Darling in the franxx

So we all agree she is the best girl of the season just like last week, right?


>have STD

Threadly reminder that only Sup Forumstards like 02

Ichigo is true patrician Sup Forums taste

I like both a lot but I can't help it if Ichigo's suffering makes me erect.

this show is going to be the Evanglion of our generation

I can feel it.

shut up normie


>56% human

Nice one

a slut too.



>being this assblasted
Die mad about it.

Friendly reminder to wait for the mid-week discussion to determine anything vecause the children will be busy with school then so the shitposting rate will go down a notch.

But yes, 002 is the best girl this season. No competition.

I think a lot of people have changed their opinions on her just because they know that Hiro is actually in danger.
All 02 wants is someone who won't die on her. She just wants someone as good as she is.
Anyone who thinks that she's bad in any way is NOT darling material.


>user, eat this please!

Will we keep getting Best Girls of the Year in Winter Season?

>le 50% face


>best girl

>56% ass

Eww why is her cum yellow. Stupid futa girl.

La creatura

do yall watch the dub or the sub ;)

E monstruo...

I'm not a mutt. I live in Luxembourg.

she going to live on Sup Forums

>has no problem with Hiro dying even though he's the only to not acknowledge her as a monster
She deserves all the shit she gets desu.

100% boner

only person*

We shall see depending on how Hiro turns out.
For now she's being a manipulative bitch with a conscience.

not even best of her season

She has confidence in him and knows he wont die sweetie

Why the fuck are you asking me as if I haven't seen only 5 episodes, same as you?

It's going to become a trainwreck with budget problems in the final episodes?

Shitstorm WHEN?

actually I'm a Sup Forumsitician and i like the little one
Honey is still a slut.

La luz extinguido...

The delphinium means:
>Reaching for your goals and striving achieve it all
>Expanding your options and attracting new opportunities
>Openness to new emotions and feelings, in a romantic sense
>Enjoying the lighter side of life, even when troubles get you down
>Celebrating practically anything positive.
The delphinium means:
>Reaching for your goals and striving achieve it all
>Expanding your options and attracting new opportunities
>Openness to new emotions and feelings, in a romantic sense
>Enjoying the lighter side of life, even when troubles get you down
>Celebrating practically anything positive.

Literally MOVE THE FUCK ON the flower.
>Ichigofags btfo by a fucking flower



>when you stick it in the wrong hole.

I want to pretend to be weak so she beats me up only to turn the tables and rape her.

Evangelion was my generation... Fucking newfags

Now you have AIDS user.

why does she have that the naruto grin.

Would you fuck 02 even if it meant you got Klaxxaids?

This whole scene cut me up pretty bad, I'll admit.


To move on, she has to acknowledge her feelings. Since she doesn't even know what these feelings are, it'll take a while.


You just gotta believe in your darling


Thanks to for the translation, enjoy.

She's going to get backstabbed and imprisoned by Hiro next episode who decides to pilot the FranXX solo as a male.

No you wouldn't.


How many darlings 02 fucked in the past? 3 or more?

feral > gyno form

>have a bunch of cute girls living in a small dorm
>pick the genetically engineered mutant chick with psychological problems, DinoAIDS and the reputation of killing everyone who rides with her

what anime

hmmm, is there alot of sexual references in this anime?

can't help but feel that Stamen and Pistil mean something, since that how plant breed.

Would bring downfall to america with

Boku and his merry picos.

You are making me angry


boku no darling

wait isnt that a thing

el ogro de las Plantations

oh noes... an angry incel wat do i do

over 9000.


She spent the whole night in her gown, under the rain, in the place where she met Hiro thinking about what Ichigo said to him. Then wanted to make sure he really really wanted to stay with her.

Your argument is invalid.


I love feminine Hiro.

One, or none, and probably none.
She's been in service for at least two years, and she kills everyone she partners with in between one and three missions. That's a fuckton of people she's murdered.

>Is there alot of sexual references in this show?


she has potential.
Ichigo is for harem fags

* what Ichigo said to her


will you sacrifice your life to accomplish the goal of your life, save your friends, become a chad and have a lovely semen demon girlfriend? You will die after the third time you have sex with her, is it with it?

No, only a story about bees and flowers

Who's that on the right?

>implying someone not being a total ass to you is a reason for undying loyalty
he did what everyone else should be doing. She gave him a chance and now he must show that there is more to him than that

>he had to edit out the fucking fog

Nope, I don't even like 02 yet.[/spoiler

A pure Aryan goddess. Unlike 56% human, std slut.

What the fuck is wrong with kyonus.
WHY all the filters.

that's pretty fucking sad

Darling in the Franxx will be a future classical masterpiece. Mark my words.
It is a rare thing for me to consider an anime to have enough meaning outside its own individual world that it is worth looking at from the standpoint of literary analysis.
Most of the time, anime is a very self-contained thing.
It's is not only a deconstruction of mecha (like Evangelion) but also a deconstruction of life itself.
The primary theme is a contrast between supernatural, spiritual, judgment and the will to stand and fight against it. This is a relatively common Japanese theme also seen in Xenogears and it’s remakes and uncommon or at least different in the rest of the world.
The theme that made Darling in the Franxx stand out was its meta-commentary on the giant robot genre as a whole, specifically its use of children as giant robot pilots and actors in war.
Life doesn’t always give you a reason to hope for the better, but you should still do it.
Connecting with other people is hard, and trying to do it is painful, but there’s something worth trying about it.
The show takes people in a situation where they can’t find happiness nor successfully connect with others, and shows them continuing in their determination.
Too often, we use science fiction as a simplistic medium, one detailing invaders who attack solely because they view us as filth not worth the planet we stand upon.
We treat ourselves as a race that can do no good in a nihilistic, godless world, and one that would either be wiped out by invaders who decide we are too large of a threat, or perhaps that we aren’t even worth coming in contact with.
Darling in the Franxx will be a future classical masterpiece. I'm already starting to invest a lot on Darling in the Franxx merchandise because I know they will cost me fortunes in the future.

you are imagining things


How will the butt handles be viewed by posterity?


Comparing turd to sprinkled turd

It pisses me off because the animation is fucking fantastic and they've ruined it all with the filtering.


>One, or none, and probably none.
>she kills everyone she partners with

If you don't like her why did you stay on her ride?