Draw a girl

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
>it's now a boy

Ain't complaining


Is there a problem?

I want to fuck his asstolf-hole

Astolfo is not even that good, everyone just loves him because everyone likes Fate.

I don't like Fate and I think he's cute

>be straight
>this happens
>gay now

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
>it's now my wife (male)



Astolfo ruined my life. I can't fap to normal girls anymore.

>everyone likes fate
Fuck off, fate is the most autistic fandom I've seen, only DBS is worst

Asstolfo threado

>attracted to character for character's feminine features

>draw a boy(girl)
>call it a girl (boy)
>has benis a bagina
Why haven't we reach perfection jet?, are we not worthy of it.

why does depth of field get my boner going so much?

Will you take the responsability user?

I'd laugh at him, punch him in his arm good naturally, then ask him how he and his wife are doing; and ask what they are going to call my God-child.

>buying pregnancy tests from pregnant women

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
>it's still a girl

i've heard if you get that result as a male it means you have testicle cancer

Or diabetes depending on the test.


>Implying Astolfo canĀ“t make babies.

>baby comes out covered in feces

This thread is cursed


why is she wearing diapers?

>no ovaries

So someone implanted an egg in her butt-womb?

>babes comes out
With male bone structure, I don't think so.

Some women actually shit during childbirth.


I'm impressed that Astolfo fanaticism lasted this long after the series ended. Is he now the de facto modern trap mascot?


yes, Astolfo is a complete success

I know someone who hates Fate but watched all of apocrypha just for Astolfo

Who on Earth would be so masochistic?

I want to bury my face in his crotch.

I'm pretty sure all of them do

Astolfo started getting popular in area 11 because of FGO though, several months before apo aired, since they started dressing him up in cute casual clothes