we want that

We need Black Ice Freeza

i know it hurts, but you guys aren't relevant anymore
it's time to let go

He'll do some pushups while begita and goku fight jiren and become adamantium frieza.

Frieza kills Jiren
Trust me Toriyama is my nephew



I beg to differ.

Probably 17 returning and winning the entire tournament whilst everyone else gets eliminated.

i like it

Would it just be base form Freeza, because black ice is clear, or Freeza colored black



Frieza being eliminated because the spoilers said only Goku and Jiren left, unless they're ignoring Frieza on purpose.

He said something that will make you angry, not something that would be KINO

What did Toei mean by this?

How to appease the fans after Jiren's garbage backstory

>Jiren wins
>He doesn't wish for any of the universes back, not even goku or his parents
>His selfish wish is to bring El diablo right to the arena for him to fight and defeat him once and for all which is something not many people would expect
> Instead of someone new coming to the stage Belmod or Grande Padre teleport to the stage

And cue the plot twist.

I would be happy with 5th form Golden Frieza

El Hermano Mayor de Jiren

> /u/ retards still think this. Even after your delusional shit was buried in canon.

Im surprised you faggots haven't all gone to suicide woods yet. Kek.

Not when they are fused

Frieza wasn't mentioned in any of the spoilers but 17 and Vegetas eliminations were.

whoa there

Why did you post a blank picture user?



And their cute asshole child Ke(k)fla

17fag here, couldn't have asked for a better end for his participation, after all the great moments he had in this arc

can't say the same about gohan though


>cabbafags on suicide watch

Exactly. It would be weird if Vegeta got eliminated before the episode ends, and then Jiren either finds and eliminates Frieza or Frieza attempts another sneak attack and fails, leaving Goku alone.


GODhan got praised by Beerus and got his recognition as a true warrior by his entire team.
And Gohan actually took his enemy down

Cuckdroid just fucking died and only 18 cared, Beerus didn't even flinch


>y-yes i am fine with him spamming shields and being edgelord 9000 i am happy he also offed himself


It's the greatest bond a couple can achieve.

Really, though, what would a reasonable new Freeza form look like. I want it to happen, but I don't want it to be just another recolour or a Cooler knock-off. It should be something that looks at least somewhat original while not delving into DeviantArt tier ridiculousness.

>chadhan confirmed to jump in and attack jiren ignoring el grande padre's rules


WHY does U11 get special treatment by the Grand Priest?

17 got his ass beat on a cellular level


Because he needs to get U7 eliminated before Gohan achieves his new form

Grand Priest is in on it

Final form Freeza worked because it was simple and sleek and subverted expectations. Spics seem to act like fusing it with the 3rd form is what the fifth form would be like. Just like how spics think Super Saiyan 5 is supposed to be Super Saiyan 3 + 4. It's uncanny.



EGP bet his fat stack on them

Can someone give me a (You) ? My OC has got no responses and I've posted it in at least 4 threads.

Lesbian x Lesbian = Lesbian┬▓

You now realize that the past few episodes have been among the best in this arc


She's a Super Sand Lesbian!

>Parents get killed.
>Tries to get stronger to stop the weak from being oppressed.
>Group of friends band together to stop evil.
>His friends still die.
>Now believes strength is the only way to achieve his goal.

No they haven't, I do not believe your lies el grande padre, best episodes of arc were:

Basil vs Buu
Freeza's Resurrection

Thanks this cheers me the fuck up after the bullshit that was this episode I'd like to die without having to kill myself.

I continue to hope there is a plan for Frieza besides jobbing at some random point. Otherwise there is no point of him even being on still.

well I meant since the tournament started but yeah
also buu is garbage and his arc was the start of everything terrible with DB

Please do not remind me about Buu. Anyone else remembers Fit Buu?

Why don't you just watch Kamen Rider, I've stopped wanting to kill myself after picking it up. The state of Super is just depressing.

i like it user.

dumbo question

how old is future frunks in super?

To be this level of retarded. Americans are truly the stupidest people on the planet.

What episode is super ending? Do they even have enough time for another fight after UI Goku vs Jiren?

El Hermano del Maestro

He took down Aniraza, saved some retards like Frieza from getting ringed out and was the best strategist of U7, and in the latest episode he did some minor damage to Jiren and sacrificed himself to buy time for Goku and Vegeta

Nobody cares about recognition when you did better than a retard who had to sacrifice himself to take out a weak guy like Dyspo

- x - = +
Kefla is straight

Next episode is 128
ToP ending on 130
131 is Epilogue

Don't expect any plot points to be tied up neatly

>Assuming I'm an Amerifat



Buu huu?

are we ever gonna see this form again? looks way better than yellow piss

He only got recognition from his fanboys for killing himself, pathetic.
Meanwhile CHADhan got everyone's respect

You're a Kefla poster, which is worse.

He's a boring Gary Stu piece of trash, is what you're saying. Yeah, we already know. And just like Trunks, he's now fucked off.


seriously though wtf is this writing? why does that death have no impact whatsoever ? and why is the end of that "tournament" so predictable ?

kefla is straight but she has a penis
all that homolust has to be materialized in some form

Nice catch.

nice to know it bothers you this much

>17haters are still living in the past

I don't even remember what Gohan did during the tournament except from that circle thing.

>Gary Stu
How many characters does this apply to now, according to Sup Forums?
I think we got Goku, Jiren, Caulfila, 17, and Trunks so far


>17fag spin this line as him bashing gohan
no retard, 17 is not this edgelord you think he is.

This scene lacked a lot of the emotional impact since he was just gone
Was expecting him to pop up in the stands soon until they flat out said he was dead
Really terrible conveyance here imo